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  1. ParaCom: Adversary Uncertain takes place in the near future, the early 2020s, in which the paranormal forces invade and assault our realm. As a result of both the attacks and after several debacles over national self-defense worldwide, the UN banded together and formed the first and last specialized line of defense against the aggressors. ParaCom was organized, standing for Paranormal Combat and acting as both sword and shield for every site where enemy activity takes place. This RP puts the players as members of the aforementioned elite multinational paramilitary organization and tasked with defending mankind. Technology will be developed to help defend against the threat and even some abilities and enemy technology will be reverse engineered to be used against them.

    The GM sends the troops to the field in a series of tactical missions; between missions, the GM directs the research and development of new technologies from recovered paranormal technology and captured prisoners, expands the base of operations, manages the finances, and monitors and responds to alien activity. The majority of operations will take place across the world, with semi-random picking of the countries. Each location for the main base has their perks and quirks.

    TLDR version: XCOM: Enemy Unknown but with supernatural elements instead of aliens. Also, when it comes to the boring parts, I will take responsibility.
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  2. Bumping to polish the concept further. If anyone has questions, I'm all ears!
  3. OH! I've been yearning for some action!

    Question: this would essentially be human vs unknown supernatural correct? Does that mean it's going to get a bit mecha for the human side?

    I guess what I'm really wondering is how superior are the supernaturals going to be
  4. Oh yes. Anyway, the supernatural will have a numbers and tech advantage, but human tactics can turn the tables. Sure it matters who wields the bigger stick, but it matters a lot more who swings it and how it is swung. The humans can get better chances to even the odds.

    That's where ParaCom comes in!
  5. Makes sense and it sounds good.

    Will have to familiarize myself with xcome to prepare some more D:
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  6. That's a good idea! It is optional but recommended as it can make for good practice and/or "rehearsal."
  7. This essentially looks to be a combat roleplay from what I perceive. Is that what it is or am I way off from what you're actually thinking it would be? Also, what kind of paranormal creatures would be in here? How about sub-genres? Will any sub-genres be implemented into this near-futuristic roleplay? When you say paranormal technology, what do you mean by that? Do you mean like the time traveling and such? That's paranormal.
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  8. Iit is similar to the XCOM games of turn based strategy---war RP. For paranormal creatures, various cryptids, undead, demons, and even mythological creatures may be present. Sub-genres include science fiction and urban fantasy from what will be developed as I intend for the human side to try to understand with a scientific basis. Paranormal technology is magitech or technology based on what is considered magic or sorcery. Lots of fringe science is involved as well.

    The OOC and signups are most likely going to be in Modern Fantasy though. If you have questions or suggestions, I'm still all ears.
  9. Ah, sounds a bit too complicated for me. I hope you get more people in, though! I'd rather not ruin the fun by roleplaying something similar to a game I have no idea about.
  10. Oh for the complicated stuff, I planned on taking full responsibility. The players are only supposed to be the soldiers/operatives.
  11. Update: CS live preview is here.

    Country of origin:
    Specialty: Assault (Close Quarters Battle), Sniper, Support (Combat Medic), or Heavy (Large Weapons and Explosives) for now.
    Appearance: (Description or picture, though a picture says a thousand words).
    Bio: (At least a paragraph's worth.)
    Personality: (Like bio, at least a paragraph's worth.)
  12. Update: Before I make a sign up, I will advertise and promote the RP idea. I'll also try not to sound like a used car salesman.
  13. OOC is right here! Sign up and have fun!
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