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Hey everyone. So I figured I'm in love with the pacific rim movie and it needs an add on so this role play will take place after the end of the last movie a couple years later. The breach has reopened and along with the canon characters which anyone may play there is the new generation of soldiers. Like 15 years later. You may make your own characters or you can do a cannon character.

Family members: (if you want any relatives)
In training: (yes or no question)
Fighting partner: (aka your left or right hemisphere.)( If it is another member please speak with them before putting them down for this otherwise write a form for them as well thank you)

these characters have already posted cs's and have entered the revival.
@LeviAckerman97 with Kyle Hanson
Name: Kyle Hanson
Family members; son of charles and Selena Hanson
Age: 18
Jaeger: Storm Death
In training: no
Personality: strong stubborn protective
History: abandoned to the PRC as an infant, grew to be one of the best pilots ever
Fighting partner: Alice Beckett

@MikasaAckerman12598 with Alice Beckett
Name: Alice Beckett
Family: daughter of Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori
Jaeger: Storm Death
In training: no
Personality:strong, strong willed, protective,
History: she grew up in the shatter dome watching her parents deploy. Then they left her when she was very young. They never returned from a mission. She cryed for a whole week so she grew up on her own fighting alongside kyle they started in the Jaegers at a young age of 8 yrs old.
Fighting partner:Kyle Hanson
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