Painful Annoyance Of The Love Of My Life

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  1. //The plot//
    After graduating from high school, Wisteria Ryn (Iri) and the student council president end up in the same dorm together. They both practically hate each other's guts, and it's a wonder they didn't have more fights during the last year. Regardless, they find themselves in the face of a changing environment, college being vastly different to the comfort of high school. Heartbreak and mental breakdowns are commonplace, and those on the council to be feared - if only Iri was so fearful. She could laugh at the face of death, these council members were easy to deal with. Do this. Bribe her. Seduce him. It was an easy game once one knew the rules.
    The only egg she could not crack was the council president. Another woman, a year older than the troubling bully, who had the mental fortitude of an army commander. She wasn't to be messed with, even if Iri decided to do so anyways. The two have known each other for three years now, but even now, only the council president knows the true name of Iri, and Iri knows little about the other, barring a tendency to be overly strict.
    For now, they've only just arrived at college, and the dorms loom before them. Could they possibly make anything of the enormous hatred the two of them share?

    //The conditions//
    A varying length of one to five paragraphs is a must in this kind of RP; the style I envisage should be grand, looking to reach beyond self made boundaries one has made. Another thing to be sure of is the amount of potential content this could hold, including that of the sexual kind. If such things are to occur, we shall have some privacy, and do a fade to black/skip on the actual, public post. If the act is not needed in the first place, then a simple skip will suffice.
    Be aware that this will have some very challenging and complicated issues, such is life in this environment. Remain aware that people will be hurt, and there will be words tossed around, in character, that can upset some people. I only ask you, and any who potentially read this, to know that it does not reflect on who we are as people, when we do such things in this format.

    Beyond that, your style is yours; mine is mine. It can differ, we can have opposing opinions; but we are here to write, not to bicker or carry on. So, allow us to do just that.
    The following are the two main roles you and I will take; myself being the bully. For the council president, you simply fill in the blanks; I know not who you'd truly want them to be, I only put down some basic facts between the two characters. Side characters are a must, portraying them while also portraying these character will be amazing to say the least.

    ~T H E S C H O O L B U L L Y ~
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'3
    Build: Muscularly toned, under all those clothes.
    Orientation: Whatever works, works.
    Eye colour: Iridescence, of a lighter kind. With the glasses on, however, a shade of blue.
    Hair colour: An abyssal black, glossy and seeming to hold immeasurable depth.
    Hobbies: Bullying, Dodgeball, Surfing, Partying, Seducing the likes of either sex.

    Wisteria Ryn, otherwise known as Iri, due to the colour of her eyes, which she hides with her glasses, the colour appearing blue while wearing them.
    A well endowed and tall girl, Iri is the type of person every school aged child dreaded when they came in first thing in the morning. She seems to be rather popular, popular enough to even bend the rules to her will, whenever she felt like it. Even the student council president could do little in the face of this tyrant, until the day college arrived and the two found themselves together in the same dorm! First impressions, at least on a personal level, were vital for the longevity of this situation. Iri holds no shame, and no regard for authority - she has morals so skewed that she she be locked up for thinking, but luckily, she has many of the student council on her side to prevent such a thing. Being so popular, it was a dream to come true, owning the school practically, on a ground level, and even being an inspiration in the fields of both academics and physical education. She was both a problem student and the perfect student, all in one.
    Iri is never one to falter in how she acts, but, the right person could bring her down to her knees - even if the other was already laying down. Such things to consider, in the game of college and further, life.

    ~T H E S T U D E N T C O U N C I L P R E S I D E N T~
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7
    Eye colour:
    Hair colour:

    A woman of order and clearly cut justice, she is the type to make sure everyone keeps within the rules, barring the special case of Iri.
    She loathed that girl, knowing all that she was capable of - bullying, vandalism, casual nudity, deliberately causing others discomfort - and she had no doubt that things would become worse in college. Though, perhaps there was someone greater than Iri who would put the promiscuous whore in her place, if such a thing were possible. She would cause everything to fall back under her rule, under her authority - if only she could resist what the bully had to offer, should the other show herself in such a way. There was no denying - Wisteria Ryn was one of the most attractive people in the school - to boys and girls - and now in college, it could very well be she had the same position.
    In truth, the council president was someone of darker intentions beyond their personal justice. Perhaps, maybe, she would reveal such things in the future?
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