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  1. Note: so there's some tags I just put there cause they are allowed, so if you want to have brothers just ask the person first, no characters under 18 because it'll be heavily bdsm themed. I'll also probably only accept three other members besides myself because I want to keep it small but if I like you maybe I'll make an exception. If you join and leave I'll whip your ass! Not really but please only join if you intend to see it through till the end. I don't mind what type of character I end up with so I'll take the leftovers when three members have joined. THIS IS AN MxM

    So I bet by now you're really interested to actually have a plot, right?(well it's only a vague idea so the plot isn't solid, if you have anything to add, comment,change feel free to make your suggestions!)
    So this is a bdsm roleplay about four people that are apart of society go to school/work and seem no different from anyone else but they have a secret, they have a fetish for whips, ropes and toys. These four have become close friends, meeting each other through s&m gatherings and websites. While they have obvious sexual partners even if they sometimes have sex in a group,who will they choose emotionally? Will their preferences change? Or will they be happy as they are.

    ((So here is the thing even if you start of a seme or a uke, I want everyone to be okay with playing either role as that way it's possible for any of the characters to end up hooking up with each other))
    The sadist/dominant seme:
    The masochist/submissive seme:
    The sadist/dominant uke:
    The masochist/submissive uke:

    Be sensible, also it'd be nice to atleast get a couple of posts in a week.

    Character profile:
    (Insert role)
    Appearance: (I'll accept anything)
    Distinguishing features:
    Age: (minimum 18, no older than early thirties)
    bio: (a paragraph minimum)
    Extra: (anything else.)
  2. If you wanna erp or something, hit me up!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.