Overwatch: The Hype

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  1. Taking all betters!

    When do YOU think the Overwatch hype will die out?

    More importantly! What do you think happens AFTER the hype dies out?

    Me, I think the game will last, oh, 2-3 years. Competitively, probably another 2 years after that.

    HOWEVER, the fandom (which is hilariously awesome in making up all sorts of fun memes and fanon lore) will probably continue to thrive for double, if not triple, the lifespan of the game itself.

    I mean, these guys made some pretty amazing fanart, some hilarious 4koma-style comics, and turned the cast's resident kawaii girl (D.Va) into a Dortios-eating, BM-spewing, ugly-yet-somehow-still-adorable stereotypical pro-gamer gremlin.

    And I ate every second of it.

    I pretty much died when a fan artist adapted D.Va's pink whisker tattoos on her cheeks with Doritos and said it was war paint.

    And also pretty much all the fanon concerning Grumpy Team Dad!Soldier 76 and Team Mom!Mercy.

    And jokes about Genji not having a dick anymore.

    And everything concerning Mei being the face of pure evil.

    And even more Gremlin!D.Va comics than you can shake a joystick at.

    and i'll be sad if canon!Ana Amari is nowhere near as badass as fanon!Ana Amari.
  2. TF2 is still kicked after a decade and despite Valve just about half focusing on it, TF2 has yet to die down with the amount of people playing it, making memes/jokes/whatever about it. And has someone who put insane amounts of time into TF2 for five out of those ten years, I can say Overwatch is way more fun from the get go than TF2 was when I first started. I expect Overwatch to last for many, many years if Blizzard continues to put effort and focus into it; though at any point another FPS can come along and steal Overwatch's thunder, just as Overwatch is sort of doing to TF2.

    So I think people will hype about Overwatch, if something majorly competitive doesn't come out, for somewhere between 4-10 years. A pretty vague guess, but it's only been out for a few months so it's hard to give proper estimates.
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