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  1. Im looking for interests for one of my Rp ideas.

    Paradise Island: Survival.
    You have heard about it on the news, its in every magazine and on nearly every channel on the tv. A Legendary Amusement park that have taken the world with storm, anything seem possible there and everything you could possibly wish for can come true. However a trip to this 'Island Paradise' is obviously very expensive and usually only those that have saved money for a long time or is wealthy can go there. Yet, today seems to be your lucky day, you... among many others have won the lottery for exclusive VIP tickets to the island. You are allowed to bring up to two friends and even pets to the island, and on the next Sunday after the drawing you will be able to go to the island. You do not need to worry about transport at all, a private limosine comes to pick you up and a very special luxury cruiser are awaiting you and the other select few lucky winners along with their friends.

    You along with the others get on this ship set for the island of everyone's dreams, this island that you've only heard great things about for such a long time. The ship sets out, and you know that the next morning you will arrive on the island to be able to every last one of your seven free days on this island. Seven days and six nights you are to totally enjoy yourself in complete and undivided luxury. But...

    Something is not right... Something out there is out to get you... And soon you will realize, that your long lasting dream, may become and an Eternal... Nightmare.

    Welcome to Paradise Island... Where Anyone may enter...But Nobody ever leave.


    You among a group of others are 'lucky' winners of a lottery that are supposed to grant you a week of total luxury beyond your wildest dreams. And As you start out your journey your full of spirit and determination to have a awesome time while being away... Yet, you might say that your "trip is not going to come out as planned". And Thus you will need to Survive... Seven days and Six nights lay ahead of you where you know that no help will arrive... nobody will miss you as you are believed to have so much fun you totally forget time and relatives... And after that its likely it will take at least a full day for your relatives to realize your missing... and another for the help to come, if they do so.... at all.

    But all is not lost, you are 'SPECIAL' and because of it, you may have a chance after all.


    Rules/FAQ's and Explenations (open)

    1: For many reasons I will try this as a Mainly human only rp, with pets exciting to some extent but with less impact on the plot. However its open for discussion...

    2: I will play the 'DM/GM' only and be narrative from a GM/DM's perspective while being the only one holding my favorite 'Dice of Doom'.

    3: As humans you don't have much special abilities as your rather 'normal' by most means... however you may have few tricks up your sleave that may help you.

    4: Usual Rp rules apply, Your character is a human and only have the strenght and weaknessess of one... This means you may die in the rp, its hightly likely that your first character die by your mistakes... But your allowed to make a new character after your first one is dead... Yay.

    Special Stats... These will be tied to your character to make him or her more special, and possibly make for a more fun and entertaining horror rp.

    Strength: Allows for lifting of heavier objects and undertaking Physically demanding tasks more easily.

    Perception: Helps hearing, smelling, And using all your other natural senses. If you cannot detect it with perception, you don't know its there. Unless you have a 'sixth' sense.

    Endurance: Allows your body to withstand more harassment from the physical world, and somewhat endure wounds more easily that otherwise may be fatal.

    Charm: Being charming have its benefits in all interactions with most beings in the world. It helps your communication with others and allows a better exchange of information.

    Intelligence: Being smarter is obviously a good thing in most cases, and higher intelligence allow you to defend against attacks towards your Sanity. After all most things that don't kill you... might make you go insane instead.

    Agility: The ability to move your body and perform tricks you like, the ability to run faster or dodge... Agility affects your ability to perform movements you may like with your body.

    Luck: Luck is the general word of Fortune and Misfortune, with more luck there is a higher chance good things may happen to you. And when all else fails... Perhaps Luck will help you prevail?.

    Traps: I like to think there are three types of Traps I will use, and this is mainly to give you a better understanding of what may occur.

    Wound Trap: A trap that will cause harm to you, Physically and/or Mentally, these traps will in most cases not be directly deadly and won't cause you harm unless triggered.

    Skill Trap: A Trap that will require skill to simply evade or get out off, It may be a Wound trap that require some skill to get out of if you triggered it, and with a bit of misfortune... It may upgrade a Wound Trap to a Death Trap...

    Death Trap: A Trap that you spring due to uncertain means, It may be because of carelessness that quickly punish you, and if you ever spring one your very likely to instantly die because of it. With all skills counted, these traps may not be avoided very easily... and usually it takes a lot for one to be degraded to a Wound, or skill trap.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1: Can I make multiple characters?.
    -Both Yes and no, Your only allowed to use one character at a time but you can create multiple in caste your character dies. However as its based much on history of characters and how events transpire its difficult for everyone to have people manage multiple characters at one time.

    Character Sheet (open)

    [Apperance; Anime pictures please]
    Keep sakes: 'A few things that you may keep with you at all times'

    ~~Special stats~~

    Freely add 5 stat points.

    Strength: 1
    Perception: 1
    Endurance: 1
    Charm: 1
    Intelligence: 1
    Agility: 1
    Luck: 1

    If interested make a character ^^
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  2. Im Interested :D And Hey Do Yew Know Much About Te Pikachu From Pokémon? I Need Some Help Creating A Female Character For Another Story On A Different Website Who's Human But Has Many Power Relatings To Pikachu The Pokemon
  3. Well feel free to make a character than ^^

    And Well I know just about everything there is to know about Pikachu.
  4. Well Can I Make Three Charries?

    And Mail Me About It
  5. Yes, but you can only Play one at a time, I can only handle so much story for a Set amount of characters.
  6. So how are Everyone?
  7. Matayoshi.600.308154.jpg

    Name: Kusuma Segal
    Age: 31
    About: A kind but serious florist who has kept to himself for most of his life, he lives alone in an apartment in a three-star hotel. His parents live nearby, and he makes sure to visit them at least once a week. He is fond of routine: wake up, get ready for work, go to work, work, go home, get ready for bed, sleep. Speaking of sleep, he tends to go to sleep at 8 PM and wake up at 5 AM. His favorite flower is the cherry blossom, for multiple reasons. He does not and has never wanted any friends, let alone a romantic partner. However, he figures this is no reason to be rude to anyone, so he tries to be as polite as possible. His mother was the one who convinced him to join the raffle; she worried that he worked too much, and she wanted to give him some form of reprieve. Needless to say, he wasn't expecting to win.
    Keep sakes: A set of about 20 rubber bands (used to keep bouquets together), his favorite book (about 168 pages long, five of which are empty), a black wristwatch (routine depends on time, so he keeps a close eye on this thing)

    ~~Special stats~~

    Strength: 1
    Perception: 2
    Endurance: 2
    Charm: 1
    Intelligence: 2
    Agility: 1
    Luck: 3

    Wasn't sure if I am allowed to join, but if I am, is he okay?
  8. Looks perfectly fine to me really ^^. Accepted.

    And on that point, everyone is free to join really ^^ It's an Open Rp =P
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