Our Strawberry Wild Summer. (OOC)

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    The summer sun is hot and sweltering and the only relief is the beach-side. Which beach? Okinawa in Japan.

    You are playing a student. It doesn't matter how old you are but you are all High School students. Maybe you live in Okinawa or maybe you come from another part of Japan.

    Either way, you are seeking the beach. Most teenagers are. It's the place to socialize and unwind. Maybe you're coming with your family or friends, maybe you're coming alone.

    The entire group will end up on the same beach, in the same place, drawn together through forces that they can't understand or explain. This is an 'Anime' or 'Manga' styled game, it definitely has some Shoujo elements to it and there will be the usual Japanese summer elements, taken straight from various Animes and Mangas. Watermelon bashing, bathing suit competitions, ghost stories, ghost caves, and the great summer past-time: Dating.

    Magic and Romance and Adventure are all in the air. This is a world where Magical Girls and their Boy counterparts do exist. Reincarnation, red strings of fate, and the always popular horoscopes are happily chatted about by most girls. If you are a Magical Girl/Boy, this is your down time; the game will have these elements in it but it won't be the soul purpose of it. This is your -vacation-. Of course, things do happen.

    And who knows, you could meet the reincarnated soul of your long lost lover or the secret identity of your own personal Tuxedo Mask could be revealed.

    Most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself. You aren't in this to be the most powerful person, you're in this for romance and tender feelings between two (or more!) teenage hearts. I don't want to have to throw up a whole lot of restrictions on what you can play so please, if you don't think you should do something, then DON'T.

    Or at least ask me first.

  2. Hiko Tachibana, High School Banchou turned blushing girl will be present!
  3. mind if i join?
  4. I'm closing OSWS.
    Sorry guys, I hope everyone had fun.
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