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  1. Bonjour! Welcome to my 1x1 request thread! Lately my imagination has been running wild with romantic/dramatic/action ideas so I finally decided to see if anyone might be interested in them.

    Here are some pairings and fandom I have a crave for. But if you have a pairing/plot /fandom in mind. I'm open to suggestions! =)

    All of these can be MxF(I would be F), FxF, or MxM.

    If it has a * next to it, it means I have a plot.
    If its in bold thats the role ill play, if both are in bold I can do either.
    If its striked through it means its temporarily unavailable.
    If it has a ~ it means I'm really craving it right now

    Vampire x Human *
    Doctor x Patient *
    Assassin x Target
    Wealthy x Homeless * ~

    Guardian Demon x Human/Demon Hybrid *
    Demon hunter x Human/Demon Hybrid *
    Older friend x Younger friend *

    Highschool Play *
    Wild Born (like Tarzan) x Shipwrecked Stranger (Victorian or Modern era) * ~
    Cursed Demigod x Unsuspecting Human * ~
    Archeologist/Explorer x Atlantean
    Deaf x Musician * ~

    Blind x Scarred * ~
    Blind x Demon * ~
    Blind x Supernatural * ~
    Blind x Artist * ~

    These would all be OCxOC, I dont do Canon's.

    Ouran Host Club
    The Irregular at Magic High School
    Kuroko no Basuke
    Kaichou wa Maid-sama
    White Collar

    (Will add more when they come to mind)
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  2. Hi hi dearimasu~ I as wondeing if we could to the Disguised girl in male army x General/Soldier (Medieval/Ancient setting) * one
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  3. I'm interested in the general x slave of war story.
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  4. Hello, i'm pretty much interested on the Wealthy x Homeless in a FxF mode if that's okay with you.
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  5. Still looking
  6. I would love to do Demon hunter x Human/Demon Hybrid ^^
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  7. Still looking~
  8. Added more and still looking =)
  9. I'm interested in the wild born x shipwrecked stranger!
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  10. Im interested in Older friend xYounger friend in a fxf setting.
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