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Paranormal Investigators

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Prince, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. I like it. Can I be Sasha? I assume you'd be Lance? I can only play female characters, and after reading the plot, those are the last two to survive. Sounds like fun!
  2. Well, I'd like for it to be the same plot but not same characters. :3
  3. Oh. Well that's a little different. So, no happy ending then? haha.
    Okay. If you put up what you want on my character skel, I'll create her immediately.
  4. Could you play two characters? I would to.

    And there COULD be a happy ending. There's a sequel to the movie. xD
  5. I can but it'd be my first time. I'll try. I gues i'll read up on the sequel then lol
  6. Don't read up the sequel until this is finished. Haha.

    Here's the character sheet anyway.

  7. Oh okay then. I haven't yet. I'm excited to see where this goes. do you prefer real people for pictures or anime?

    ps. your signature is hilarious
  8. Anime pictures. Because.. well.. I can't find rl people pics.

    p.s. thank you
  9. Name: Jennifer "Jen" Trelene
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Jen has always been fearless and tough since the day she was born and she loves a rush of adrenaline and horror movies that make her heart pound. That is, until her life is on the line. She is very compassionate and will do anything for her friends, especially her sister Ally.

    Name: Alexandra "Ally" Trelene
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Personality: Quiet, but observant and insightful. Some would say she sees more than she should. She pays attention to her surroundings and always keeps an eye on her sister's reckless tendencies.

    Biography: Jen and her twin, Ally grew up in the same home and Jen was always the tomboy who got the neighborhood kids in trouble while Ally followed like a puppy dog. She was born second and definitely acted as such, even though they were born within an hour of each other. Ally was the shy follower and still is, but Jen has strengthened her will. When they were little, they used to hear voices in their room at night. A little girl used to haunt their home and play with them, but as they grew up, she started to fade away. Both girls are convinced that ghosts like that only appear to children and while there are benign ghosts like the child friend they played with, there are also malevolent and vengeful demons they have to be wary of. Jen will do anything to fight against them and the more she learns of the other side, the better the world will turn out without their presence. Ally mostly wants to prove their existence. they work towards the same goal, but for slightly different reasons. They hardly ever argue.
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    [​IMG] Ally

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    [​IMG] Jen
  10. Name: Alexander ''Alex'' Morris

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Quiet, yet sarcastic if spoken to, Alex is quite a rude person. Being antisocial he usually keeps to himself and only goes somewhere if asked, staying in his room working on.. private things most of the time. If scared or frightened, he will put himself before others and hide himself behind them.

    Biography: Born into a small household, he had always had an interest in the horror genre, but deep inside he was scared of meeting a real one. As he grew older and he was gifted a really cheap video camera at the age of 14, he began to film everything and found oddities in some. Like moving shadows without physical forms and other things. When he met Ally and Jen in highschool, they formed a paranormal investigation team and their most recent investigation takes place in the Redwick Psychiatric Hospital. He is also the camerman of the group.
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    Name: Cody Wales
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Although smart and serious when needed, he has a great sense of humor and shares it with those who return his kindness. At times he can be a bit testy when people bully his friends or when people harass him.
    Biography: Being new to town no one knows his background, but many people have already become great friends with him
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    Sorry for Cody's short CS, I'm a bit tired right now. He's not paranormal if you're wondering. xD
    Anyway, uh, let me tell the details.

    Our characters are a paranormal investigation team, freelance, they do not have an official show. And the hospital is Redwick Psychiatric Hospital and it's pretty much like what I linked you.

    I'd also like it if you contributed to the demons and encounters.. is that okay?
  11. yes no problem. looks good. are you up for a little romance between jen and cody? i just think it'd be the best touch to add for this story
  12. Out of Cody and Alex, you want a romance between Jen and Cody?! Quite understandable actually, Alex is a dick. And sure, why not?

    Also, I like Alex over Cody and I'd like to see him survive the longest if you plan to kill someone. I'd also like to be asked if you want a character to die. xD
    Want me to start the thread?
  13. Yes u can start the thread. I wanted cody and jen to start a romance. Just because i love jen and alex is not noble in the least. But i guess itd make more sense for ally and cody to spark something.and jen would be protective then die. We can kill cody too but only if ur okay with it.
  14. Nah... I don't want Alex to die. But something will happen in the end, you'll see. I'm writing it up right now, btw.
  15. Not alex. I edited. Look up
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