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  1. Hey There! New to this, so hopefully I am doing this right >< You guys can call me Owl, let me know what I can call you.

    So I happily play either gender, any race, any sexuality male x male, female x female, male x female. I also love doubling and tripling. Lately can't lie I've been craving to play a male unless a certain plot calls for me playing a female <33

    I post from twice a day to every other day, just matters whats going on. For length? Mmmm, I'd say I post two to seven paragraphs. For what I want? About the same as long as you try and we inspire each other, im usually not to picky.

    I'll roleplay on threads or private messages.

    ~side note.
    if you don't see it on the list dont be afraid to ask me! i always love opening my list and learning to play something new, it might became my favorite thing int he world.

  2. Medieval

    Prince x Princess
    Unknown Lady Knight x Prince
    Lady Knight x Royalty
    Knight x Prince/ess
    Kings of Thieves x Prince/ss
    Feudal Japan


    Spy School
    Solider x Wife
    Female Solider x Husband
    Penpal x Penpal
    Single Father x Teacher
    Single Father x New Neighbor


    Fairy x Human
    Fairy x Fairy
    Unknown Fairy x Fairy
    Super Hero x Super Hero
    Super Hero x Civilian
    Super Hero x Super Villain
    Medieval[think lord of the rings]*
    Avengers ;; Their Children*
    Pulled into Video Game
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Werewolf

    Movies/TV Shows/Books

    Harry Potter / Au-ish
    Harry x Hermione
    Harry x OC
    OC x Luna
    Pureblood x Pureblood
    Pureblood x Muggleborn
    Pureblood x Muggle*
    Tom's Hidden Son/Daughter x Your Character

    Nick x OC
    Grimm x New Grimm
    Grimm x Wesen
    Grimm x Royal

    Lost Girl
    OC x OC

    Agents of Shield
    OC x OC

    Avatar the Last Air Bender
    Avatar x Bender
    Avatar x Non-Bender

    Doctor Who
    OC Doctor x Companion

    Oliver x Felicity
    Oliver x OC
    OC x OC

    Warehouse 13
    Agent x Agent
    Regret x Agent
    Regret x Soon to be Caretaker

    Mortal Instruments
    OC x OC

    Captain America x OC/Cannon
    Thor x OC/Cannon
    OC x OC*

    OC x OC*

    OC x OC

    OC x OC


    Harry Potter x Mortal Instruments
    Agents of Shield x Avengers​
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  3. I'm interested in several things mentioned here, a few too many to list right now, but, if you want to take a peek at my end of things, feel free to hit my Player resume. Aside from that, you may find my static info/idea post here. Feel free to start a Conversation if you're interested.
  4. I'm interested in Harry Potter. What does the yellow coloring mean? (Is that the character you prefer playing or vice versa?)
  5. Ack. I never added that did I? ><;;

    It's the character I'd prefer to play.
  6. I love the sound of Harry x OC. Care to take this to PM?
  7. Totally!
    I await your pm <3
  8. I would love to do an Avatar rp with you or an Avengers one! ^-^ Or even the Avengers crossover with Agents Of SHIELD
  9. Sorry I decided to let sleep over take me lastnight ><
    I'd love to do an Avengers or Avengers and Agent Shield Cross Over ^__^
  10. Is this still open? I'd be willing to do the Pokemon or any of the Medievals.
  11. Mm that's hard. Both would float my boat ^__^
  12. Question. Have you ever read the Shiver, Linger, Forever series?
  13. Hey I would be up to doing more then one of those. Also well reading your list it made me think of another one. Let me know if you still want someone new! :)
  14. Dino Turtle: No, but I do know the basic plot for it ^__^; [/wants to get book for kindle]

    Megan: Do you wanna list some? Or you can send me a pm and we can talk more there.
  15. Would you like to do something like that then?
  16. I think it would be rather awesome <3
  17. Whenever you want to, just pm me and we can discuss.
  18. I would love to do an roleplay for the Harry Potter/The Mortal Instruments if you're still interested.
  19. Hi there! I created a PM a long time ago and we talked a bit, but I never received a reply. I'm not sure if you're still interested in a Harry x OC RP, but let me know if you are!
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