Pairing ideas? :)

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  1. Welp here I am again with a partner request.....
    No rules really.... But if your the female you CANT be dominant. Neither can i, and the plots are all MxF
    (These are not mine... I stole them from someone)

    President's Daughter x Male Secret Service Agent

    Shrine Maiden x God
    Ninja Princess x Ninja

    Female Civilian/Assasin x Male Assassin/Civilian

    Teacher x Student

    Band Member x Fangirl

    Singer x Band Manager

    Kidnapper x Kidnapped

    Best friend x Best friend

    Best friend x Best friend's older sibling

    Friends with Benefits

    Girlfriend x Lover's sibling

    Boss x Employee
  2. Hi! I would be very interested in the kidnapper and kidnapped, the presidents daughterthe secret service agent, the friends with benefits or even the best friend and the bestfriends older sibling!! Truth be told i like all the ideas but those were my favorite :)

    I can pm you if you want?
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  3. Sure!! I'm sorta busy myself so it'd be a good idea if you pmed me