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  1. So, I'm working on a setting I might use in an RP. It's setting revolving around a big masquerade, where a lot of supernatural things are hidden. It's like a cross between Secret World, SCP Foundation, Fables, among other things.

    An Organization called the Illuminati (though that's not their real name. Their real name is a secret, even to most members) has tasked itself with keeping the supernatural under wraps. Contrary to what conspiracy theorists would have you believe, they're relatively benevolent at their core (though there group does have extremist chapters). They've had many famous members, from writers to inventors to politicians. For example, Lovecraft was a member (though his experiences were less than pleasant). In addition to covering up the paranormal, they also maintain the "global balance" of the world (IE, preventing WWIII). They are also the ones keeping the knowledge of Aglets (and their true, purpose) under wraps.

    There's a rival organization called SHADE. They're a very nebulous cult, with an apparent goal of leading the world into chaos, with the belief that doing so will allow them to take over the world in order to usher in utopia. They're a very shadowy organization, one that impresses even the Illuminati.

    You see, supernatural beings actually exist, they come from another world known as the Magic Realm (which is a name still in progress). Supernatural beings (which are called Outsiders by the Illuminati) take many forms, from demigods to vampires to werebeasts and ghosts. In fact, most fairy-tales are actually true to some degree. So is a lot of mythology, creepypasta, and some conspiracy theorists.

    Some playable creatures would include:

    -Illuminati Field Agents:
    As far as the paranormal is concerned, the Illuminati is the law, and their agents are the enforcers. Illuminati agents are encouraged to obey local laws. Most Illuminati agents are not much more well-equipped than typical law-enforcement groups. However, more elite (and wealthier) agents have access to paramilitary gear and high-tech spy equipment. And the most elite among them have tech that's blatantly science fiction (such as powered armor).

    Vampires are humans infected with a supernatural pathogen. It transforms them into predatory creatures that have an urge to feed on human blood. The more blood they consume, the more powerful they become. They are not, however, inherently evil. In fact, most Vampires are not murderous (though they often express very little empathy towards humans). Vampires can feed on animal blood or even blood substitutes, though it doesn't give them the same rush or power that human blood does. On the other hand, human blood is basically addictive to vampires. Too many vampires do end up going down that slippery slope, and becoming very dangerous serial killers. The good news is that they're weakened by sunlight. Being in the sun causes them to be unable to use their powers.
    There is an organization called the Draculans (led by-who else-Dracula). They're dedicated to the "Exploration of Vampirism's potential". They believe that Vampirism should be considered a blessing rather than a curse. They hunt humans and sell their blood to other vampires. They prefer to target particularly heinous criminals in their hunts. This is for various reasons, but mainly because the Illuminati isn't going to spend a lot of resources protecting serial rapists.

    Human-like creatures who can transform (at least partially) into a super-powerful animal, usually carnivorous mammals (especially wolves). The more powerful they are, the more they can transform. There's countless subspecies of werebeasts, however. For example, centaurs are actually werehorses, and lamias are weresnakes. There's at least one werepanda, and he is cool.
    There are various ways one becomes a werebeast, but most are born into it. A human can become a werebeast by drinking a special potion.
    A weakness of their power is that all but very strong-willed ones lose control when they transform.
    There exists a mafia-esque gang of mostly werewolves known as the Pack, led by the Alpha Wolf (who fairytales have known as the Big Bad Wolf).

    They look like humans, but with pointed ears. Some also have features like unusual skin colors or wings and other odd traits (which they can hide with magic). They have strange magical powers, usually of the elemental variety. Their society is very "close to nature". For example, many princesses from fairy tales were in fact, fae. Same thing with witches and wizards.

    Merfolk. They're actually a hybrid of aquatic werebeasts and water fae. They live near coastal regions, and were especially common in the Mediterranean sea. They once had a city known as Atlantis, but it was destroyed centuries ago during a civil war. Their society resembles greco-roman culture, and may in fact have been an inspiration for it. Many of them can shapeshift parts of water creatures, such as a fish-tail.

    A soul of the deceased, trapped in ectoplasm. This effectively creates an ectoplasmic body for the spirit. Some rituals can create ghosts, but most of them form naturally through an unknown process. They usually lack a great deal of memory from their past life, save for a few details like their name. They are resilient, but they are destructible. Like fae, they have magical powers. Unfortunately, these magical powers are fueled by the same energies keeping them 'alive'. If they drain out all their magical powers, they die.
    Ghosts can "taste" the emotions of people in their presence. They usually enjoy human fear and paranoia. Fear tastes like chocolate. Luckily, ghosts generally do have a conscience and are usually nothing more than harmless pranksters.
    More powerful ghosts form wings and halos, adopting an angelic appearance. They do not become significantly less creepy, however.

    -Angels and Demons: (Non-playable)
    Angels and Demons are related to ghosts. Unlike ghosts, they were never human. Their souls come from a different plain of reality. They are some of the most powerful beings in this setting. For example, Slenderman is a fallen angel in this setting. As for what "good angels" act like, think the Spectre, but a little more approachable and sane (they usually won't kill you for small crimes like jaywalking). But what's really creepy is their voice: T̟̝͍̤̱h̘͞e̲y͍̦ ̘̮̘a̩̠͖͚̮ĺ̙̼w̷̝̙͔̬̦ͅa͏y̥͕̯s͏̰ ̞̤͔̤͉ț̪̘̠͠a̟̯͠l͎̬̝k͎̜̤͕̖ ̙͇͝ḽi̛̟k̻͖͎e̟̟̜ ̞̟̪̯̙̹͞t̼̳́ͅḩ̲̰̻̼̱͍͔i͚͙̯͚͜ș̯͉̗!̛̜͎̲͈͕ ̷I̗͔͇t̪'s͕͈̰̘͙͖͓ ̗͉̬̬r̠e̴aͅl̵̫̬̲͚ly̝̤̝͉͠ w͉̥͉̤̹̳̟̕e̤͇͠ͅi̵̱̫̜r͍̟d̗ͅ.͓̗̼͍͓̕ͅ
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  2. Hm, any other creatures that should exist in this world? Maybe fairies or something?
  3. Some less monstrous fantasy races would broaden your demographic! I'd suggest fairies, magical elves, naiads/dryads, and merfolk!

    I'd also really recommend creating a new name for the Illuminati, to prevent confusing mental connections with that other Illuminati
  4. Yeah, I think Fairies are a good idea. I'll think of something for them.

    As for the Illuminati, I was considering another title, but on the other hand, I think them having connections to that Illuminati wouldn't actually be a bad thing.
  5. There. Faries and Merfolk.
  6. You could have a name that sounds similar, without being the same. That way you could have the association without the confusion.
  7. I'm suggesting demons. Gotta have demons.

    Baal, dark angels, incubi and succubi, shades, wraiths... Doesn't matter, demons are a no-brainer in paranormal universes.
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