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    Mashimaru Haninozuka



    She loves music, being its one of the only things her family will allow her to participate in. She spends most of her time writing in her little notebook song lyrics or just coming up with little tunes that she will go about humming. She also loves to read and often the things she reads inspires the songs she writes.

    Theme Song (just for fun X3):
    She wrote this song whens he was a little girl and it is her favorite, having great meaning behind it that no one has seemed to figure out yet. Either way, if she's found going around singing any song, this is it.

    Mashimaru is the second child born to her parents, Honey being the oldest, while her brother Chika is the youngest. Yet, despite not being the youngest, she is often treated like such due to her condition. Mashi was born two months prematurely and was not thought to live more than a few days. Though, the doctors were proven wrong when the infant struggled through, clinging to dear life.
    As she grew, the chances of her surviving increased a little each day. Though, it became quickly obvious the girl was very sickly with a heart condition that stopped her from doing too many daily activities and often had her bedridden. And so, she spent her days in her room, either laying in bed and reading or writing songs. But, much to her happiness, there were times her older brother and their distant cousin Mori tagging along would visit her in her room and play games with her. Of course, once they were caught with her up out of bed and running about with them, they were always quickly shooed out and she was forced back into bed. Still, that didn't stop them from always trying again, something she was always so thankful for.
    Yet, they started school at Ouran Academy and though they always came home after wards, it always left her so lonely during the day, she herself being home schooled with her parents being so frightened the stress and activities of everyday schooling would be too much for her. So, she would sit and wait in solemn silence until they would return and wait for them to come see her if they weren't ever too busy. And it's still like that to this day, though now its less and less. But she understands. They are both a part of clubs and have friends to be with so she isn't bitter about it. She just wishes she could see them more.

    While her brother's Honey and Chika both have brown eyes like their father, Mashi has aqua blue eyes like their mother. She's also about an inch taller than Honey.

    She also has a little bit of a thing for the idea of someone becoming her 'Peter Pan' and making ehr forget about being so lonely.​

    The halls and ballroom of the Haninozuka's mansion were decorated so beautifully, with bright lights and colorful decorations. And of course, on the table was plenty of cake for her older brother Mitsukuni, or apparently from what she heard him say his friends call him, Honey. She could certainly see why they called him that, with him being so short and adorable, though she herself would probably never call him that, so used to calling him by his actual name for so many years. The same with Takashi. Despite his friends calling him Mori, she would continue to call him Takashi. It was just what was familiar to her.

    "Mother?" Mashimaru stepped into the ballroom where her mother was directing the servants and such in the decorating and food, "I thought this was going to be a simple party?"

    The older woman looked to the young blonde in confusion, "It is a simple party. We only invited a few hundred guests."

    "I don't think that counts as small." Mashi commented with a quiet laugh and a shake of her head as she looked around at all the fancy food and decor. What her parents considered 'simple' was actually quite a grand party. It wasn't often that she got to attend a party like this. Usually she was forced to stay home if her family went to a party, or even sometimes if the part was in her own home her parents would just have her stay upstairs in her room. But this time she had talked them into letting her come, promising to take it easy and to go rest if she started to feel dizzy or unbalanced. She was thrilled to be able to socialize and have a good time. She would even get to meet the friends of her brother and Takashi.

    Right now though, things were still being prepared and her brother was still in school. She herself was supposed to be doing her home school work, but she was just so excited that she couldn't concentrate on it. She could always just make it up this weekend and be back on track next week. She had stayed in the ballroom for a few minutes longer, giving her mother her thoughts on the decor, until the woman finally shooed her off back to her room to 'get some rest', feeling the girl had been on her feet too long. So, begrudgingly, the young woman went up the stairs to her room and sighed, sitting on her window sill to look outside.

    They always treated her as though she would shatter into a million pieces if she were on her feet for too long. She knew herself and her limits. If she was feeling bad she would have come up here herself to rest. But she felt fine right now! And here she was stuck up in her room with nothing to do. She let out a soft sigh and leaned her head against the window, "Oh well...at least I have tonight. They'll be so busy that they won't even think to send me up to my room. And then I can hang out with whoever I want, for as long as I want. Tonight is going to be great."



    A laughing Tamaki came running at the brunette hugging onto her as she came out of the dressing room inside the Host Club's abandoned music room, wearing the suit they had picked out for her to wear that night to the Haninozuka's party, "You're so cute in your little suit! Daddy's going to have to keep all the men away from his baby girl!" He spun her around, laughing some more until she finally escaped his gasp,

    "If you keep tossing me around like that then I won't go." Haruhi said in her usual annoyed manner, looking over to Tamaki, making him pout,

    "Awww, no! You have to go! We're all going as a group! You can't have the Host Club if one of us is missing!"

    "He is correct, Haruhi." Kyoya spoke up, pushing his glasses up as he looked up from writing in his book, "The whole Host Cub must attend. There will be many important people there, including prestigious young woman from other private schools in the area. If this party goes well, we may be able to bring in costumers from other schools, adding to our number of costumers and bringing up our sells in return."

    "Yeah! What he said!" Tamaki said with a bright smile, looking to Haruhi again, "So you HAVE to come!"

    "Fine. Whatever." Haruhi said with a shrug, "Just don't go swinging me around again." And yet, right as she said this she was once again glomped by Tamaki, "Hey! What did I just say!"

    "You're too cute not to hug!" Tamaki said with a laugh, continuing on with his antics.
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