Palmiere, Winds of Glory


Boss Frost

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The Hammer of Chaos, Thirty Miles from Transaal
A massive airship, manned by pirates - it acts as their mobile base, surrounded by dark clouds created by a special machine within. It's crew is known for quick, brutal strikes, and the ship itself is armed with illegal cannons that launch lightning bolt-like beams. It's captain is the famous Don Slaughter.

Walking back and forth in his personal quarters, Don Slaughter ponders and waits, looking out the window at the dark clouds, before turning back to the map of the world upon his table... small 'toys' spread across the realistically-floating landmass, allowing him to keep an eye on everything that happened upon the face of the world.

The door opened, and a young man walks in. "...Don Slaughter? There is someone here to see you..."

The tall man turns to look to the young, eyebrow raising. "Oo dares to be disturb the Don Slaughter...?"

Forcing himself inside, a Prairian cat-person with dark gray fur and a sinister expression walks in. His top hat and coat could be in better condition, but the grin on his face was filled with confidence. He offers a bow, "Weeeeeeeell now... the infamous Don Slaughter... Pleasue to meet you, keh keh keh..."

Don Slaughter raises an eyerbow. "...Ah, it's you... Fool, was it?"

The man nods, "Yeeeessss... keh keh keh... It's only me, your humble arms dealer... and have I got a deal for yoooouuu..."

Don Slaughter sends the young man who led Fool in away, nodding. "I'm listening, Fool..."


Transaal, Theater Pontoona

"Hey sweet-cheeks! Ever been with three-in-one men at the same time?"

"Pig!" Whack!

An attractive young woman walks away offended, as Beau rubs his cheek in a pained manner, while the green draconic head over his shoulder begins to laugh. Beau looks in a hurt manner up at the green head, "I wish you wouldn't do that, Neeve... humans don't seem to understand that we're separate minds..."

Neeve, however, keeps right on laughing. "That's what makes it so funny! You get blamed for everything 'cause you're in the mid-OW!" He stops mid-word as the blue head on the opposite side reaches over and bites his neck. "What was that for, Japil?!"

The cool-eyed blue head frowns. "It's your body too, you know... and you could learn to be a little quieter, anyway..."

"I'll quiet you!" Neeve says, obviously angry.

"...Hey, could we just-" Beau begins, before the other two glare at him and silence him. He sighs sadly, walking down as the other two 'hims' fight... steam bursts out from various shops, sewer-grates, and locomotive two-wheelers... sticking his hands in his pockets and feeling the paper money within, he shrugs. "Maybe we could see a show..."

Neeve looks down, "Yeah! A show! Something with scantily clad women shakin' it!"

Japil glares down at Beau, "With our finances!? Never! We have to save up! Never spend money you don't need to!"

Neeve looks to Japil, "Are you suggesting we sneak in? Good idea!"

"No, you... you... no-brain!"

"If I have no brain, that means you do, too!"

"No, we're separate entities!"


Beau sighs again as his other heads get in another fight, attracting stares as he walks down the sidewalk at the flashing lights for the shows at Transaal... smiling softly as he imagines what most of them would be...
"Welcome one and all to the closing night showing of... THE ENCHANTRESS!"

A full house of pleased audience members were sitting and clapping at the introduction. The theater was exquisitely designed with rich reds, golds, and all the comfort that could be purchased. After all, the Staging Company wanted the experience to be as fantastic as possible. Not just visually, but for the rear-end as well!

As The Enchantress began, it wowed frequent watchers just as much as the first timers. They say every showing was a little different, and it was so true! The star actress put much effort in to the displays. Characters and scenery would always be unique with every show, for Sera Rezarta was a master illusionist.

When the show came to a close, she along with the small cast of star actors took a bow! Roaring applause and standing ovation. One could expect nothing less from a closing night!

With curtain close, Sera Rezarta returned to her dressed room and dropped down in to a chair. Creating such detailed and grand illusions were exhausting. And she still had to change clothes and make an appearance at the after party! Alas, that was the life of a popular actress.

Especially one that had another reason to be at such a party. Groaning protest at getting back on her feet, Sera stepped behind a screen to change clothes.
Standing just outside Transaal a man struggled with a girl who had yet to make a sound. To be fair to him, he didn't mean her any harm, but that wasn't enough reason for Lydie to cooperate.

"Now, look, just come home Allendi, you have to admit you're special-"

Lydie braced her feet and kept trying to tug her arm out of the man's grip. She didn't know what to say to him. She wanted to tell him he'd made a mistake, she wasn't who he thought she was- oh there were a million things she could have said to get herself out of this but they weren't technically true and that knowledge made the words stick in her throat.

"Let me go!" She huffed. She had only wanted to see the play- the star had looked so dazzlingly pretty in the posters Lydie had wanted to see her- and plays were exiting, she'd never been to one before- but it seemed rumors about her exile hadn't completely died out yet and not everyone on Valiance had given up looking for her yet. The alley behind the theater was empty, she hadn't expected to be followed. Though she supposed that was what she got for trying to sneak in.

"Look," The man, he looked to be in his mid-forties, with that honest, patient air about him that made him that made her think he was probably a father, got hold of her other arm and gave her a shake. " one is going to hurt you- the Cult of A'senvi is failing, with you we could end the bloodshed-"

"How?" Lydie swallowed the lump in her throat. "How would it!? I don't speak for the Norriu! "

"But you do!" He cut her off. "Anyone can see that Nor protects you."

Lydie thought she heard a door open somewhere, the muffled hum of conversation giving her a spark of hope. She'd been praying silently for someone-at this point anyone, even someone else looking for her- to come by so she could at least have a chance of slipping off if they started to argue philosophy.

"Hey, help me! Can you hear me? Please!"

"What are you doing?" The man scolded. "Come on!"
It was a cold morning as the wind buffeted Kias' leather hemet and googles. the thick blanket of clouds sailing beneath him clear blue above. There was nothing like flying, it was in his blood. He banked into a right turn and looked behind him, a rail of swirling water vapor easily seen behind him, he finished the turn and looked ahead... the white rolling cloudscape, loons as if he could land on it then he noticed a patch of blue, shimmering blue. It started off small right in his crosshairs but grew rapidly , he couldn't move, the vast limitless ocean spread before him as the triplane picked up speed and went into overspeed as his hands froze on the controls the whine in the wind became defining as he put up his arms to shield his face the wold water the last thing he would ever feel, if he even survived impact.

He sat up suddenly hitting his head on the metal wing of his plane. His hammock strung between the uprights rocked gently from his sudden movement as he looked around the hanger. Slowly he climbed out and put the hammock and blanket inside the small cargo area of his plane and locked it before heading towards the crowded entertainment area, it was time to find work.
"Hey, help me! Can you hear me? Please!"

The sound Lydie heard was not a door opening, but a heavy footstep upon a wooden plank. The dark-garbed Tiamian, with his three sets of eyes and ears, had heard this struggle in the alley... or at least, Beau had, relayed it to the other two heads, debated about it, and decided to help.

"What are you doing?" The man scolded. "Come on!"

There was a tap on the man's shoulder, and he turned, face-to-face with a green dragon's head. "Hey there." Neeve stated, before a green-and-blue hand rose up, grabbing onto the man's mouth. The other head - a blue head, twisted around to stare him right in the eyes. "Hey. No problems here. Just walk away."

"B-B-but..." The man stammered, and Beau twisted him around, showing his full form - the horned middle head, the twin dragons twisting from his back.

"Please. Leave." Beau states, pleading look in his eyes.

Frightened at the man's appearance, he stammered something unintelligible, falling over and fleeing away. The blue head had turned to watch him. "He's gone."

The green head looked to Lydie. "Awww. S'just a tyke. I was hoping for some real busty, grateful damsel in distress." The blue head snorts, "Nice to know even you have standards."

Beau let the two heads have their argument again, smiling in a beleaguered-but-comforting way. "Are you alright? He didn't twist your arm, did he?"
Sera had just pulled off her dress and was left in nothing but a thing slip when she heard a commotion outside. Street fights were nothing unusual, but it was a woman's voice she heard shouting.

Stepping out from behind the screen, Sera grabbed one of the empty flower vases from her vanity and moved to the window. When she leaned out, there was a man running away. A woman looking a little hassled, and second man with... Well, it seemed he had a pair of dragon heads! That had Sera blinking in surprise for a few moments until she found her voice again.

"What is going on down there! I won't tolerate the harassing of ladies!" She was leaning out the window, frowning down at them below. In her hands she had that vase and was ready to throw it, if necessary.