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  1. Its A Private Group In Need Of More Hosts :3

    The Group Thread is already created. It will be a private thread and were looking for at least 2-3 paragraphs per each character.

    Here are all the characters we have open:

    Hikaru : Played by Karuko_TheShifter

    Karou: (Closed) Taken by TheShakuraBreeze

    Haruhi (Closed) Taken by CrimsonMaiden




    Honey-Sinpai (Closed) Taken by CrimsomnMaiden

    If you want to be one of the Host Club Guests just let us know here and we'll add you to the private group.
    Any additional characters that aren't host but characters in the series are welcomed.
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  2. Oohh~ I wouldn't mind helping out. I'd gladly take Honey-sempai and Haruhi up unless I can only have one, then I can take Haninozuka. :)
  3. Yea! Well add you to the group now! ::3
  4. May I join as Hina Kamishiro and Momoka Kurakano?
  5. Sure n.n but send a picture? I don't exactly know those characters by name
  6. Hina is normally seen wearing the Ouran Academy 's elementary schooler girls uniform. Hina has a fair skin with round amber brown eyes. She has quite long hair with pigtails and a yellow bow in it. Her height is just average for a normal 5th grader.

    Momoka has large brown eyes and long brown hair with wavy bangs and two distinctive buns on either side of her head. She is usually seen wearing the usual Ouran Academy uniform, but is sometimes seen in alternate outfits, such as when the Host Club goes to the beach and she is wearing a white bikini.

    (Got it from Wiki)
  7. I have no idea who those characters are x...x but were trying to add the original characters in before we do additional ones
  8. MKay. PM me when your allowing the additional characters and I'll re-post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.