Outer Personality VS Inner Personality

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  1. In my bigger bio templates, you'll see the "General Personality" and then "Inner Personality". And I know some people go "wtf isn't it all the same thing?" But oh no... it isn't!

    You'll hear that saying; Everyone has Layers. Like an onion. It sounds goofy, but it's very true. How we behave with people might be vastly different from what we're truly thinking or like on the inside.

    A good example are the DOUCHEBAGS you see in TV and movies. They're always showing the nice-guy side of themselves. Everybody thinks they're awesome dudes, right? But they're really just jerks.

    Another example would be the SHYGIRL. Always quiet and hiding in a corner somewhere, but they've got mega opinions about the world and people around them that they just never share.

    Putting these same layers in to your roleplay characters adds that extra depth!

    Outer Personality: This is what everyone sees. What they perceive about your character. How your character interacts with people. What they show.

    Inner Personality: The reality of what they're really like. Their real feelings, real thoughts. The kind of person they REALLY are whether they want to admit it or not.

    When you add both of these elements to your character bio, you can play off them! Very fun! Like playing the woman that is sugar sweet, but is a secret gnome-hatin' racist. Or a teacher who everyone can't stand, but is just acting like a dick cause they're afraid hot teens are gonna hit on him.

    A guy and a girl are arguing in public. The guy is trying to drag the girl off somewhere. A whole group of people are watching.


    In the first post, write from the VIEWER's perspective. They're watching this fight and making assumptions about the people in it based on what they see.

    In the second post, write from the Guy's perspective. Display what is ACTUALLY going on from his point of view.
  2. A loud argument cut through all the other conversations on the street a sunny afternoon, people turned and looked at the couple fighting seeing a guy holding a girl's arm in a steady grip. The tall girl, though still shorter than the young man in front of her were glaring back at him sharply, standing strong against his pull on her arm. Her long skirt couldn't quite hide a bruise on her knee and the sun lit up a faint bruise on her arm above the boy's grip, for sure signs of an abusive boyfriend.

    "Poor girl," a woman in the crowd said to her husband.

    "Such a violent boy, surely a thug." Another said to her friend, shaking her head.

    "Just look at him dear, why is a proper young girl with a boy like him."

    "He's probably a criminal already, so young and already ruined."

    Though despite their oppinions of the guy no one stepped in to help the girl, they continued with their business and kept out of trouble, many of them certain that the pale, dark haired youth was bad news with his ripped jeans, black t-shirt and tattoed arm such a contrast to the olive skinned medeterrainian beauty next to him with her exotic knee long, brown skirt, cream top and large brown eyes. Though they clearly argued with one another fiercly, the girl not budging to the guy demand no one heard what exactly they said, but still the people's oppinion were already decided, the guy were clearly the bad one of the two, everyone could see that the sweet girl were the victim here. The guy tugged on the girls arm and this time she actually followed as he wrapped an arm around her, her shoulders sagging and head bowed. SOme people sighed and shook their heads over the violence of today and the sweet girls falling for the wrong men.
  3. "Come on Yelena, listen to me!" I said, a bit more sharply than I intended, grabbing her arm but she wouldn't budge, her mediterranean temper showing clearly in her sparkiling eyes.

    "Let me go Aaron," she spat back at me, her brown eyes almost black in anger. "I said it isn't your problem okay, leave it at that."

    "Do you think I can ignore it?" I said trying to calm down, pulling my hand through my black hair. "I hate seeing you with new bruises everyday, I may not feel your pain but I can clearly see it in your eyes and that hurts me. Please let me help you." My voice softened as I tried to reason with her, but she was as stubborn as a mule, though definitely more beautiful than a mule. Though not even that could draw a smile from me now, not when Yelena wouldn't let me help her, she was aused in her own home, the place she should feel safe.

    "You'll just make it worse!" She snapped, tears glittering in her beautiful eyes. "He'll just take his anger on you out on me Aaron, there isn't anything you can do, there isn't anything anyone can do." Her voice trailed of at the end and her sorrow pained me almsot physically, I couldn't stand see her sad or hurt especially when I couldnt' do anything, I clenched my fist in frustration narrowing my eyes. If I could I would so like to let her father learn a lesson, to see how he liked to be hit, but deep inside I knew Yelena was right, the man would let his anger out on his daughter.

    "Can't you just run away from him and come live with me?" It was almost a reflex question by now, I'd asked her this for a year soon, she used to stay with me when she could get her father to believe she was away with her class but every time she answered the same thing.

    "I can't, he'd find me if I ran away and he'd kill you when he found out, I'm sure," Only her pride stopped her from crying and suddenly I remembered we'd started this argument on the street ater I saw her newest bruise, my blue eyes darkened in embarrasment as I cast a glance around at the people casting looks on us. Nice, we'd been publc event, just like a bad soap opera or something.

    "Okay, okay," I reassured her, though I had not given up, someday I would fore sure get her away from her father if I so had to practically kidnapp her and move to another city, I wouldn't let Yelena suffer for much longer. "Let's go before someone decides to call the police or something," I pulled her closer and wrapped an arm around her.

    Yelena nodded, breathing deeply until her tears vanished, a trick she'd learned early in life unfourtunatley. "Thank you," she said and grabbed my hand entertiwning her darker fingers with my pale ones. Without speaking we both knew where we were headed, to my place, she'd never for all the three years we'd dated gone back to her house until late in the evening and from her point of view my cluttered, small apartment filled with paint and easels was more of a home to her, something I wished everyday would be her real home. Squeezing her hand softly in return as we both walked silently, leaving the busy street and the people's prejudices behind us.