Paoman, I BLAME YOU!!!

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  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. Th-this video makes too much sense.

    It reminds me of my childhood and my repressed feelings for "eldritch horror level" bros. Hence I kept laughing while shedding manly tears.

    On a side note:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Choaniki (Sega Saturn JPN) - Gameplay[/ame]
  4. WTF to both of those videos.
  5. I KNEW IT!!!

    Paoman's channeling Cho Aniki!
  6. I would take a selfie, but none of ya'll probably don't want to see my ugly mug lol
  8. Hmm, sheet wise. Zip. Hmm, I probably should had did that this morning, but I forgot. Hmm..but I got a good idea in my mind. Its just not down on a sheet yet.

  10. Rachel Lillian Cole

  11. Alright. I think our current rps are finished. Since we are/fixing to be at the 40 post mark. So I think we can do a summary post. Or I will if you already posted in the other rp.
  12. It's not about titles.


  14. Grace

    The lecture continues as another student comes in towards the middle of class, it was the same usual girl, Krysta. The class looks at her and some snicker and smirk at her tardiness. It was normal to me, I simply look up for a second and continue to draw in my pad. I did notice however she decided to sit at the back in the corner this time, which was different. Mr. Salvat resumes his speech as he covers his physics syllabus to the class for the remainder of the semester. I knew that half the kids in here only got into this class because they were either athletes or socially adept kids that got an inside pull to spruce up their resumes for colleges. Tactfully speaking, they weren't as profound in the studies as people would perceive.

    I suddenly heard a flick of something and my reflexes kicked in, causing me to instinctively dart my eyes to the side to catch a glimpse of folded paper flying my direction. I had time to see that it wasn't a hostile endeavor as it landed gracefully on my desk. The owner looking at me with deep crystal eyes, Krysta. I didn't know what she wanted, but judging by her face it wasn't to bully me. I decide to open it as Buck looks curiously.

    'Heya, who is he?'

    Why she chose me to ask, I'll never know. We've never talked before, in fact I've never talked to anyone here really, maybe except Buck just because he was so nice sometimes and I'd feel mellow if I ignored him. She's making an attempt to get something out of me, whether it's a response, or something peculiar. I look at her for a moment, a blank expression and a silent gaze. I take my coloring pen and write back on the note.

    'New Physics teacher; Dr. Solomon Salvat.'

    Instead of throwing it back I hold it up and show it to her while Dr. Salvat is teaching and not looking. I then crumple it and set it down beside me, and continue to draw into my pad while multitasking and writing Physics notes. They weren't really notes so much as they were key points to myself to read in advance so I'd already know the material before the lesson even came. I was just buying my time until the end of this period, but I was milking it too. I loved being here, it wasn't home aka the place I've been secluded to my entire life. I loved to get out when I could, under one condition. I look at a plant in the front of the class, as a slight wind or some breeze seems to push it a bit. I chuckle under my breath, and continue drawing.

    Buck: "Psst....hey Grace....anyone ask you to the Formal Dance?"

    I look at him analyzing his intent of question, shaking my head to answer him. He nods slightly with a very small smile. That told me everything I needed to know. Buck was a very nice soul, but one not able to be matched with mine. Or anyone's. And no one knew why but me, and I didn't even know the entire truth. I avert his gaze and stare in my textbook, making his pleased expression fade once more.

  16. I call dibs on the Silver Surfer.