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  1. (Looking for people to play people, and Werewolves and to write at the least 3 lines)

    By decree of the Alphas of each pack (Houlris and Cartu), all members from each pack are to report to the cabin to help both of them settle their differences. We are trying to bridge the gap between packs, and to do this we need to get used to living together. What will become of all of them?

    This is just a interest check. I need at the least four people to start.
  2. color me interested

    is the lycanthropy mythology based on a particular franchise? (Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Underworld, D&D, etc)

    or do we have free reign to make up a few things?
  3. The Mythology is based off of something entirely made up. They are basically wolf shape shifters, so anything else you just have to pass though me first.
  4. a char idea i want to field is an enforcer - a werewolf loyal to the alpha and whose primary responsibility is to keep the rank and file in line. he would have to deal with lower-ranking werewolves trying to challenge other wolves or drive out the more rebellious members of the pack.
  5. That is usually the alpha's job. And the only real roles that would be present would be alpha male or female, and beta, which would be a sibling or trusted advisor.
  6. then i would go the trusted advisor route of things if that's all right with you
  7. Yeah, probably. And also I am leaving the Alpha positions open, so you have to ask me first, but you may make an alpha
  8. I'd be interested!
  9. Sounds Great? Just need a few more~
  10. Hey there! I'd be interested in this RP ^ - ^

    Just to confirm the general idea of the RP is having the wolves from each pack learn to co-exist, starting in a cabin? To settle their differences?
  11. The purpose was to get rid of the social divide between the two packs, by sending both packs on vacation
  12. Right, thanks for clearing it up. Definitely interested in this!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.