Our crazy school days

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  1. Alec also known as Red was walking to school on a normal day, well as normal as it could get when you were one of the members in the idiotic trio Aka the coconut trio. It wasn't something they were ashamed of, they were proud over it, because they were to awesome to be ashamed.

    Red suddenly noticed Ed, he stood on the school ground waiting. Red got a evil grin on her face and tip-toed around to get behind Ed to surprise him. When she was close enough she opened her bag and took up a tuna from it. Then she fast ran towards Ed and throwed the tuna in to his shirt.
    "Surpriiiiiise" she shouted and huged Ed whom had a tuna in his shirt.
  2. Belle watched as red did that and then looked at ed.She immediatly liked him and wanted to ask him out but she didnt know if ed was red's boyfriend or if he was gay.She hoped that he was bi or straight
  3. Kid, or more commonly known as Chrona, was walking to school. She thought of her two crazy friends, Alec and Ed, and wondered what they were doing right now. Her thoughts were answered when she saw them in front of the school. Kid sighed, shaking her head slowly, and walked up to the two.

    "Hey guys...what are you doing?" She asked.
  4. Red released Ed as she saw Chrona walking towards them asking what they were doing. Red got an evil grin on her face, some people called it her rape face. Mostly because when she looked like that then she had a plan, and the other person wouldn't like it. At least not a normal person.
    "Tuna time" she shouted and jumped on Chrona making her fall to the ground, then lifting her shirt and put a tuna under it. "It's the tuna day" She said and smiled while putting a tuna in her own shirt. Then she kissed Chrona on the cheek "I've missed you" She said with a cute voice while hugging Chrona that still hadn't been able to get up from the ground.
  5. "Oh boy..." Chrona mumbled once she saw Alec's face. She started backing away, but it was too late. Alec jumped on her, causing them to both fall on the ground, and even slipped a tuna under her shirt. This wasn't all that weird to Chrona. In fact, it was normal for the Coconut Trio to do things like this. That didn't mean Chrona had to like it.

    "Ew... Alec...that's nasty..." She said softly with a light blush from the kiss. The tuna felt weird on her stomach and she squirmed from underneath Alec, trying to get the tuna to at least slide out of her shirt. Chrona wasn't even close to being strong enough to get Alec off of her. She was the weakest of the group when it came to upper body strength.
  6. Alec didn't release Chrona before a couple of minutes had past by, then she sat down on the ground looking at Chrona with puppy eyes. "Tuna day is an important holiday in the country that only exists in my head, thats when you put a tuna in the shirt of your best friends, and if you have a lover then it should be put in his or her pants." Alec smiled as she explained tuna day, another unnecessary day she had made up to make the days more fun and to get more reasons to celebrate.

    The tuna fell out of Alec's shirt as she rose up, making her look down at the tuna and then look at Chrona.
    "That tuna doesn't like me, it tries to leave. Why does it do that?" She asked and pointed on the tuna on the ground, once again getting her puppy eyes back and moving her head to the side.
  7. Chrona waited, sort of, patiently for Alec to finally let her go. There were some people that passed by and gave the two weird looks, obviously getting the wrong impression, before continuing on into the school. She sighed, the stares making this a little more awkward than it needed to be for her.

    When she was finally let up, she sighed, feeling relieved that it was over...for now. Chrona sat up and the tuna slowly slid down her stomach and onto her lap. She shuddered a little at the feeling. She looked up at hearing Alec's question. "Gravity." Chrona answered. "The Earth will pull the tuna away from you, so it doesn't have a choice." She said, and stood up, the tuna on her lap falling to the ground as well. "See?" She said, pointing to it.

    She walked over to Alec and patted her on the back. "Don't worry...I'm sure it loves you very much, and would want to stay in your shirt all day." Chrona said, trying to make her friend feel a little better.
  8. She looked at Chrona as she explained about gravity. She sniffled a litle and then said,
    "So, the tuna doesn't hate me?" She rubbed her teary eye and then her face shined up "YAY, I'm not hated" Alec shouted childishly happy. Then she thought for a moment. "So gravity are forcing the tuna to do something it doesn't want to do....Forcing me to stand on the ground when I want to fly..." She mumbled then raised her voice in a happy tone "Then we should kill gravity so it can't do those things again. A perfect solution." She said smiling at Chrona. "So now we just need to find were gravity is hiding." She continued and looked around suspicously, it could be anywhere and it could be anyone.
  9. Chrona shook her head at Alec. "No, you can't kill gravity. It's something you can't touch, and if you do somehow get rid of it, then everything and everyone would float up into space. All living creatures would die. Understand?" She said, trying to get her to realize it was a bad idea.
  10. "And it's bad if everything dies" Alec said like she had made a point no one else could have thought about. "I'm sorry gravity for traying to kill you, let's be friends if we meet." She shouted out without getting the real point of gravity. Even though she had good grades, how could she be so stupid? Was she pretending? No, she was to smart to pretend to be stupid which must make her stupid. At least that was what she said herself. But no one else will ever know if she's smart or stupid.
  11. ((Ed has returned >:) ))
    Stareing at the tuna still on his shirt, I kept thinking "When the hell did i get tuna, i hate tuna" In a rage I started to yell "NO MORE TUNA FOR YOU ALEC!" I jumped on reds back for a piggy back ride but insted just fliped her over. I got up quickly and looked at the tuna on chronas shirt. Like a bull that hates red i charged to chrona while i made horns with fingers.
  12. Alec turned to Ed
    "N..N...N...No Tuna?" Alec said before Ed jumped on her back for a piggy ride, they both fell to the ground. Alec looked at Ed as he was going to attack Chrona.
    "I WANT TUNA" Alec screamed and took one of the tunas that was on the ground and hit Ed with it. "Tuna, tuna, tuna tuna.." She repeated while hitting Ed. Then looking with sad eyes on Chrona "Ed, said that I couldn't have tuna" She blamed Ed and pointed angrily a finger at him.
  13. Chrona facepalmed and shook her head slowly at her friends. "You guys are gonna give me a headache..." She said, then looked up at them. >Sometimes I think I'm the only sane one here...ironic since I'm called Chrona.< She thought.
  14. I pinch reds cheaks till there red. "HA! red is red" I smile hard and looks at chrona in a evil way. RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG! I face palm hard and yells "I forgot my home work....AGAIN......no wait, i didint do it nevermind. RED! JUMP ON MY BACK WHERE GOING TO BE LATE! CHRONA!" I pick up chrona like newly wedds and shakes my butt "HURRY RED!"
  15. Alec watched Ed as he goes berserk thinking that it would be good with pie now. 'Piiiieee~' She thinks as she starts to drool. Then Ed screams at her to get on his back. "WAI I'M GOING TO RIDE ED" Alec screams and jump on Ed's back. "COMMON HURRY UP, OR WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE" Alec screams, she had never been late and she wouldn't start now.
  16. I start to scream like on DBZ and begin to glow with a blue arua "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    I exploed and start chargeing into the school building. I run around the school hundreds of times passing the class about 10 times untill i stop with a frozeen face. i squezz my legs together and yell "I gota pee NOW!"
    I wabble over to the bathroom stals and puts down red and chrona. I write on reds and chrone forhead and it says "MY PROPERTY, EF HANDS OFF BITCH"
  17. Chrona just stares blankly ahead during all of this. It was just another normal day for her. Once she was set down, Chrona started walking away. "I'm going to class now..." She said.
  18. Alec stood outside the bathroom, touching the writing on her forehead. "Hey, Chrona isn't your property, she's mine" She yells at the door and hugs Chrona that is trying to go away to her lesson. Alec takes up a pencil and writes in Chronas forehead 'Red's property, if lost call *******' then looking at Chrona "I'm done, shall we go to class?" Then smiling happily.
  19. "Couldn't you have used something less painful?" Chrona asked as she rubbed her forehead. "A marker would of been better..." She said, then sighed. "Yeah, I'm ready to go to class." she said.
  20. "I'm sooooorry" Alec said, jumping instead of walking towards the classroom on Chronas left side, leaving Ed alone in the bathroom. "I bet I will get higher score than you on the math test today." Alec sang as she jumped around.
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