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  1. More details about the setting: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/outsiders.102357/#post-2080889

    The Illuminati is real.
    No, don't start wearing tin foil hats right now. They aren't mind controlling you. And even if they were that wouldn't help at all. It was actually a fad they started in order to make people who were on to them look silly. It worked very well.

    The Illuminati are an organization which covers up and enforces the law among a group called the Outsiders. The outsiders are immortal supernatural beings. Some you might have heard of, some you might not have. For example, Snow White, Dracula, or Santa Claus. Really, Santa's a cool guy.

    Illuminati's rules for Outsiders:
    1. Obey local laws.
    2. Do not drink blood from a sentient being.
    3. Do not show magic in front of Prosaics (people who don't know about the supernatural)
    4. If you want a Prosaic illuminated (referring to showing them the supernatural and letting them know about it), ask the local Illuminati Chapter first.

    Our characters would be rookie Illuminati Agents and "Liasons" (Outsiders who work with the Illuminati) and we get to go on adventures together! Yay!

    Equipment/Weapons: (if any)
    Personality: (optional)

    Good luck!
  2. [WIP]
    Name: David Smith

    Species: Human


    Occupation: Illuminati Field Agent

    Skills/Powers: Marksmanship, Stealth, and Detective Work

    Equipment/Weapons: (if any)

    Personality: (optional)

  3. I was totally baffled by this for a while, but what the hell.

    Is it allowed if I make a duo? Because I am having an idea.
  4. You know what, i'm kinda interested too. What's the character limit?
  5. Have as many characters as you like.
  6. Okay, this is going to be either really innovative or extraordinarily stupid, but here we go!

    Name: Laura Gates
    Species: Half-fae
    Appearance: Laura looks relatively normal for a fae. Her blue eyes have slit pupils, sure, and her dark hair might take on a slightly blue hue, but she's got a relatively normal build and a pretty face. Her voice is quite low and flows smoothly, which is ideal for trying to communicate over a bad radio signal or the like.

    Occupation: Illuminati Field Agent
    Skills/Powers: Laura is a failure with magic in general. She has to bluff that her eyes are contacts and her hair is dyed, and refuses to comment on her ears. She makes up for it, however, by being a generally brilliant soldier. She's a crack shot with rifles and handguns, she moves very quietly, and is very capable of assessing positions for sniping from, not to mention her ridiculous agility.
    In addition, she likes to think of herself as a chemist. She couldn't possibly tell what would happen when caesium was mixed with copper sulphate, but while she can't do much magic, her blood can. Specifically, due to her lineage, her blood is what gained her magic, not she herself. She's spent a lot of time experimenting with it, able to mix different compounds with it for different magical effects, often resulting in her loading bullets with it.
    Equipment/Weapons: A sniper rifle and a submachine gun, as well as dozens of empty ammo cartridges and some sort of briefcase, containing 500g samples of 43 different metals and a needle syringe.

    Personality: Laura is somewhat callous. That might be because of her sniping speciality, but she is cold, and occasionally, pointlessly cruel. She feels that she works best on her own, and is not above taking a pragmatic solution to a problem. Nonetheless, calm and cool are two words that best describe Laura's personality. In battle, she keeps a cool head that causes a lot of other rookies admire her as well as generally spending most of the time with her head in the game. But she does have a temper, big time, if someone is unlucky enough to crack her cold shell.
    Backstory: Laura was the result of a... mingling between a fae and a vampire. It needs not be said, but these were two races which did not mix very well at all. Her parents were increasingly worried about her development as she grew up, not knowing the potential effects of fusing fae blood with the vampiristic pathogen. They were relieved to find the little passive magic she had protected her from sunlight's curse and running water, as well as garlic having no effect on her due to a fae's apititude for the natural world. Due to being disillusioned with her lack of magic and ineptness when it came to the supernatural, however, she lost her faith in any kind of higher power before she was even ten years old. At fifteen, she left home, seeking to live as a human in the hopes that she would finally find someone she could call equal. What she found, however, was that she was above the Prosaic world in terms of ability as well, for such is the supernatural. She joined the Illuminati a few months ago as a field agent after she resolved to find someone who could move forward at the same pace as her.

    Name: C
    Species: Human, he's pretty sure
    Appearance: C looks like a girl. His flowing black locks and petite stature don't help, nor do his high voice and feminine face. One would be forgiven for mistaking him for an attractive young lady. However, despite this, his body is cold and his heart does not beat.

    Occupation: N/A, he just tags along with Laura because he's got nowhere else to go.
    Skills/Powers: C is perfectly fine with being hurt. This isn't because he has a high threshold for pain or because he has a lot of willpower or endurance. Rather, it's just pointless to do so. Despite his total lack of talent and general cowardice, C is capable of withstanding any amount of damage, presumably by virtue of being dead. It occurs at the naturally expected slow rate, but C will heal from any injury without leaving so much as a scar or a misset bone once he's recovered. Laura theorises that he has a "core cell" somewhere which will restore other cells to heal him if necessary.
    Equipment/Weapons: C doesn't have a single possession or even an identity to his name. Even his clothes were simply left behind by Laura's ex, who was far bigger than him, and it shows.

    Personality: C is a blank slate. He doesn't remember anything before that day, so nothing has influenced or even built up his personality. As such, he can be described as a naive, gullible, self-interested, stingy coward with no opinions or ideals of his own, and a total lack talent for anything. Fortunately, he does learn fast, and is beginning to take on some of Laura's personality traits, occasionally leading to some mildly entertaining banter. He holds both great envy and admiration for Laura, seeing her as either a big sister or a mother, or possibly somewhere in between, but as such, he's very attached to her.
    Backstory: Recently, C died. Or at least, that is the conclusion that he's come to. He woke up in a wet alleyway one morning, stark naked, with his heart not beating and his skin cold to the touch, and remembering nothing of the night before. Or the night before that. Or the night before that, either... In fact, he did not have a single memory, just knowledge of language, as well as basic details of both the supernatural and mundane worlds. Fortunately, the first person he met was Laura Gates, a rookie Illuminati agent, who clothed him and took him down to the Illuminati chapter for advice, where she was told to keep an eye on him.
    That was a week ago.

    I'd explain the whole thing about C, but I can't PM you. q.q.q.q.q
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