Our Haven Purlieu Sands

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  1. Our Haven Purlieu Sands
    About a month before the school doors were closed for the summer, a rumor of a seaside haven hangout blossomed about the students. Developing fame, this hot spot was labeled “The Haven Purlieu Sands”.
    This beach is described of having several wooden cabins that hold about four bunk-beds dotting the shore. Nothing but these small buildings are on the sands, but different parties of friends throughout the school are constructing plans for upgrade. However, the students have to make a “commitment”, like booking up a few weeks of their summer for this spree. A number of hours worth of driving is between them and the coast.

    Finally, the last day of school has arrived. Students can’t stay put in their desks, knees jumping and thumbs twiddling, as pomp images of Haven Purlieu Sands play about their minds. Some have their doubts. What if someone is injured? Is there anyone who can help them if so? What will we do if there isn`t enough cabins? What about food and water to drink? Others just look forward to the partying, “bonding” and freedom.
    Are you coming to The Haven Purlieu Sands?


    So, this is my first role play thread on Iwaku... so please be gentle on me! I wanted to discuss with any who are interested if you think we should role play the last day of school and/or driving to the Haven Purlieu Sands.
    ...And the characters know the directions to the hangout somehow so yea...
    This is an active summer hangout for teenagers on the coast of a country I have not decided. Have fun, and please don't let this die!
    (sorry for the large image)

    ◊Iwaku rules apply
    ◊If you are planning to build something
    on the beach, like a fire pit, a shelter of your
    own etc. please contact and ask me first
    ◊This is a group rp. If you and one person
    have posted three times each without
    anyone else, please wait for another to join
    ◊Sexual content is permitted.
    Contact and ask me if you wish to do
    so before doing so
    ◊Yes ,I know some will fight in the role
    play, but please do not bring such activity
    In Role Play
    ◊If I have given you permission for sexual
    role play but another person asks you
    to stop, stop
    ◊Food, drinking water and first aid kits are
    not provided in the cabins or on the
    You must bring your own supplies
    or find someone who will lend you such

    •Full Name•







    Description or image. Real people only.




    Sports, collecting specific things etc.

    •Do you want to be at The Haven Purlieu Sands? Why or why not?•



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  2. Age range? o:

    And what do you mean by getup? Does that mean what clothing they usually wear?

    Disposition? I know what it means, but i'd figure i'd ask anyway
  3. Age range is 15 to 18 (trying to stretch it), getup is one's style of dressing(so their usual outfit) and disposition is personality. Thanks for asking :3
    I will get my own character up soon.
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