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  1. (This is sci-fi with rave theme and mafia theme. Everyone has gasmasks.)

    They are watching you (open)

    You can't escape from this planet, nor can you change it back to what it was once. Change is an everyday phase that you will never notice until it's too late. But this time, this change and fate is going to go around. We, the Over the Rainbow is a group who is going to change this gray and colorless world into it's beautiful form it once were. The police, other young groups and small mafias is after us, to bring our colors down to the dirt and take their selfishness to another level. But we wont accept that. We are going to give color to the world once again.


    Leader of the gang "Luvaroid" (open)

    -"What is todays update?" A man asked while he looked at the fishes in the aquarium that filled the whole wall. Another man, in white and black overalls, a red scarf and belt, headphones and a red mask covering the whole face and ice blue hair hanging down. He looked at the man and answered.
    -"The group Over the Rainbow have done it again." He said with a voice that was shocking by the mask and didn't sound very clean, it sounded more robotic. The other man that also had a mask but much more different turned around and looked at him while holding a heart from someone unknown.
    -"We gave them a warning, yet they didn't listen to us?" He said a bit suprised and the other man was quiet.
    -"Hmph... Well then... This will be fun." He said and smiled behinde the black mask.
    -"Whenever you or the others see someone who is a member of the Over the Rainbow, torture them good and then kill them as another warning. If they wont listen then... Well..."The room got quiet while the leaders eyes glowed with life. So the group Over the Rainbow have once again been in their territory though they gave them a warning of what could happen if they messed with them. Not only that, but they have started to color the whole city and they have stolen from them as well. This can't go on. He looked down at the man with the red mask and started to squeeze the heart a little.
    -"Kill them... Kill so many you can." He said and the red-masked man bowed before him before answering.
    -"Yes, sir." And then went out of the room.

    The red masked man (open)


    Over the rainbow's right hand; Jen (open)

    The city was noisy as always and cars could be heard everywhere while they flied over the ground. The buildings where high, dark and the whole world was gray. It was night time, a time for them to shine with their rave and neon clothes. Jen took out his colors and shaked them before he would spray all over one empty building and started to draw all over it before leaving a small text that stood with nice curvy letters "Over the Rainbow" with different colors on. He looked around and then called one of his members in their gang to see if they had done their work with painting a rich mans house. This rich man is one of several other men who has done this world gray, dark and dirty. The only bad thing now is if somone would notice them. Jen put his spray bottles in his pockets again before jumping down, the wind was hitting him while he flew down and then took a hold of a pipe before letting go and landing on another building and looked around the city once again. Only three colors would light up the city, yellow and red from the cars and then a bit white and light blue light from the street lamps. Soon, the colorful world would come back again. The rave wasn't dead nor the fantasy that is hiding in our brains. The world will soon understand the power of art and color again once this is done. His headphone was in his ears and he tried to call again.
    -"Come on... Answer." He really hoped that the others hadn't got caught by the police or worse, by the rich man himself. They should have colored his house done by now.
  2. Shk-shk-shk-shk. Fsssssh. The glorious sounds of something new. Many called these new things vandalism. Ruby Lou called them art. Someday, she would spread her art across the whole country. Today would not be that day, seeing as her hands were tied to an antique chair. She could see her headphone transmitter laying there on a table, stolen from her, almost taunting her. You seriously got caught? the transmitter seemed to be saying. You're not good enough to wear me. You're not even good enough to do a simple tag. "I did two and a half walls," Ruby Lou hissed under her breath, "so shut your face."

    "Excuse me?" Oh, crap. The guy who tied her here must have heard her, and thought those words were meant for him. He was a wealthy man who lived in the area, and she had been tasked with bringing her art to the side of his house. The police weren't good enough to catch her, but the wealthy man's staff certainly were. "I said, who exactly are you?" the man asked, getting impatient. "Ruby Lou Marten," she replied, not at all cowed by the man's anger. Ruby Lou wasn't her real name, of course. It was a name she invented for her work in Over the Rainbow, a group she had joined that was dedicated to lighting up this colorless world with the spirit of rave. She loved the frivolous and ridiculous-sounding name she had created for herself. Ruby Lou would have completely forgotten her real name if it wasn't for the name on the inside of her left light-up sneaker, which sounded much worse in her opinion. At least it reminded her of the kind of things Over the Rainbow was escaping from.

    "Five hundred dollars from your parents, to pay for your vandalism," the wealthy man said in a voice that bordered on a yell. "People like you are a disgrace to the city!" Ruby Lou rolled her eyes. "Like you're one to talk," she countered dryly. "Are you going to call my moms?" Another lie was in play. The first mom was her actual mother, who didn't really care about what her daughter did, but was there if needed. The second "mom", on the other hand, was actually Over the Rainbow's second highest ranked member, Jen, who was not female. "Well, YES!" the man answered indignantly. He couldn't help but mutter, "Moms?!" afterward.

    "452-8091," Ruby Lou said calmly. She had given him Jen's number, and he would probably find a way to get her out of this place. "And I heard that, what you just said. Don't diss marriage equality." She felt like adding that, even though she was pretty sure both of her "moms" were straight. She had to keep the lie going, of course. With that issue settled in her mind, Ruby Lou set her gaze on the headphone transmitter, separated from its owner. Somehow she would have to get to it. As the wealthy man called Jen, Ruby Lou began to think up some kind of plan for getting back her headphones, and prayed that Jen could do a better woman's voice than the one he did last time.
  3. He stood by the roof while the cold April winds flew by, he didn't hear Ruby but then his ears catched up a sound. His "phone" or headphones were in his ears so that he could quickly answer or pick up other sounds of information. The future was bright with it's technology, too bad it didn't bring the world anything bright. The phone started to catch up a number and with his goggles in his left corner he could see the number "865-2218". He didn't knew this number but he knew that Ruby was in trouble, he fixed his gasmask and made it a bit feminine when talking in the mic and then answered.
    -"Hello?" He said with the feminine voice and waited for an answer while looking at the clock in his goggles. "12:09pm" it said.
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