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  1. Just to clarify that I made a similar thread on another site, GS (gangnam style) and I decided to make an interest thread on here based on the idea that characters may only be humans for now. Later on will other species be "unlocked."

    Outer Space

    welcome aboard the heliocentra, a national space ship commanded by captain helos...or perhaps your on your home planet? who knows. there are plenty of aliens, plenty of violence, and even more issues that pop up. perhaps bad blood had occurred between two species. no matter how hectic things can get. also planet earth blew up, but humans escaped thanks to heliocentra. this is outer space.

    note: heliocentra is a national space ship that delivers trades, help people travel to their destination (so like a plane flight), and considered a residential ship as well if you can afford it.

    i'm still thinking about the plot. i was planning on creating a simple plot to work with, but perhaps it would be better to not have an established plot and let you guys create your characters and plot anything you want. even let you guys decide for wars, planet take overs, and etc. yeah?

    the main setting of the rpg will be on the space ship, heliocentra; however, there will be multiple planets and other places for your characters to visit.

    extra mechanics
    communication/language: the use of a transmitter is quite popular; however, there is the language used for business that most species are aware of or knowledgeable called, rife. the establishment of this language was decided by the national space trade society (NSTS).
    currency: lucre
    survival: not all species can survive without the right conditions, right? as a means for all species to be able to survive various environments, multiple specialists are working on making a pill for it. so for right now characters will be using an outdated suits that make them look like astronauts as a means to survive.

    set species
    humans: self-explanatory. P:
    spacers: their looks beneath their gear are unknown. their body build looks like a human (and you can tell apart whether it's female or male by body build or just look at the boobs) and they wear helmets in all shapes and sizes. their helmets have an automatic language transmitter, so when they speak they're understandable. sometimes their voices are emitted through their helmet. many of them take on dangerous jobs and are indeed a dangerous species.
    seesaws: they look like humans but with sharper features that give them an uncomfortable/strained look on their faces. they have thicker bones and are on average as tall as 7ft. their ears are more of a pointed shape and they have some scaly skin since they're mostly in water. they have twice the amount of teeth humans have and they're all sharp and jagged. they enjoy eating humans, but some are on a diet. as for gender...they don't have one. they're like phoenixes if they were to die, they'd be reborn as long as they're in water. did i mention they're a violent group?

    overall everything is advanced to enhance many advantages. weapons are more powerful and accurate, vehicles are sturdy, fast, but still maintained, space ships are cooler than star trek and star wars put together. however, there are some planets or space ships that are still using out dated technology for various reasons.

    thrae: the second earth you might say. many humans are migrating to this planet due to its similarities of earth.
    ragnak: this is the spacers' planet. they have no sun and live on a cold planet and the only living thing is their own kind. they don't have to eat at all, it's considered more of a luxury to indulge oneself with food. they live in an anarchy based government and respect each other unless they break their code of honor (which i'll elaborate on the site). they're fierce or rather critical of those that are not a spacer and are not easy to befriend.
    bluose: the planet seesaws originated from. most of the planet is made up of water, but there are some islands made up of a more solid form of water. there are no clouds and no moon. they do have a sun in their solar system and as for what they consume...well they either eat their kind or other sea creatures. they live in small groups, thus disputes are fairly common.
  2. This looks very detailed and fleshed-out. I'm interested.
  3. Awesome, I'm actually working on describing the locations of the ship currently. Also, since I'm planning on making this a small group role-play, I'm trying to come up with a plot that works for everyone. c:
  4. I could help you with the plot, if you'd like. The more the merrier :-D
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    and it would be nice if you could help me! c;
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