Paramount Heights

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    A place no man, woman, nor alien, would want to find themselves. Stranded.

    @hotlineBLING is RAVEN.

    @Wistful Beast is BLAKE.

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  2. The world appeared to her. The details of her surroundings became sharper, and the burning metals and water surrounding her went from a blur to a reality. Raven suddenly recalled her 2078 Bo-F hitting another spaceship at nearly 10% light-speed. The last thing she remembered was rapidly jabbing the word "Eject" on the hologram in front of her, as her ship plummeted towards the surface of this strange planet. Apparently she hadn't been ejected, because she was still strapped into her seat, which was still intact with what was left of the cockpit.

    She frantically unbuckled herself from the seat, and immediately fell and hit the shallow water beneath her with a splash.

    She was still disoriented, as she'd only been awake for a few minutes since they wrecked, but she understood her situation, or at least she thought she did. After weakly crawling towards the shore, she collapsed and lied on the ground for a few moments, allowing the pain to ring throughout her body. She was only covered in scrapes in bruises, as she prepared for the crash as well as she could. She was aware that all of her limbs were still intact and no bones were broken, yet she couldn't say the same for whoever she'd hit. This wasn't on her mind, though. She was focused on her ship now.

    What was left of the cockpit was now sinking in the lake. Raven turned, analyzing her surroundings for the rest of her Bo-F. Behind her was a muddy mound, where her plane had slid against the grass and dirt and into the lake. All around her was green vegetation, cliffs, and towering trees that filtered the sunlight. There were no clouds in the sky - only a blue blanket and a not-so-distant moon. There was a waterfall somewhere off in the distance, making the only noise in the atmosphere, besides the quietly howling winds and the roaring of a fire. It was a truly beautiful setting, yet all she could see were the scorched wings of her Bo-F jutting out of the ground, and the flames that engulfed them.

    Raven eventually found the strength within herself to unsteadily rise to her feet. Her beige hood was no longer covering her wild and thick hair, and her cape was almost entirely ripped from her shoulders. She moved as if it were labor, forcing her stiff muscles to flex out a bit. She knew she had to find her weapon, fast, as she could feel the presence of danger on the planet. Whether it was the fact that she'd heard what sounded like a screech from miles away, or just the fact that she'd crashed into a stranger who could be a pirate, a thief, or worse, there was no reason not to search for her hand cannon.

    After searching through the rubble and debris of what was left of her cargo, she eventually found an old hand cannon that she probably would've sold for no more than ten coins. It was old. It's barrel wasn't even modified to accept fusion-embedded bullets - something that almost every single gun in the galaxy could do since 3020. Yet, Raven found herself shoving it into the holster of her belt. It was better than nothing, and she had to be prepared when she confronted this stranger she'd crashed into.

    Eventually, she found herself headed towards a fire burning in the distance. Then, she was simply following the path of a ditch of kicked-up mud, where the person's ship had skidded to a halt. The ditch was wide and long. It lead to the wreckage of the ship, where Raven ended up after a long while of forcing her body to walk through the pain.

    The ship was so totaled Raven couldn't even tell what model it was. She could barely make out the cockpit, and the piloting seat, which was literally in pieces. She was about to begin searching through the rubble of the wreckage when she heard that distant screech once more, this time, much more audible. She paused for a second, looking to the sky with curious and alarmed eyes. Everything was entirely silent, except for the flames burning in the background. Raven could only begin her search, and she knew she had to conduct it hastily and quietly.

    Of course, the entire time she was picking up pieces of the wreckage and peaking around large chunks of the ship for any sign of the stranger, she had her hand gripping the butt of the hand cannon tight. Yet, although she feared who the person might have been, she couldn't help but hope they were a friendly trader, like herself. She knew the possibility was low, however. She'd been flying through one of the deepest, most uninhibited parts of the Andromeda galaxy. The only kinds of people who hung around those parts were dirty, old thieves and pirates, waiting to get the jump on unsuspecting merchants and travelers, such as herself. Well, not entirely unsuspecting -- many mature traders knew the thieves' and pirates' gimmicks all too well.

    Raven stopped for a moment to catch her breath, letting a piece of wreckage drop to the ground. She placed a hand on her hip as she sighed, analyzing the crash site. There was no one around that she could see. Even if they were, she almost expected them to be dead, seeing as how their ship was literally smashed to bits. Either way, she needed to find the pilot's body - dead or alive.

    She was ready to begin using her tracking skills to track down where they could've escaped to when she heard a distant moan.

    "Hello?" she clamored. Her soft voice echoed throughout the forest.

    Silence greeted her.

    Raven gripped her hand cannon once more, and entered a crouching position. She began moving cautiously towards the source of the sound, which appeared to be coming from behind a tree not far from the crash site.

    She moved quietly and quickly behind the tree. Before the pilot could even blink, Raven leaped in front of them, her gun held out straight in front of her.

    Raven nearly gasped as she lowered her hand cannon. She was surprised to see that it was not a pirate, nor a thief, but a young, and even attractive, woman, sitting up and leaned against a tree. The woman was so covered in dirt and blood that Raven couldn't see the tattoos that covered her neck, but if she could have, she would've never lowered her pistol.

    Raven got down on her knee and examined the girls injuries before grabbing her shoulder and shaking her.

    "Hey!" she said in a whisper. "Wake up!"

    The woman brushed Raven's hand from her shoulder forcefully before opening her eyes.
  3. Shaking. Something was jostling her body into wakefulness. Before Blake's eyes even opened she shoved away a hand that had been responsible for the shaking, grunting with the effort of her sore muscles. Sharp green eyes opened, seeing double vision at first, but certainly there was a foreign figure before her. As the two images Blake was seeing merged together she saw another young woman crouched before her, hair wild and slightly tattered clothing suggested her as the other crash recipient. Still, Blake was disoriented, reaching a hand up and dragging a finger across the underside of her chin and coming off with a caked mixture of dirt, blood, and sweat. The source of the blood was a gash under her chin. A few lesser, although still stinging and lightly bleeding, scrapes covered the parts of her body that were exposed by her armor, bruises under her armor where debris couldn't reach. Resting a few feet away from her was her now very damaged helmet, which probably came off after a strong enough impact, saving Blake's life.

    Incredibly disoriented Blake tried to better focus on the stranger in front of her. As a precaution, she squeezed her hand into a hard fist, causing long metal blades to slide off from her forearm with a shick sound, a sharp hiss of metal. For now she didn't bother with the electricity feature, finding enough safety in a set of ten inch long blades. "Wha...what the hell? Fuck. Where the...where the fuck? Wh...who are you?"Blake asked, looking around.

    Her eyes fell upon the sight of her ship. Or rather, what used to be her ship. It now appeared to be a pile of scrap metal. No longer in the shape of her spacecraft, the wings had been snagged and torn off entirely. The cockpit had been crushed, making Blake wonder what had happened if she had still been trapped in there. Death. Luckily it seemed as if she had been hurled out before the direct impact. Recalling fuzzy memories Blake vaguely remembered the panic that had coursed through her veins like fire upon impacting with another ship, one she had hardly the chance to see. The impact had thrown her aside in her seat, leaving her hanging in by the buckles securing her, the ship lurching downwards beneath her with a sickening cry from the damaged engine. Yelling obscenities and fumbling back into an upright position, the emergency lights had flashed red repeatedly. No press of the buttons or pull on any lever could save the ship from a rough landing and its own destruction. The eject button jammed, Blake settled on unbuckling, taking a crowbar, and slamming it repeatedly into the cockpit window. The impact had raised her harshly into the air and slammed her helmeted head so hard into the ceiling that the helmet was thrown off and she was thrown out from the hole she had made in the glass, explaining the cuts.

    "Damn...guess we crashed pretty bad..."Blake mumbled, rubbing her head with the hand not occupied by unsheathed claws. Sides heaved with effort to recover her breath, body feeling broken despite the lack of shattered bones.

    All around her Blake saw forested land, looking out a good distance away to see another ship in flames. Darkness hung above, a bright moon positioned low so that its almost oppressive rays made the water below shimmer with life. Far away stony cliffs jutted out from the ground and towards the twinkling stars, trees creeping up their rock flanks. Trees seemed to cover all the land that water did not, thick green vegetation swathing this whole region and potentially the whole world. The planet was unfamiliar to Blake, meaning that more than likely it wasn't colonized and that meant danger was afoot. She had to get off this planet. And fast.

    One look at her ship confirmed that there would be no repairs that could make it usable. The flames engulfing the stranger's ship also confirmed no escape could be made via their vehicles. They'd have to find some sort of civilization, which could be difficult considering the terrain, lack of supplies, and unfamiliarity. All and all things looked pretty bleak, but Blake wasn't one to given up easily. Using the tree behind her she slowly rose to her feet, blinking away her disorientation and the rush of dizziness that assaulted her. Pressing her back up against the tree Blake observed the woman before her, seeing the older style of armor and the gun. The woman didn't look to be threatening, but that gun in hand made Blake think twice about using force to get any answers. Cooperation would be the best course of action for the time being. This vulnerable time was not suited for making enemies. Perhaps they could make an alliance since two in the wild could survive better than one. Hopefully.

    Blake wondered how the other woman may judge her. If she found out she was a pirate, there may be trouble. Right now Blake didn't appear to be as intimidating as she could be, battered and lacking the usual cape and decorative helmet she had worn when raiding ships in the past. In her glory jagged spikes would run down the spine of her armor, striking fear in merchants that were targeted by her little gang. Hellcat. That's what they had called her. Right now she felt more like a hellkitten, flicking out her tufted tail to remove any painful kinks. Still she had her armor and metal claws, however scuffed up she may be. What tattoos she had were hidden through armor or dirt. Staring down, or rather up due to her short height, Blake anticipated some answers as to who this stranger was.
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