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  1. So, I figured I'd let you guys weigh in on this subject since it's pretty screwed.

    We have a brand new high school in our town. In fact our city sent itself into the red building this new high school. The old one was an antique with asbestos and all sorts of problems. So they decided to build a new one. Fair enough.

    It's huge, literally just a massive structure that has a futuristic look too it and is really nice. The kicker is they spent an additional 1-3 million dollars (still haven't been able to find the exact figure only the pre work estimate) making the school fully handicap accessible.

    The school has open and the school council voted and is not allowed kids with any handicap, mental or physical, to attend the new school. Instead they are forcing kids of all handicaps to attend to the inner city school where the trouble makers that are too much for the public school to handle are sent.

    Well - what are you guys's opinions on this?
  2. Well, that sounds like some retarded (ahemahem pardon the pun? XD) bullshit. o__o Why spend all of that money to make it handicapped able, but then send them off to the crappy school?
  3. Smells like bullshit to me.

    Where do you live? ._. Maybe I'll mail a sack of frozen bullshit to your school district.
  4. Ya'll make me laugh. I live in Medford Oregon. A few years ago it seemed like this small city was moving forward but somewhere we stopped our forward momentum. Now it seems like we're sliding back towards some sort of seperation of people.
  5. If they are denying the students with handicaps access to the school, what they are doing is 100% ILLEGAL. Since it is a public school, it is a part of the government and supported by the tax payer's money. The school council would be violating The American Disability Act of 1992.
  6. Rory's right Xme, and you need to have it brought up with the city, state, hell even federal courts since what they are doing IS Illegal.
  7. And Rory strikes again.

    But yeah, serious bullshit going on there.
  8. QFT.