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  1. Hey, I'm back again.

    My imagination has been working overtime lately and I really need to play out some of my ideas so I can get them out of my head. This is a plea for help. I need partners that are willing to tolerate my fountain of concepts and plots. This does not mean I'm only interested in my own ideas! I would love to work with what my partner has to offer as well.

    I only do MxM, FxF, and Gen.
    I tend to include mature themes in my rps so if you're fainthearted I might be the wrong partner.
    Green letter is the character I'd prefer to play.

    Adept and/or adaptable players only.

    C O N C E P T S

    > Rich Yakuza Son/Daughter (A) x Delinquent (B)

    A is attractive, fit, and rich. They can hold their own in a fight and dominate in most other areas as well. A has many admirers both male and female but never seems to settle down with anyone. Rumors spread about their supposed relationships with older men/women. What no one knows is that A might not be lacking for anything material but (s)he is bored. Enter B. B is every bit your typical delinquent. They're rude, glare 99% of the time, and will fight anyone. B is poor and struggles to balance work with school. One day B runs into A and reacts with the usual "what do you think you're doing?" A is quick to show who has more power and quickly puts A on their knees (literally or metaphorically - you decide). Ever since then A continually drags B into doing things for them and just messing with them in general. B doesn't understand what A wants and continually tries to run away but A is nothing if not tenacious.
    ((heavily inspired by Oldxian's 19 Days, relationship between He Tian and Mo Guan Shan))

    > Florist (A) x Tattoo Artist (B)

    It's a quiet neighborhood. There is no privacy because everybody knows everybody. If you go grocery shopping it'd be a wonder if you're not stopped at least three times to chat. A has lived here all their life. They are loved by the elders of the town and play with the children regularly. When B comes walking in with a less than friendly looking appearance and sets up a tattoo parlor, A is a bit frightened for what's in store. B however is much more bark than bite. They eventually make a truce of sorts seeing as their shops are right across from each other. After helping one another out through some rough patches, they might just become friends... or more.


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  2. I would be interested in roleplaying with you:)
  3. Great just send me a pm so we can hash out details!
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