Parental Units and the Horrors(Joy?) That Come with Them!

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  1. This topic is about... OUR PARENTS!

    I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, and as always the conversation was filled with the usual adventures of the trailer park in a Georgia ghetto. My ears were filled with the mystery of her Doctor that went missing for months potentially kidnapped and forced to work by a cartel, pugs humping, the human bones found in a former neighbor's backyard, and then how much we hate Stefan on Vampire Diaries.

    My childhood kinda sucked balls and Mom and I never had a very good relationship. >> But I have been living away from home for a long time now, so outside of twitching when certain topics come up, talking to my mom about their CRAZY in Georgia is now entertaining to hear about. Since I don't have to live through it. I also super miss my Dad. T___T

    What kind of relationship do you have with YOUR parental units.
  2. Me and my mom get along great, for the most part. We get into arguments every once in a while, but they're normally driven by her worry for me. We're quite similar in a lot of areas, being artistic and entirely "too sensitive". I'd like to think I'm as understanding as her.

    My dad… I love him more when he's not around. That sounds horrible, but it's true. I have a lot of conflicting values with my dad, and while I won't openly push them on him, neither will I be moved from my own compass of values. He also has his family's sense of humour, which basically means "Make fun of everyone in any way possible. As long as other people laugh, it's all good." Which doesn't fly with people who are "too sensitive." I mean, I can take a joke, but when you start making pig squealing noises at me, in front of your own friends and mine, for taking one extra roll at dinner, that is so far out of line. It would help if he could learn how to apologize too >:[

    …This turned into a rant about my dad. Sorry ._.;;
  3. Dad's not really an active part of my life, he's only in town a couple times a month and he spends that time on the computer; I consider myself raised by a single parent

    Mom and I get along much better since we don't live together, so long as we avoid the following topics:

    • Politics
    • Religion/atheism
    • Gay rights
    • Finances
    • Love life
    • My siblings
    • My extended family
    It's not perfect, but it's not as bad as it sounds, either.
  4. hmm, My father I don't remember, but MY step father I consider as just what he was, My father. He worked alot and eventually my mom went to school in computers and always worked to provide for me my brother and sister. I'm the eldest in my family so I did all the babysitting, picking up from school, cooking, and cleaning. things boiled up on me and as soon as I turned 18 I split to experience th world.

    I keep in touch with my family and I was about to move to florida which was something I NEVER wanted to do. Florida just isn't the place I wanted to be in life, ever.

    I call or text my mom everyday now that I am literally on the other side of the country, I'm finding myself suddenly closer to my mother than ever. :)

    as well as the rest of the women in my family, My grandmother and two aunts. whom picture text me the daily on goings to let me know they are thinking of me. I love my family, they give me the space I crave and love me for it, I am extremely fortunate and humbled by my family.
  5. My dad is really lazy and has awful opinions on things, and my mom is sweet, but, disabled... all in all, it's relatively ok.
  6. I never met my father and my mother is hardworking women of three who (jokingly)complains she's falling apart even though she's only thirty-eight (most mistaken her for someone younger and it doesn't help she dresses and acts like a teenager on her downtime). My home life is complicated to some since none of us have the same last names but the four (five if you count the crazy cat who is actively involved in our lives and makes sure we give her tuna every morning) of us are closer than those who have the 'family essentials'. Our extended family mainly consists of family friends who all share the same, eccentric sense of humor that never fails to make anyone laugh. Well, for the most part. My immediate family are open-minded individuals but we don't test our family friend's tolerance, and we never had to since that's not what it's about.

    We laugh, we joke, we plotplan, we argue, we make-up, life goes on in our undersized apartment :)
  7. My mom and I get along great. We have about the same values and sense of humor, and we both enjoy a lot of the same things- or, if we don't, we're exact opposites and love compromising. (bad example, but she loves soft fries and I love crunchy ones, so there's never any fighting when we split a serving of fries) We travel well together and have no problem talking for hours or sitting together silently for hours. In some ways she's more like a friend than a mother.
    She was thirty-six when she had me, so there's quite a gap between us. Yet in spite of that and me being an accident, we get along so much better than literally any other parent-child combo we know.

    My dad, well... he's different. Raised differently, different views, different opinions... honestly, I have almost nothing in common with him save for genetics and nerdiness. Maybe stubbornness, but I get that pretty well from both sides, haha.
    We get along, but I can only say that because we might speak a dozen words to each other daily. He is literally incapable of having a conversation with me because he is extremely argumentative and never, ever wrong about anything ever. He'll argue with me about events in my life that he wasn't present for ,about whether or not I do or do not feel a certain way, or even the weather. I've found that ignoring him is my best option, and it works pretty well. If we don't attempt to converse we get along great.
    Honestly, though, he could leave and I might like it better. He's messy and I'm neat, so even not speaking it's hard to ignore the dirty clothes piles or empty beer glasses set on my laptop. :/