Paranoia: 6 ways to die




"Good morning Alpha Complex. Welcome to everyone's favorite show: KILL THAT COMMIE!"

The massive screen overlooking the square goes blank for a second before the HDP&MC studio is replaced by a simple Iris and pupil. Many of the IR drones immediacy stop what they're doing and salute the screen. The Alpha Complex Loyalty Anthem breaks out from various places on the square spurned on my intsec officers... Slowly the pupil moves focusing on the three new troubleshooters in turn before it disappears.

Simultaneously your PDCs ligh up with text.

Briefing information to be found at Bright Vision Re-education Center sector NER. Room 23. Share this with no-one.

- Briefing Officer Daria-O


Excitement didn't quite accurately describe DAVE 1's feelings when his PDC revealed that he'd been picked to be a Troubleshooter. Obviously, he'd wanted to advance his position in life just like everyone else, but he knew that the job also could be hazardous and, worse, messy. Still, the consequences of not answering the summons were probably worse than anything that the computer would wish for him to do. He'd probably be executed for showing a lack of loyalty, which he did not lack, no matter what anyone said.

And so, no matter how he felt on the subject, he immediately made haste to get to the area that he'd been ordered to go to. Along the way, someone bumped into him, and he looked down to see a message which only he could understand. He wondered what it had to do with whatever he was assigned, but he was sure that he would find out once he got there.

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Sol twitched slightly as the loyalty anthem erupted right on schedule, it was great, but he had been preoccupied with the prospect of a new promotion, that and his flashing PDC. As he examined the device he thought about the events that had led to his position of trouble shooter, nothing came free, but at the cost of turning in a filthy commie traitor? It was well worth it. Loyalty above all else, that was the key to advancement in this society. Sol hadn't felt bad in the least that he had once called the traitor a friend, and he would no doubt do it again without thinking twice. Not to be confused, he was happy, always happy, before living life more or less the same way day after day, working the same job, eating more or less the same food, and sleeping in a facility with a horde of other Clearance Infrared workers, but getting out of the communal barracks had him absolutely ecstatic. However, his face and steely eyes showed no signs of this as he made his way to the Re-education center. However, before he was able to make it out of the Square, he sat down at a near by table to tie his boot laces.