INTEREST CHECK Ouran High School Host Club?

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  1. Okay, so I know I haven't been on here.. I forgot about this site.. But anyways I really LOVE the series Ouran High School Host Club. I was hoping to find someone who doesn't mind being the whole club while I'll play a few females, and Haruhi's position. So it would be 5 x 5. I'd probably write one paragraph per each character. Anyone!! Please.. I am really bored.
  2. I wouldnt mind, but isnt there a host club RP already happening?
  3. I am wanting to do an one on one though...
  4. Well, I would love to do this RP with you, so I shall. Any plot ideas?
  5. Yay! Well I was really wanting to just take the place of Haruhi.. Hmm.. Maybe she actually is shown as a girl at somewhere so that the king can have her and she can help with the host Club.
  6. Okay, so a typical host club type thing. Since the host club often dresses up for different themes (at least they do in the manga, haven't seen the anime), I have some host club theme day idea thingies, which we could at the plot. They are (oh my, they are terrible):
    - Oriental (with tea ceremonies and kimonos)
    - Anime/manga (with manga character cosplaying and, um... stuff)
    - Harry Potter (with the twins as the twins and wands)
    - Animals (with animal ears and real animals)
    - Valentines day (because most of the themes are just because of holidays)

    Um, I hope this was actually helpful?
  7. Yeah, pretty much. They dress in awkward time ya know? Anyway!! I like your idea themes ^_^ Haha so.. who will be making the thread? Will you, since you seem organized? Haha.
  8. Okay, could you remind to make it on Sunday?
    Also, why don't we list all the characters we might be playing with posting colours?
    I am going to be:
    -Hikaru and Kaoru
  9. Oh that sounds good. Hahah. well I mean we can add out of characters and change the names Lol.. So it'd be our own.
  10. .. So are we starting where my character goes into the room?
  11. I know this is a private roleplay and that Smell_the_Roses wanted a one on one with this RP which is why I'm asking both of you. But I was wondering if I could join too and play my two ouran high school host club OCs Carter Suoh and Adara Ootori in this RP.
  12. Well we already got it started.. And well.. maybe we can do this as a one on one together?
  13. So do you mean for us to make another Ouran High School Host club rp and us do a one on one in that rp?
  14. I am meaning that you makea thread for us to rp in and we'll roleplay in there.. Me and Claire are doing ours :)
  15. Okay cool^^
    Then I'll make the thread and then send you the link in a visitor message.
  16. Great, and do you mindeing the males haaha
  17. I don't mind RPing the males if that's what you're asking.^^

    And I just got done putting up the thread so I'll send the link to your visitor messages now.