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  1. Life at Litchfield Correction Facility was never easy,

    especially under the thumb of the MCC.

    But with new management comes new changes,

    and the girls find themselves faced with complicated decisions.


  2. Alex Vause was used to being in control, but the last few weeks completely rattled her. Everywhere she went, every time she closed her eyes, all she could see was his face, gasping for breath as his eyes bulged in fear. Why couldn't he have been dead already? This question she asked herself daily, hourly, cursing Cooper for sending him there in the first place. In life, it was kill or be killed, and she did what anyone else would have done... right? Her stomached tightened and immediately she felt nauseous, as she did every time her mind wandered to what happened.

    It had only been a week since the riot, and a couple days since MCC had sold Litchfield Correctional Facility to some private investor, wishing to rid themselves of their PR disaster. Already, this new investor had hired a stream of new CO's, replacing the ones who'd quit or been fired. Alex didn't know the details, but new faces seemed to show up every day. There were rumors also flying around the prison that inmates were about to be exchanged with some from up north, another minimum security prison in Maine, but Alex's name wasn't on the list so she didn't really care. Piper was staying too, fortunately, and most of the people she associated with.

    It was time for Alex to buckle down, keep her head low, and ride out her remaining time in prison. She hoped eventually her guilt would subside and quit tormenting her. Prison was nothing compared to the demons her head, and Alex was ready for a real nights sleep.

    Morning came when Alex realized she hadn't fallen asleep. That surprised her; Piper usually found her during the night, even if it was only to kiss her and tell her everything was going to be okay. But there was no visit last night; that's odd. Jokingly, she thought about Piper having found someone else to console and manipulate, to love and keep company, but again she shook those thoughts away. Piper means to stay with me this time, she thought, grabbing her glasses from the table and putting them on. We're all we have left.

  3. Walking to her car, briefcase in hand, hot black coffee in the other, Margaery Tyrell was a nervous wreck. Looking at the fresh graduate, one would never suspect her mind was fraught with worries. Only yesterday had she gotten the call from her career adviser at the University that there was an immediate position opening at the women's prison for a guidance counselor. Apparently their old one had left without word, and Margaery snatched up the opportunity without hesitation. There had been a brief interview with the warden, a Mr. Caputo, and he seemed genuinely impressed with her resume and education.

    "That's what we need," he had said, gleaning over her resume, glancing up once in a while over his glasses. "We need a woman who's not afraid to help these prisoners, who's not intimated by them or their crimes. They've suffered enough, and I want to make sure that changes."

    "Absolutely, I couldn't agree more," Margaery told him with a bright smile. "My family has done a lot of work helping the less fortunate, so I'm sure I can help make a real difference here." That was all it took; she'd gotten the job, and was to work the next morning.

    The drive to the prison was like a blur, anxiety bubbling in her stomach. In truth, Margaery had never stepped foot inside a prison, and this being her first time, there were expectations she hoped proved false. These were non-violent offenders, after all, or the majority of them at least. The thought helped comfort her. So much sooner than expected, her car found it's way into a parking space just outside the prison. This doesn't look too bad. She stepped out and took a deep breath. Things seemed really quiet, but it was the early morning. Let's see how things progress today.

    Once inside, the CO's at the front desk were waiting for her arrival. They greeted her and she couldn't help but notice that everyone seemed relaxed. It was all over the news that a prisoner had been murdered here, but no one seemed fazed by the event. There were no signs with the prisoners name, not even deeper in the building, she noticed, after she told the CO she'd find her own way to Caputo's office. There was no mention anywhere that a girl had died.

    The prisoners gave her weary looks, staring at her freshly pressed suit and her smiles, mostly ignoring her as she said, "Good morning." Some repeated the greetings, though hesitantly, obviously not knowing who she was or what to expect. They'll know soon enough.
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