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  1. Does anyone want to do one with me? I'm, like, really in the mood to do this. XD I do literature roleplay. (Meaning I type them out as if I writing an story) So yeah, I'll be using my OC, Lenora.​

    In case you can't view the picture:

    (Yes, I drew her)


    [​IMG]Name: Lenora Balric​

    [​IMG]Age: Twenty-two​

    [​IMG]Nationality: Scotish​

    [​IMG]Height & Weight: 5'2" | 140 lbs​

    [​IMG]Blood type: B+​

    [​IMG]Department/Division: Jaeger Accedmy​

    [​IMG]Partner (if any): N/A​


    +Considerate +Supportive +Gets along with most anybody +Fun​
    -Headstrong -doesn't always think things through -likes to speak about whatever is on her mind -boastful -distracted easily​
    +/-Flirty +/-Independent​


    Growing up in Scotland, she wanted to explore of the world seeing how she lived in a small house in the countryside. As a kid, she was an only child but was constantly having to fight with her cousins when they came to visit for attention. Her father was from Scotland and her mother was from England. So most of time she was competing with her British cousins. She went to a small school in a nearby town and struggled to keep with it. She was constantly being distracted by her other classmates. Boys had become a big part of her life and her grades suffered the consequence. She got out of her grade flunk and was able to get her mind straight enough to pass all her classes. She was fifteen when the first Kaiju attacked San Fransisco. She watched the whole event unfold on her television as BBC broadcasted the whole thing. Her father, soon after, decided to join the Corps, wanting to make sure that the threat didn't tavel any further than the Pacific Ocean. He left her and her mother to go train. He became a Jaeger Pilot but soon died in combat when she was eighteen. While her dad was away, she forced herself to get good grades for her dad. She was very close to him and he had had her promised she'd keep up the grades. When he died, she was devastated, but still kept her promise. She pushed on in life and pushed the thought that he was no longer with her to the back of her mind. She had her eyes set on joining the Corps, just like her father. When she was twenty-two, she joined the Crops. Her mother had made her wait till she was that age in order to be sure that this is what she wanted to do.​


    -Applying her knowledge in combat​
    -Being in charge​


    -Having nothing to do​
    -People getting onto her about most anything​
    -People trying to tell her what to do when she knows what to do​
    -Spiders and other creepy crawlies​
    -People getting in her way​
    -Talking about subjects she's not interested in​
    -People worrying about her​


    -She wears her dad's old dog tag along with hers as well as a silver heart braclet given to her from her mother.​
    -She may be strong and independent, but deep down on the inside, she struggles with internal conflict. Most people don't know this because she tends to hide it.​
    -Mood swings tend to hit her at random times, one moment she could be extremely happy and the next moment she can be very depressed. She doesn't know why she has them, though she connects most of them to her internal conflict. For the most part, she's able to keep herself in check.​
    -She has a soft spot for guys who know how to draw. Out of all of her toughness, art is the most caring and passionate side of her that she only lets certain people see.​
    -Prefers to go by the name, Lena.​
    -Usually pulls her hair back into a ponytail, but if she is training or fighting, she will put it up into a bun.​

    [​IMG]RP sample:​

    Lena let her mother drone on about how dangerous joining the Jaeger academy was. She looked at her hands before up at her mother. "Mum, I know what I'm doing. I want to do this . . for Dad. I'm twenty-two years old, I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions about my life."
    She watched as her mother sighed, "Alright" she said, giving in, "But you had better come back to me alive, you hear?" Lena nodded happily as she hugged her mum.
    "I won't let you down" she said, as the two woman held each other close.


    I'm open for most any kind of plot line. Please comment below if you are interested or even send me a private message and we can talk about more details there.​

    BTW, I'm open for more than one roleplay. I'm not limiting it for just one person, I'd be happy to RP with anyone on this ^^ and having multiple rps with multiple people all just on this subject.​
  2. actually, I may have to drop out already. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  3. cool ill do one with you im already in some
  4. That is fine. No worries!
  5. Sweet :) That'd be awesome!
  6. yup ill just have to pull together in in depth skeleton like that hah
  7. Haha, okay. ^^;
  8. do you mind if i use your setup up or?
  9. I honestly don't care how you do it. So long as you give the age, nationality, height, background, personality and looks of your character it should be fine. I don't care if you add anything else to it.
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