Painfully obvious or redundantly redundant statements

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  1. You goal is the come up with the most obvious or redundant (or both) sentence that you can possibly think of.

    EX: People live if they are not killed!
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  3. My daughter gave one today. It time for dinner time. O. o
  4. Redundancy of redundancy department on TVTropes
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  6. Usual custom.

    I swear, if I go have dinner over there again and I hear somebody say that damn phrase I'm going to scream. If it's a custom, then it's obviously usual!
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  8. "Meet me at my house tonight after the sun goes down tonight."​
    ~My friend asking to meet up for making t-shirts​
  9. "If we do not succeed, we run the risk of failure."
    Former Vice-President Dan Quayle
  10. "If you don't pass your exams, you fail, get a F, and become a failure." - A teacher that shall not be named
  11. If you look at the screen with your eyes, you will be able to see the screen visually.
  12. A rolling rabbit gathers no moss.
  13. Hammers are used for hammering stuff.
  14. The nail that sticks up will get stuck in someone's foot
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