Part of Two Worlds

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  1. As the sky turned a pinkish, orange color the sun sparkled through the water. Dolphins and fish played with each other, hiding behind the coral reefs and such. Soon the sky would fade to dark blue and the seas would go to rest. By morning the sun peeked through the clear blue seas, allowing all the sea creatures to start roaming the open seas. Above the water, human beings were starting to awake, soon they would eat breakfast. Some of the humans in this place we called Earth lived separate lives. Little did their families know, they became sea creatures.
    Underwater (open)

    The Magical Sea (open)

    My Character Sheet:

    Mika Sukazumi


    Seashell necklace


    Human Mika (open)

    Mermaid Mika (open)

    When Mika was younger, she was swimming in the sea. Almost drowning, she was saved by a Sea Creature ( Like the ones you only see in movies). She believed it was a mermaid and ever since then she has always believed in creatures living under the Sea even if her family and friends didn't. On her 15th birthday she went for a swim in the Sea, only this time it was different....her body became when she was underwater. Her body from the legs down had merged together, being covered in a shiny scaled coating; much like a fish's body. Her hair grew green, a shell necklace appeared around her neck, her arms grew blue fins, and her ears became blue and fin-like. From this point on she knew she would never be the same person, that she'd always live two lives.

    Character Sheet Resume:

    Name: (First and Last please)

    Age: (The age of your character)

    Charm: (This allows them to become the Sea Creature)

    Appearance: (Two pictures/descriptions of what they look like please, one being human form and the other your Sea creature form)

    Bio: (Just a brief description of your character, long or short)

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  2. I am not really sure whether you wanted our bios sent along private message or if we were supposed to post them but due to benefit of the doubt I am going to post mine here, hope you don't mind.

    Name: Abner Brams

    Age: 14

    Charm: A rather small, carved statue that looks like the head of a sea creature with elongated fangs.

    Appearance: Human Form: As a human there isn't anything too eye catching about Abner, which is just how she likes it. She is often seen wearing several layers, no matter the weather, and is particularly fond of a ratty mustard yellow rain jacket which she wears often. She is almost always wearing dirty pants due from the fact she loves playing in mud/sand. She is almost always tracking dirt around, never bothering to wipe off her shoes. She would have rather pretty hair, what with it having that shiny black color and a natural silky quality, if she ever bothered to brush it.
    Sea Creature Form: When she changes into her sea creature form there are a few noticeable changes right off, the obvious one being the scales that spread quickly to cover her entire body. They aren't as pretty as regular fish scales, being rather sharp and jagged as well as a dirty mud color. (Of course this could just be due to her habit of sinking to the bottom/crawling along the rough ocean floor due to not knowing how to swim) Her teeth grow sharper, especially her canines and her eyes become a lighter shade of green. Her ears also change, becoming more fin-like although they have a few scratches in them.

    Bio: When she was a child Abner was never particularly attracted to the ocean, preferring to stay on the beach and make sandcastles instead. One day when she was looking for sea shells to decorate her castle she found a strange little statue lying on the shoreline. When she picked it up though she heard a loud splash and is still rather certain she saw a merman that day, not that her parents really wanted to hear about it.
    She later discovered, after a rather traumatic near drowning experience, that for some reason she changed into something else when she went into water. She was missing for a few days while she tried to find her way back to shore, and after she has been avoiding water altogether as best she can. Her rather inattentive parents aren't really suspicious of this behavior, believing her to be going through a phase. Recently though, for reasons she isn't entirely sure of herself, she has been finding herself drawn closer towards the ocean, despite her fear of it.

    Eh, hope I included everything you need (and hope I didn't put this in the wrong place). Hope we can get this roleplay up and running soon, it sounds interesting.