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What powers would you like a ghost to have?

  1. Manipulation

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  2. Levitation

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  3. Corporeal form

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  4. Audible Sounds

  5. Mind Tricks

  6. Sensory Input

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  1. (I figure I should probably make a plot for once instead of mooching off of others, so here it is- I haven't set parameters for joining yet, this is, as it says, an Interest Check.)

    This week is the week of wonder, of spook, of witchcraft! This week is Ghost week, where all amateur ghost detectives and spook hunters come out to test their luck in finding proof of the Paranormal. This is all centered around a small town, specifically, the town of Paraville, NV. This town is a year-long attraction, the Roswell, New Mexico of ghosts! But, this week in particular is special. It dates back to ancient times, a mysterious witch and mysterious circumstances come together to create a week where the dead and the living mingle as one!

    Midnight! The race is on! All the men and women with a passion for ghost hunting come out to try their luck, to search for any sign of the Paranormal! You're going to be participating in this grand event.
    Or at least you would be...
    Were you not already dead.

    Yes, tonight is the night you rise from your slumber- devoid of any memory of who you are or what you used to be. You quickly find that you are not six feet under, like most other ghosts that join you in waking- no, you wake up above your own corpse. There are other corpses alongside yours, each fresh, just like you. Their spirits join yours, and there is a moment of clarity among the dead:

    This week is your last week on earth, use it wisely. Will you find out who murdered you? Will you make the most out of your last days in existence? Will you use this time to make sure that others don't share your fate? There is only one way to find out; rise from your grave! Learn of the powers that being a specter provide, and become either a Paranormal Savior, or Paranormal Killer.
  2. Me like!

    But is there a set 'ghost formula' for their available abilities, or can different ghosts have different powers (perhaps based on their manner of death)?
    Maybe one will drive its victim insane and another will push them off a building.

    Me especially like the Paranormal Savior and Paranormal Killer aspect.
    Good job coming up with this!
  3. Thanks!

    There is still a lot of detail up for debate, but I actually have a whiteboard with drafts of what-death-gives-what-power written on it. I'm working hard to not make powers that are for certain instances- say, a power only useful in a specific situation.

    I'm trying to get powers that are like colors, in that you can make a picture with one color, yes- but you can also combine that color with different colors to make things that are much better.
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  4. Last Call- Three more days in the Interest check before closin' down!