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    Welcome to Pandemonium, the intense, no-rule NYC club where worlds and species collide!

    You might be a demon, blending into the shadows in the corner for a bit of not-so-innocent fun.
    You might be a vampire, looking for your next victim, or on a mission for Raphael.
    You might be a werewolf, just there for the fun of it, maybe a few packmates by your side.
    You might be a warlock, meeting up with a potential customer to talk business.
    You might be a faerie, trying to lure away an unsuspecting mundane or two for your own pleasure.
    You might be a witch, a mundane who somehow managed to harness some sort of feeble magic.
    You might be a Shadowhunter, on a mission for your Institute or just trying to get away from it all.
    You might even be an unsuspecting mundane, not at all aware of the oddities around you.

    But you’ll find that your perception of the world around you can change in a single night.

    Oh, yes. Mind the Downworlders and demons, little mundie.
    They may bite. Or worse...

    1) Only the species listed above! No pure angels or Greater Demons, ya hear? And no Tessa Gray kind of warlocks either.

    2) Romance is encouraged! Just... Fade to black just before the clothes come off or go to PM.

    3) Faerie drugs alcoholic beverages can and will make an appearance.

    4) I'm open to faerie-Nephilim hybrids if you want. c;

    5) Original characters only! No established characters should make an appearance in this!

    6) Violence is a possibility, so be aware.

    7) Three characters per RPers maximum at this point! And no three of the same gender or species can be played by the same RPer!

    8) This will probably take place about four years before the events of the Mortal Instruments series. So even if you only read the first book, you're elgible to join. c;

    9) Please place your CS in a spoiler or spoili above or below your first post.

    10) OOC is coming soon!

    11) No fighting OOC!

    12) Brief posts are fine.

    13) New RPers welcome! :3

    14) We'll decide in OOC when to skip to the next night.

    15) If anyone's interested, I would love you forever if you'd play a fledgling vampire or a newly-bitten werewolf for my character Gabriel to be tailing. :3

    16) Have fun! ;D

    Character Sheet (*required field)
    *Age: (15+)

    *Species: (see intro)
    *Affiliations: (Are they part of an Institute? A wolf pack? A vamp clan? Seelie or Unseelie Court? Praetor Lupus? Or are they loners?)
    *Appearance: (pic or description)


    Estelle (open)
    Name: Estelle
    Age: 1,600
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Faerie
    Affiliations: Seelie Court
    (Except golden eyes and there's a glamour on her wings)

    Gabriel McKay (open)
    Name: Gabriel McKay
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Species: Werewolf
    Affiliations: Praetor Lupus
    Gabriel McKay (open)

    (I'll describe his wolf form if and when he transforms.)

    Jackie Ashenwings (open)
    Name: Jacqueline "Jackie" Ashenwings
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Shadowhunter
    Affiliations: (formerly) Paris Institute
    Jackie Ashenwings (open)


    Estelle dons a bright pink dress that falls only to her knees, held in place with a white bow around her waist. She giggles and waves toward countless mundane boys, gold eyes shimmering as she blows them kisses and wiggles her cotton-candy blue fingernails at them, making a few spittle their drink down their front like blithering toddlers. Her white high-heeled boots reach to her knees, her shimmering sapphire earrings dangling to her shoulders as her red braid bounces with her every laugh. This is her usual routine, coming to this wonderful place. And as long as she doesn’t run into any Shadowhunters, she suspects she’ll be fine… Perfectly fine…

    ((I’ll post for Gabriel once I find someone to play his charge.))

    Jackie lurks in a darkened corner of the club, puffing from her cigarette. Ah! This, surely, is the life! The life of a mundane, the life of ease, of no responsibility, of not a single care in the world. A world without demons or angels, vampires or werewolves, warlocks or faeries. And most imporatantly, it’s a life with no Shadowhunters. Her shimmering golden dress masks her feet, but reveals her Mark-laden arms. Surely most believe them to be tattoos, and surely it’s safe to show them. For she certainly doubts that the unearthly beings of the Shadow World would be in such a simplistic mundane club. But even so… Jacqueline fingers the dagger stowed on the inside of her dress through the shimmering fabric. No matter what, she is prepared.
  2. Name: Kodi Arkane
    Gender: Male
    Affiliations: Loner, searching for a wolf pack
    Appearance:(pic or description): Human form

    Wolf Form

    Personality: Since he has no one else to depend on, Kodi is reserved and trusts only those who he thinks can be trusted. When he opens up to people, he can is very loyal and will do anything to protect them. When he gets irritated, he can't control his ability to shift. His fingernails grow longer and his teeth into fangs. When he gets angry, his eyes turn yellow and will do anything to get back at what made him mad.

    Other: Kodi grew up with his parents until he was 17. He got bit by a werewolf on a camping trip and his parents left him. He has been on his own since. Now he is wandering the streets with little money and finding places to sleep when he is tired. He knows his limits but can only keep certain things hidden. On the night of a full moon, he can't control his shift at all. He shifts into his wolf form and stays in it until the night is over.
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  3. Kyro Summers (open)

    Name: Kyro Summers
    Age: 18
    Gender: Bisexual (more towards Homosexual though)
    Species: Werewolf
    Affiliations: Newly- bitten werewolf (so he's alone)

    Wolf Form:
    yep wolf.jpg
    Personality: Kyro is at first quiet and withdrawn when he first meets someone, but when you can get him to open up he's a very beautiful person. He is very caring and loving as well as protective to people close/ special to him, he has a great sense of humor, he can be kind of hot headed sometimes but he never lets his emotions run rampant so that he doesn't unintentionally hurt anyone. The only time he'll fight is to protect a loved one, himself or someone defenseless.
    Other: Kyro's Dad left when he was young so his Mother had to take care of him and work, which ended up in her getting sick so now he has to take care of her. He was bitten when he took the scenic route on the way to the Hospital to visit his Mother (whom had been admitted earlier that day) and his car got a flat in the middle of the forest, he got out to change it when he was attacked by a werewolf. His Mother died that night and he's regretted never being able to see her one last time.
    (p.s He's blonde and has chocolate brown eyes)

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