Overture: The Guild of Mercenaries

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    The town of Silverfax was a dead end town with drunkards and prostitutes. The orphanage was run by a money snatcher named Gernin The Snake. The church's priest was a gambler, the town hall was used as a brawling ground, and the town healer spent all of his money on booze. This town as perfect for a rag-tag group of mercenaries. For that reason Tristan Arbon formed The Laughing Fists. He had started the group a couple years ago and now he had some real competition. There was a nearby keep that was held up by a newly started group of mercenaries who were a threat. Your job is to take them out and take over the small keep. This is time your time to prove yourself to your leader, so you want to do well.

    (Give a simple introduction, how you entered the group, are you a wet or a vet?)
  2. jessica is 17, she was a brawler until one day her opponent attacked her before the match. she was left for dead until the leader of these mercs took her and saved her life. after recovering she joined on with the group and left the brawling world behind. she has been with the group for 3 months. you want someone to enter the room first they normally call on her.
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    Vincent Godfrey was one of the leaders of The Laughing Fists. He was in charge of new recruits and gathering weapons for the fists. Vincent is the guy you go to if you want something. One way or another he has contacts to be able to get you what you need. He was sitting at the end of a small table with some maps on it looking over the plan. "Once we get all of us supplied then we can get a move on!" He slammed his hand on the table and went to the cellar to start giving weapons to the mercenaries.
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    Roland Towerfall was the leader of the Gunbladers, a special forces type group under the orders of the Pervarian Grand Army that specialized in exotic weaponry, such as the weapon that the group was named for, which he still wields to this day, despite no longer having his original.
    After being betrayed by his unit for disobeying orders to wipe out an entire village, he spared his ex-comrades' lives and fled, making his way to the town of Silverfax, where he met Tristan by accidentally taking out one of his marks for harrassing him before passing out from exhaustion. Not long after, the Laughing Fists were formed, with Roland as their chief trainer and counselor, doing his best to keep them healthy both mentally and physically.
    He may be stubborn and seem ruthless at first, but he does what he can to make sure that the Fists' training brings out the best of their abilities, with his counseling allowing him to gain a deep connection with new and old members alike, making him like a brother to most of the Fists.
  5. You can describe Kaine Parker in two words, beautifully insane, he joined the Guild knowing he wouldbe payed to kill. He didnt just randomly kill though he only killed those who had it coming. He would admit that he loves the way blood splatters upon his body in a messy kill. This new guild trying to copy theirs deserved pain in his opinion so he joined the quest as the new guy but he is faithful he will say that.
  6. Vincent pulled some weapons from the lower rack down in the musty cellar. The group that was to be sent out wasn't huge, but it would easily kill all those who stood in their way. There was a common saying about The Laughing Fists that was said among the ranks. "The Laughing Fists always get the last laugh. Then if we don't, we beat 'em until they can't laugh anymore."
    It was a couple of hours until they had to head out, so the rest of the party had to get their shit together. Vincent came up from the cellar and started to pack all of the weaponry he gathered from downstairs. Once he had all of them packed he gave it to one of the guild grunts and sent him out to the horses. Vincent had some time kill so he ordered a dark Taronian ale from the bartender. The ale was slid down the table for him and he began to drink. He waited for the rest of the warriors to finish their packing.

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