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    (Mostly made up of one-shots)
    (Requests are open! I only write for fandoms I know. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you a list.)

    SFW One-Shots & Drabbles
    FE: Azura/Leon (open)
    The skies of Nohr were almost always dim. Lacking, unpleasant, and they seemed so dull after witnessing the vivid sunlight of Hoshido. After venturing into Nohr, Azura had been shocked at the contrast between light and dark between the two nations. At the time, Leo had been amused with her dismay. Looking back on that moment, he now wished that the sun’s rays shone down Nohr, too. After the war’s end, Azura had chosen to remain in Nohr with him, and with their children.

    Tea time was precisely at noon, held on one of the decks of the castle, overlooking the gardens. Black roses were abundant in the gardens of Nohr, as well as other flowers that didn’t require heavy amounts of sunlight. Leo overlooked the vast gardens, listening to the faint gusts of wind and the heavenly sound of Shigure’s songs. He certainly took after his mother. Leo couldn’t say for certain if either of his children had inherited anything from him. They didn’t possess his eye for strategy, nor his wit…

    Across the table, Corrin tenderly sipped at his tea, observing the faint frown on his brother’s aristocratic features.

    “They certainly take after their mother.” The Vallite spoke in an amiable manner. Leo didn’t reply.
    It was petty, Leo knew all too well. He should be delighted that his sons took after their mother. They were the lights of his life, encouraging him to move forward despite what happened. But did he really have nothing in common with either of them? Since the two of them had joined the army, Leo had done little to bond with them. Even though the two of them were his flesh and blood, he still felt incredibly distant. His treatment of Foleo during the beginning of their relationship had done nothing to improve the situation. Bitter regret stung at him.

    “...They take after you, too.” Damn Corrin, and his impeccable ability to read others. Leo turned sharply to address him, to tell him to mind his own business. Surprisingly, the words didn’t come, and the draconic prince continued on. “They both have your eye for detail. Foleo especially, although he uses it for telling materials and fabric apart. Shigure has your intelligence.” The smug glint in Corrin’s eyes aggravated him. But what annoyed Leo more, was that the man seemed to know his sons better than he did. “Fortunately, neither of them inherited your cold attitude.”

    “I hardly need to you to lecture me about my own sons.” Leo resisted the urge to roll his eyes. But he didn’t. He knew that Corrin was right. But it didn’t frustrate him any less. The white-haired man was only trying to help. “...However, thank you.”

    “Please. I hardly deserve thanking.” Corrin reclined backwards with ease, eyeing Leon perceptively. “You should talk to your sons. Learn more about them. Being anxious about it will only prevent you from moving forward.” He was right, Leo realized. The blonde opened his mouth to reply, but promptly closed it as Corrin’s chair wobbled, before it toppled over, bringing the white-haired man with it. He collided with the ground with a thump, eliciting a scoff from Leo.

    “How wise.” Leo commented slyly, standing up from his seat as he finished off his tea, placing the cup neatly down on the table. “...I’ll take your suggestions to heart, though.”

    “At least help me up!” Corrin hollered after him as he began to walk off, causing a sly smirk to cross his lips. Corrin was wise in certain aspects, but he still had a lot to learn. Leo had always thought of himself as more intelligent.

    But maybe they could learn from each other.

    FE: Jakob/Azura (open)

    "My dear…” The words are dragged from Joker’s throat as he observes his wife through tired eyes. Raindrops patter against the oning above the porch. The world is grey and cloudy, as the downpours grow torrential. “As much as I love your beautiful voice… wouldn’t you prefer to sing inside?”

    Azura’s lovely voice is muffled by the rain and the wind, as she dances, twirls and moves elegantly through the downpour. The water seems to follow her graceful movements, fluttering around her form. She’s soaked, but doesn’t seem to mind. They’ve been married for about a year. But Joker discovers new things about her everyday. Yesterday, he found that she hated desserts with orange filling. Today, he’s finding that she loves to dance in the rain. She’s as carefree as he’s ever seen her, but he finds himself disappointed as she stops, turning to look at him with wide eyes.

    “Oh…” She meets his gaze awkwardly. “My apologizes. My mother and I used to dance in the rain during my childhood. When this downpour started… I couldn’t resist.” Joker’s facial features soften. Something about Azura always makes him feel gentler--more at ease than he usually is. Guilt sweeps over him, but he’s caught between making sure she stays well--and allowing her to relive precious memories from long ago. It’s her forlorn expression that sways him, and he shakes his head with a soft sigh.

    “No, my dear. It’s alright.” He comforts gently. “Just make sure to come in soon, so you don’t catch a cold.” With that, he turns to walk back into the castle. He has duties to attend to. Breakfast won’t make itself. Even though the royals are on a trip to Hoshido, he still has some others to feed.

    “Joker.” Azura’s voice makes him halt and turn back around. He resists the urge to scold her. But the look in her eyes quiets him. For a brief moment, her body language turns sheepish, almost, as though she’s too shy to ask for what she wants. “Will you… dance with me?” The question catches him off guard, and his immediate reaction is to refuse. Something much deeper overpowers him, though, renders him quiet. He may be a strong fighter and a skilled butler, but he is always defeated by Azura. Always rendered silent by her effortless grace, by her beautiful existence.

    In the end, he finds that it’s impossible to refuse her. A smile touches his lips. It’s genuine, and it feels odd--almost foreign.

    “Who am I to refuse a request from such a lovely woman?” Is his only reply. He walks out from under the oning and almost flinches as the rain pours down onto him, soaking through his clothes. But Azura’s smiling.
    And suddenly, there is no one else in the world but them, dancing underneath the rain as the world melts away around them.

    NSFW One-shots & Drabbles
    Mettaton EX/F!Reader/Mettaton NEO (open)

    Working at MTT Resort can be… difficult, at times. These days, business was booming, with monsters of all shapes and sizes coming and going and bustling about. You weren’t too fond of being squashed in the middle of the thick crowds. Luckily, you were a maid, and as a result, you mostly worked in the empty rooms. Not that cleaning toilets or making beds was exciting, but you were glad that you didn’t have to be among the hordes of monsters rushing all around.

    With a small huff, you placed the stack of fluffy towels into the cream-colored bathroom cabinet, before standing back to observe your handiwork. The large room was spotless, from the shower, to the sink, to the toilet. You were certainly a diligent worker. Although traveling from Waterfall to Hotland could be quite troublesome, the job paid a hefty sum, which definitely came in handy. However, what was even more troublesome, was the interest that your employers had taken in you. Mettaton Neo and Mettaton EX were the twins who basically ran the area. And you, being the lone human of the Underground, had quite a bit of attention on you already. Most monsters didn’t even know what you looked like. Neo and EX were the only two in the area who were aware.

    Both flaunted the same amount of charisma. Neo was sharper, and crueler at that, more merciless in the way he teased you. EX was the gentler of the two, lavishing you in soft (abet mostly lewd) compliments. The attention could be overwhelming, especially when the two of them were in the same room with you. Not that you wanted to complain, of course… But there was something odd in the way that they looked at you, something you were wary of and didn’t wish to explore.

    You exited the bathroom, and left the room, making sure to lock the door behind you. With that, your shift had finished, and you could go home early. With a bounce in your step, you moved to walk down the empty hallway. But before you could even take two steps, a pair of strong arms wrapped around your midsection, cuddling you into a firm chest. At the suddenness, you gave an alarmed squeal, wiggling for a brief moment. Your attempts were fruitless, and you slumped against your captor.

    “Daaarling,” His voice was a soft purr. While Neo confronted you head on, EX had a habit of sneaking up on you. “You look so cute in your costume.” He complimented lavishly, and you wheezed as his arms tightened around you.

    “It’s not a costume.” You corrected instantly, attempting to distract yourself from the fluster on your face. He always managed to catch you off guard, rile you up, and then leave you alone and speechless. “It’s a uniform.” You grumbled, suppressing a shiver as he chuckled against your ear, nuzzling into the crook of your neck. The contact caused you to tense, and you could feel him smile smugly against your soft skin.

    “Mm, uniform, then. It doesn’t change the fact that you look positively alluring in it.” He cooed slowly, his voice becoming huskier. At that, you were silent. “I just want to take you home and eat you up.” His voice turned cheery once more, a major change from the low and seductive tone he had just used. “Would you let me, darling?” You had a feeling about what he was implying, but he might be stringing you along again, teasing you before leaving you flustered and unsure about what exactly you wanted. Still, he had never offered to “take you home” before. While your conscience protested, your body tingled and felt hot all of the sudden.

    “Let you what?” You managed to huff, wriggling in his arms again. You froze as his soft lips pecked you on the crook of your neck. His devilish grin widened, and he pressed his entire front against your back. He always managed to read you like a book. It was frustrating, that he could see through you so easily, making you feel so exposed.

    “Don’t play with me, darling. At least, not yet.” He murmured, placing a trail of soft kisses up and down your neck. If anyone stumbled upon the two of you like this, you would be absolutely mortified. “Let me take you home and take care of you. I’ll make sure to make you feel good.” Drawing in a shaky breath, you realized that there wasn’t going to be too much to decide. And at this point, you knew that you couldn’t refuse him. Light trembles wracked your form as you nodded.

    That was all he needed, before you could even utter a single word, you were in his arms.
    All it took was a simple trip up the elevator. EX’s pink eyes glinted with mischief as you gazed around at his apartment with awe. It was an extremely luxurious space. The glamorous interior design and use of flamboyant pink distracted you for a brief moment, before you heard another pair of heels clacking on the tiled ground, heading towards the two of you.

    “Oooh.” Neo’s voice was just a bit lower, but still noticeably so. His blaster was interchangeable with another, regular arm. Your eyes widened as he strutted into view, ravenous eyes raking over your form, still clutched in EX’s grip.

    “Are you ready for this, darling? Handling both of us at the same time might be a little overstimulating. Although… I think it’s too late for you to back out, now.” It was, and you knew that. Not that you wanted to back out. Even though nervousness gnawed at your mind, they were too alluring to pass up.
    “We’re going to have such a delightful time.” EX cooed lowly in your ear, bringing you past the stainless steel kitchen and down a darker corridor. Neo slipped past the two of you, opening the door to a dimly-lit bedroom. In the scant light, you could make out a large, circular bed, but not much else. The door was shut upon entry, and you were dumped onto Neo’s lap as soon as EX reached the bed. You could feel the thick lust in the atmosphere.

    Instantly, a pair of soft lips sealed over your own in a hungry kiss, another attacking the back of your neck. Your soft whimpers were muffled by EX’s merciless lips, a soft tongue sliding into your mouth to taste you, as Neo’s diligent hands unzipped the back of your uniform. Slender fingers danced up and down your side, sliding underneath your uniform to cup your soft breasts. Already, you were getting lost in their tantalizing touches, as heated hands slid underneath your bra, causing you moan lowly into EX’s eager mouth.

    Your legs began to tremble as you felt a knee nestle in between your thighs, lightly touching your already moistening core, before your swollen lips were released. Neo’s agile fingers continued to grope at your chest, pinching and rolling your hardened nipples. The mixture of their touches and sensations was driving you wild. They worked quickly, EX shifting downwards to suck at your collarbone, relentlessly biting the taut skin, leaving marks for the days to come. Your trembling hands sought him out, twining your into his silky, black locks. From there, his hands grasped at your uniform, tugging it downwards, slowly stripping you down.

    You gave a needy moan as you felt fingers tenderly slide along your clothed womanhood, feeling the hot juices that had already built up. You heard a low, smug chuckle.’

    “Mm, so wet already, darling?” As EX spoke, Neo didn’t cease his merciless touches, hands caressing up and down your soft body, worshipping every single detail leaving nowhere untouched.

    A moment later, his hands left your form, causing you give a low whine. The bed creaked as the two of them quickly shifted, and you suddenly found your wrists grabbed. You opened your mouth to question them, but promptly closed it, and bit your lip as you felt your panties being slid down your legs, the cooled air touching your moist lips. Two hands slid up to rest on your thighs, as Neo kissed and nipped at your legs, working his way up to your inner thighs in a tantalizingly slow manner. Growing impatient, your legs wrapped around his neck, desperately attempting to draw him closer. A soft chuckle left him.

    “Ah, ah, ah. You’ll have to ask nicely.” He purred slowly, moving backwards. “Do you want me to fuck you?” EX’s grip on your wrists remained firm, and you panted, before speaking up in a hushed, breathless voice.
    “Yes!” You whined, desperate for any contact whatsoever.

    “Yes to what?” He questioned, stringing you along just a bit longer. It was enough to drive you crazy, feeling so empty. Your swollen, lower lips throbbed with need. Any sort of stimulation would do. “Do you want me to make you cum?”

    “Y-yes.” You shuddered, kissing your pride goodbye. “Please, please, make me cum.” Your voice was almost a sob, but hearing you speak in such a wanton manner seemed to satisfy him. You heard EX give a soft sigh from behind you.

    “What a good girl.” He praised airily, and you had little time to react before feeling the tip of something press against you. Previous to this encounter, you had no clue that Alphys had upgraded them, giving them robotic members. Any coherent thought remaining was wiped from your mind as you felt him slide into you slowly, causing you to arch your back and whimper, as shudders moved up and down your spine. His size and girth was impressive, causing you to bite your lip as you adjusted.

    “So tight.” Was all he murmured, before he started to thrust. He moved hard and fast, hips setting a quick rhythm as you gasped and quivered, eyes shutting as you felt EX’s skilled hands begin to roam up and down your body, greedily groping and touching everywhere he could.

    Warm firmly grabbed at your hips, pulling them up to meet each and every deep thrust he made. The array of sensations caused you tremble and sob, writhing underneath them as they touched each and every part of you. Your hands gripped at the sheets, putty in their hands. The quick stream of erotic moans and whimpers only seemed to spur both of them on.

    “Look at me.” Neo’s voice was strained, but firm nonetheless. Your hazed eyes opened, locking with his keen, hungry gaze. You could hear him groaning and panting as his grip on your hips became bruising, his thrusts beginning to lose their rhythm. You could feel waves of pleasure rippling through your form, as the tightness within you coiled up. As you grew closer and closer, you became louder. Suddenly, he slowed down, causing you to give a whine of protest. “Beg.” The word was said in a demanding tone, but you could hear the smugness in his voice.

    “Please.” You whimpered, arching your hips forward. “Please f-fuck me.” It was sufficient enough for him, as he continued to thrust into you, hips stuttering. The coil within you suddenly released, causing you to spill out your hot juices onto his thick erection. The feeling caused Neo to give a low growl. He gave a few, unsteady thrusts before hitting his own orgasm, and you felt heated liquid spread within you, causing to feel warm from head to toe.

    For a brief moment, the room was quiet aside from your panting. Your form was weak, but you attention was grabbed as EX slipped out from behind you. The bed creaked again, before it was EX’s leering eyes looking down at you, fondness visible in his gaze.

    “Up for round two, darling?” He purred slowly, dragging his fingers down your hips. You gave a shaky nod, breathing mellowing. EX moved slower, taking his sweet time with you. His thick girth steadily slid inside of you, causing him to give shaky pants. His hands settled on either side of your head, and he allowed you to adjust for a moment, before he began to thrust. His movements were mellow, but tantalizingly slow, unlike Neo’s rough pace. Both were equally as seductive.

    Your hips rolled into his own as you grasped at the bedsheets, biting your lower lip as his cock delved deeper within you. Your velvety walls clenched around his member. Steadily, his pace quickened, more eager and needy to feel more of you as fast as possible. His fingers rubbed at your clit, beginning to vibrate.

    The sensations completely overwhelmed you, losing all coherent thoughts as your hips jerked upwards, legs wrapping around his waist in order to feel him deeper. Your hands grasped at his shoulders, feeling pulses of ecstasy swell in your lower abdomen.

    Your chest heaved up and down as you once again grew closer to your limit, and his own hips began to move faster. You arched your back as your nerves were set ablaze with pleasure, your second orgasm once again causing your form to writhe underneath him. With that, your hips lowered back onto the bed, before you felt his juices erupt within you, causing you to give a low moan.

    It took a small pause for EX to withdraw from you, laying at your side. The room was silent, and your chest heaved up and down as you caught your breath, now exhausted, hips beginning to become sore. Your eyes closed. Nestled in the sheets, you felt warm with the two of them on either side of you. In your last waking moments, you felt a pair of arms wrap around you, before you easily fell asleep.

    FE: F!Reader/Neko!Inigo (open)

    Soft purrs rumble from his chest as his well-muscled form twists in the sheets, his skin milky and flawless, his eyes shut in bliss. You feel utterly warm from your head to your toes, just watching him melt under your touch. His furry ears flicker when you touch them, and he gives a small moan when you scratch the right place. Inigo isn’t as dominant and smooth as some might expect. He’s putty in your hands as they run down his bare torso, thumbing his nipples.

    “L-Lovely…” He strains to say as you sit on his waist, legs on either side of him. He gives little shivers as you begin to rub and pet his abdomen, teasing the pale skin. There’s the loveliest blush on his face, and he looks up towards the ceiling when you face him, too shy to look you directly in the eye. His roughened hands sit on your thighs, thumbs rubbing soft circles into your skin. You can tell that he’s starting to want more, and when you scoot back, you feel his cock growing hard underneath the thin sheets. It lightly brushes against your ass, but he whimpers anyway, so sensitive and pliant for you.

    "Can-can you do the honors?” He just about begs, voice low and whining. His tail touches your waist, dropping down to his side as your hands rub back up towards his pecs, nimble fingers squeezing at his nipples again. He moans again, reaching up to pull you down, but you slide away, leaving him cold and empty. “Please…” His voice is quiet and hoarse, but you can barely hear it. You grip the white sheet and tug it down, exposing his hardened erection. There’s the smallest of smiles on your lips, and he opens his mouth to speak, only for a whimper to come out as you stroke him delicately.

    He’s about to beg again, but he bites his pink, bottom lip when you position your slick folds above his cock. The moan he lets out when you descend is music to your ears. It’s low and whiny. He bucks up suddenly, desperate to be in you completely. Instantly, you move away, causing him to cry out in disappointment. It’s a lewd, needy noise you never thought you’d hear from him.

    “Please.” He whispers again. “I’ll be good, I promise.” Your hands drift down to his full hips, pressing them onto the mattress, and you begin your descent once more. He’s thick and he fills you just right. You throw your head back, panting as you adjust to his size.

    “Good boy.” You whisper, lifting up your hips at a sluggish pace, before dropping down onto his cock harshly, causing both of you to give soft whines. It’s you who is in power, here, holding him down as you begin to move your hips, slow and steadily. You’re beginning to grow dizzy, but you can hear every moan and plea, feel every shiver that runs down his spine. Your eyesight is blurring by the time he grips your hips, and you come hot and heavy over him, still bobbing your hips up and down as you ride it out.

    Inigo nearly howls when you rise up completely, his high off. His breathing is labored and his eyes are closed, but they open and you can see little tears forming in them. He’s barely coherent. His hands are immediately tugging at your hips, but they halt when you speak up.

    “Stop.” You growl, roughly palming his hip. He bites his lip, but obeys. You drop down, taking a long moment to lean over him, but you thumb his nipples and kiss along his muscled chest. Your soft movements cause him to writhe and whimper, pre-cum still oozing out of his hard cock. You let him come down from the high, before raising back up, taking in his teary eyes and soft, parted lips. He throws his head back when you slide right back down onto his cock again, squeezing him in all the right ways.

    He’s sighing and whimpering as you set the pace again, moving harder, faster. Your core is tight and heated, pleasure running through your nerves as you hear him whimper your name, feel his fingers holding your hips. He’s lost in the sensations you’re giving him, back arching up as you fuck him nice and hard. He’s gorgeous, so ruined and needy underneath you. You give low growls and cooes as you work your way up to your peak, beginning to tremble as your orgasm washes over you, causing your vision to go white, and your form to go soft.

    He’s writhing and making gorgeous little noises, gaze pleading as he starts to move his hips. He needs you more than anything. And you give him what you want, this time.

    He comes hot and heavy, form spasming as pleasure washes over him. His fingers hold onto your hips in a bruising grip. When he’s done, his arms drop, and you lift yourself away, tugging off his condom and tossing it into the nearby trashcan. He’s still panting, form completely loose and helpless as you run a hand up his side, before scratching his ears.

    “I love you.” He murmurs, quite suddenly, turning to bury his face into your chest. Your arms wind around his shoulders, cushioning and coddling him into your form. He’s still weak, but you’ll take care of him. “L-Love, stay with me.” His voice is hoarse as he whispers to you, and you kiss him on the forehead, softly assuring him that you’ll always be there. His breathing starts to even out, and his expression grows serene as he easily falls asleep. There’ll be plenty of time to give him more later, but for now, you’re content to cherish this tender moment.