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  1. Estella had drifted into her thoughts as she sat in English class. She was chewing into her pencil lightly, flicking through a book and taking a few notes. Her eyes glided around as she thought to herself. She was different. She wasn't human at all. At first, she didn't know about the supernatural world when she was younger, until her family spoke to her about it. It was a weird, wonderful world. At first it was hard to get your head around. Was this all just an odd fantasy? Or was this a reality? She came from a family full of blood thirsty vampires.

    At first, she didn't know she was a vampire, until she reacted to the sun more when it was summer and developed a sharp scent for blood. She had gone through her school years not being able to speak a word of her secret to anyone. This was a beautiful, and wonderful secret that only her family and other supernatural beings kept.
  2. Meanwhile, the overwhelming scent of a vampire was currently doing Skyler's head in. The werewolf wasn't fond of school these days, the fact there was a vampire around meaning he could hardly relax with friends when his internal anger bubbled away whenever the scent hit him. Currently leaning against the lockers as he finished up with his cigarette, even if he really oughtn't smoke indoors (he was somewhat of a rebel at school), the fact his next class of English seemed to provoke anger only spoke volumes.

    There was a vampire in there, who he had to share a class with for the next hour. Brilliant. If he ended up losing his temper and flipping a few tables, as had happened only a month ago, he knew he couldn't be blamed, even if his teachers weren't aware of his temper, a result of being a werewolf. Silently cussing to himself as he struggled to contain himself, he approached the classroom before simply strolling in without a word to the teacher, and taking a seat directly in the back, as far away from the others as possible. While at the back, he eyed the others in the class. So just who was the bloodsucker he was brought up to hate?
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  3. Estella tensed up when she sensed the vampire, focusing back on her notes. His scent was strong and hit her smack in the face. She didn't mind him being around her, just as long as he didn't say or come near her. She was a pretty nice person, to humans, werewolves and any other creatures. That was just the way she was. She couldn't help but stare at him. She could sense his anger and quickly turned away.

    Once class ended she headed out, but couldn't help but look back at the werewolf.
  4. And it didn't necessarily take long for the wolf to notice just who the bloodsucker was, his eyes having rarely left the girl throughout the lesson - he didn't trust her for the fact she was a vampire, and having her so close to him did mean that he had to make sure she was kept at a distance.

    Saying that, it was when she looked back at him that his anger began to simmer once more, and despite the distance he wanted created, he hurried after her with a small scowl. "Oi, bloodsucker," he snapped, making sure the insult was kept between them, rather than let the humans hear and realise their beings. "I recommend you drop it, hon."
  5. Estella looks over at him. "Drop what? I was only looking at you" She says, her voice was soft and gentle, in a calming tone. "Just calm down". She turns away and then began to walk to her next lesson without saying anything more to the werewolf, whom was obviously bursting in anger at the moment.
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  6. "Drop the pathetic display," he snapped, grabbing her arm out of automatic instinct, though only for his subconscious reminding him it was a girl who didn't seem like a typical vampire, his harsh hold wasn't that... hard. Not as hard as it would be if the girl had shown any considerable attitude towards him. "You're a vampire; I'm a werewolf. I hate you, but I need education-- hence, you need to leave."
  7. Estella gently places his hand away from her arm and then looks over at him with a gently expression. "Pathetic display?" She shrugged, confused. She wasn't putting on a display, she was always naturally kind. "I'm not leaving just because you don't like me" She says, softly.
  8. "How about if i push you against the wall and strangle you to an inch of your life?" He snapped, his anger obviously getting carried away with him as he stiffened - he was opposed to not getting his own way, and her ability to not seem scared was an irritant. "Get mad at me, gosh. Are you a fool?"
  9. Estella shook her head and sighed. "I don't want to be around you, when you can control your temper you are welcome to come back and we can talk" She says gently and nodded, moving towards her next class. Once she entered class she sat down. She told out her books but couldn't help but think about the werewolf.
  10. The werewolf, on the other hand, did think of her, but for entirely different reasons. It wasn't out of curiosity, but anger - the fact she was a vampire did cloud all positivity the girl contained. She was a kind person, more than delightful... but the wolf couldn't necessarily see past her species to recognise that she wasn't someone who would kill humans for the fun of it.
  11. After all of her classes, Estella stood by her locker, beginning to sort out and organise things. She was talking vaguely to her friend. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow! Have fun foing homework!" She jokes, giggling as she waves goodbye to her friend. She closes her locker and looks around. Where was the werewolf? Maybe he was a little less angry.
  12. "Looking for someone?" A gruff voice snapped from behind her, as though on cue, the large werewolf having silently moved to stand behind her, and seemingly without being sensed the whole time he had approached. "Look, fangs, I don't like you," he started, lighting a cigarette to keep himself calm - he, surprisingly, wasn't angry, but the underlying tension between them was enough to be seen as awkward. "And I don't wanna see you around 'ere."
  13. Estella soon to face him, looking to him as he began to lig the cigarette. She sighed and shook her head. He was just a rebel. "I'm not here to be liked, I'm here to learn" She says and sighs. She collects her things and then began to walk calmly away from him, heading out of school.
  14. "Where do you even live?" He asked, following behind out of sheer curiosity - the only vampire family he really knew were the nobles, living in the mansion overlooking the village... and he did dislike them most of all for their chauvinism and superiority complexes.
  15. Estella smiles at his curiosity. He seemed like a nice guy, but he had too much of a temper. This wasn't the first time she'd seen him angry, he'd been angry in class multiple times.

    She moves away from her thoughts and then stops and pointed. "I live in a mansion with my family, quite behind the rest of the local houses. We don't really mix with the humans back at home, my family aren't really quite the people person" She says. "We also live close by to a local forest, near a beach".

    She looks over at him and brushes her hair aside, which was in a rushed braid, but looked presentable. "Why? I didn't know you were interested in us vampires. You made it clear you didn't want to talk to us vampires".
  16. "Because you 'vampires' are just... you're not even worthy of being a thing." He shrugged crudely, stopping himself from going too far with her, inhaling hard on the cigarette hanging loosely between his lips. "You suck blood, off innocent humans, may I add. It's sick, love."
  17. Estella looks over at him and them turns away, continuing to walk. "I don't want to argue with you, I don't have much energy to argue with you werewolves" She says. She looks over at him, still walking. "We aren't all like that, my family prefers human food".
  18. "I'll believe that when pigs start flying," he laughed crudely, cocking an eyebrow at her evidently nonchalant reaction to what should be intimidation. "I don't scare you, huh?"
  19. Estella shrugs "Okay". She shook her head, "No, I'm not scared by you at all" She says gently. Once they got nearer to where she lived she looks over at him. "Well, goodbye" She says.
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