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    The Ouran Host Club is an independently functioning high school club that was founded by Tamaki Suoh, the self declared and unquestioned leader of the club. Other members of the club are Kyoya Ootori, Hikaru Hitachiin, Kaoru Hitachii, Takashi Morinozuka (Mori), and Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey). Haruhi Fujioka, although actually a girl, is also considered a host. The club is located in Music Room #3 of the high school grade level building of Ouran Academy.

    It was a beautiful Monday morning with dawn light flooding into Music Room #3. The fragrant scent of soft roses filled the room, and you could hear the birds tweeting a simple, little tune. The club members stifled a few yawns as they basked in the suns warmth. They were all in the Host Club room at 6:00 am, for some kind of a meeting Tamaki had called them to- although he himself was the only member who hadn't arrived yet.
  2. Haruhi sighed a little. She tilted her brown hair. hiding her hair in a baggy hat. She looked up and she heard the tweeting birds as she was running through the halls. She gulped. She then bit her lower lip. She ran into a room thinking her sister was in there. She gulped holding onto the book journal, which explained her life basically. She gulped and saw a little boy. She blinked and noticed as the door closed everyone looked at her. She blinked softly. Scared a little.
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    Tamaki was jogging down the corridor, not wanting to let his family down by being late- although he already was. He had been considering choosing a time after his piano lessons finished, yet his ambitiousness for the clubs success over came that idea. Strands of his beautiful, blond hair fluttered by his face, as air resisted him arriving on time. Eventually he arrived at the wooden door, the portal allowing him into the host club room. "Sorry for being late my dear friends, i'm sure you've all being waiting very patiently!" He lilted as he flung open the door. As he gracefully flung himself into the room, he tripped over Haruhi who had also just entered. While in a pile on the floor he commented, "I see even the masculine maiden made it on time! How is your natural radiance today?"

    Other members of the club smirked at their leaders refined idiocy.
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    Haruhi sighed she gulped as she was about to move she fell from tamaki.. Oh no.. He was on her. she shoved him nervously, " Get off of me." she muttered. she bit her lower lip. She looked up at him and gulped. she saw him looking at her, She gulped.She then shook her head, " Can you pleasse get off of me.." She blinked. She blinked and she gulped. She was nervous on if he was going to move, cause rally she liked him.. It would be weird..
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    "I am sorry, dearest daughter, I shall get off you. But in return, would you stop all that blinking and gulping? It hides your beautiful face," Tamaki rambled. He gave her a quick smile, then clambered up off her. Giving a sharp clap to grab the weary groups attention, he continued, "You, my fellow hosts, are probably wondering why we are here right now. We are gathered here for a meeting about..." Tamaki tried to pretend his pause was for tension, but in truth he'd forgotten why he'd called every one here. Honey chomped on cake as he snuggled with his bunny. The twins had a flicking war. Kyoya cleaned his glasses. Tanaki fetched Honey some more cake. Then finally, Tamaki announced "a meeting about how to raise club interest, and how we could redecorate this room. Now, Haruhi, any ideas?" Tamaki stepped aside, so the group could stare at Haruhi (who was still on the floor), expecting some sort of idea (not necessarily a good one).
  6. Haruhi sighed some, she stayed on the floor. She blocked out them as she thought, shall she change back? Just so that she can be her innocent self and help Kyoya, or maybe no.. perhaps just be the 'maid' who cleans the place or brings orders.. But.. well hmm.. She gulped she then sighed and then finally got up but when everyone looked at her, She stood there what? She sighed, " Wait what? I was deep in thought? Wait.. oh.." She realized what was going on.. " Well since I know you aren't gay Tamaki... maybe.. um... I.. a girl... be.. a girl.. .not a guy.. and like be a servant like bring the women the refreshments, not them go to it.. I know that'd be causing their interest knowing that they think it is the most romantic thing that someone brings their refreshments to them, and winks at them as they slid a way." clearly she was dozing off and dreaming, she was starting to more be a girl. She took a step accidentally falling , She stood up and blushed. " So?" She then thought of a theme... A theme where they an be in heaven.. Different types of angels. " The decoration.. a theme can be heaven.. us.. Angels."
  7. Silence fell upon the group again, to be broken seconds later by Tamaki. "You? Be a girl maid? But you're so many clients favourite! We need our natural type! And I don't want any nasty, perverted men looking at my g-daughter! Although a maid IS a good idea...the even better idea is angels in heaven! Simply beautiful! We could keep our room simple and white: that requires little effort. Honey-senpai could be a cute little cherub, and Mori could play a fallen angel, and I costumes be bare as possible- except for you of course, Haruhi, and, and..." Takashi rambled on like that for a few minutes, but he wasn't really concentrating. Why didmO almost said girl instead of daughter? Takazshi thought.
  8. Haruhi sighed hearing Tamaki. She blinked. She heard the almost g word that she was. She raised an eyebrow, " IS someone being selfish?" She looked at Tamaki. Hands on her hips. She gulped and shook her head and hearing the lecture. She sat down and wondered. she bit her lower lip and then sighed. She then turned and said, " Wait.. " She then stood in front of Tamaki. " Show of hands who likes the idea of me being the maid, bringing it to the clients." She asked looking around. She knew that her life would change . She gulped, nervous as she was waiting.
  9. Honey hid behind Mori after that question. The club was split- follow their leaders ideals, or help Haruhi? They didn't get a chance to decide before Tamaki interrupted. "I'm sorry for getting carried away just now, but before we continue with anything, PLEASE stop all your lip biting and gulping. We shall weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of you becoming a maid: though at the end of the day you are in dept to us, and you'll pay your dept off faster if you're a host. If you have any problems other than that, please tell us as your friends. I'm simply worried for you Haruhi." Tamaki gazed into Haruhi's eyes, until the twins giggling was too much to bare.
  10. Haruhi sighed and looked at them and then hearing Tamaki. She turned and looked at him, " Well true.. I hate how clumsy I am." She has bit her lip yet. She blinked a few times. She wanted to say, Well I can't just stop and ignore my nervousness. She didn't say that. She looked into his eyes, it felt like a long time, she was lost into his eyes, but she had to tell herself he was a player because it would make sure she stayed away from the crush boundary, just like she is in right now. She was broke of the trance, she blushed looking down. " it's nice of you to care."
  11. "Y-yeah. Your important to us all Haruhi. Anyway, meeting dismissed, bye," Tamaki stuttered suddenly fleeing from the room. He ran down the corridor, hiding his tomato red face. Haruhi was simply being too cute. What was it about her nervousness, her honesty, her kindness, that made his heart race so fast? He'd had to get away from the meeting, so he didn't risk falling any more for Haruhi. He had to clear his head. One thing was for sure though, he wasn't going to let Haruhi become a maid, so other men could admire her radiance.
  12. Haruhi blinked her eyes glittering as she looked at him confused. She then saw him flee. Everyone stayed there, " What's wrong with him?" She asked, her sweetness came out. She hated that now she became more... girly around him. She looked down, confused to why he fled.
  13. The twins let out a little giggle, knowing their leaders motives. "He's got a very infectious, and deadly serious bug," Hikaru answered.
    "Yes, it could drive him insane, and it seems you're the one who inflicted him with the infection," Kaoru added.
    "He's ill? And so he ran to be sick?" Honey questioned, not quiet getting the twins idea. Mori whispered an explanation into Honey's ear.
    "It doesn't matter that he ran off right now, anyway. I, as the the true president of the club, will continue this meeting for now," Kyoya announced. He wished that at least Haruhi could stay level headed to aid the survival of the club, but around the others he lost such hope.

    Mean while, Tamaki was actually throwing up in a nearby toilet. He'd caught 24 hour flu from a member of his family, and his conditions had worsened with his crazy emotions around Haruhi.
  14. Haruhi sighed some, thinking, she was so confused. She then looked at the twins. she knew they knew. If it was a bug then, ugh.. She has a queazy stomach. She sighed some and then looked at Haruhi and nodded. She realized she needed to try to stay away from Tamaki.. He made her instead of a guy.. like she is trying to be, but she is acting what she suppose to be. She heard a knock she opened it, " mail for Haruhi." She nodded and got the mail. All of it was from her father. She sighed and said. " Lets see.. He got me dresses I know so." There was two boxes and one letter. she sat at the table shaking her head, " So we shall continue this meeting.. "