Otogi Bankers (Okami-San and her Seven Companions Rp)

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  1. The Otogi Bank

    A Club at Otogi Highschool that takes residence in a small shed. On paper they are just a simple club that helps around the school. While this is not entirely false, there is more to this club. An elaborate system of loans and favors. This club helps students with problems, whether it be love, or work, or really anything. In return all they ask for is a favor that is redeemable when needed. Of course this deal must be kept. Someone needs to keep their promise now don't they? This club takes pride in their ability to solve any problem. In fact they have never been known to fail in any sense. They do what ever possible to make sure the request is fulfilled, and the client is satisfied. Sometimes that means risking limb and possible maiming to accomplish it. The client is actually getting a great service here.

    This will be based off of Okami-San and her Seven
    Companions obviously. So this will be a bit more of an "episodic" roleplay. An event will happen then another without much connection. Your characters will bond as these things go on and like that.

    I am looking for maybe five to seven people, so it won't be super large. It is first come first serve, so hurry.

    Now for the fun part. Characters!


    Position:(What do they do in the club? Make up anything, but I will need a President and Inventor)
    Personality:( A nice sized chunk at least)
    "Weapons": (Something crazy and
    outrageous, if applicable. for those who need an example look at this http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rsz_ookam_346.jpg )

    There will be no need for a history. That can be revealed in IC. Your character doesn't need to be based off a fairy tale, but style points to those who do.
  2. I'm totally interested in this, I really liked the anime :3 My CS wil have to come later, though, because right now I'm watching the ESC finals!
  3. Name: Rakujyou Kagome (Last name first. Based off of princess Kaguya from Taketori Monogatari)
    Year: 2
    (princess forme)
    Position: President
    Personality: Kagome is the bratty president of the Otogi Bank. She looks quite young and cute, which she uses to her advantage in order to get pampered and spoiled. Around the people in the club she has a tendency to act like a tsundere, even when it is completely out of place (hmmph, it's not like I showed up today just for you, baaaka!). One might question her position withing the club, in fact, one might question why she's even in the club in the first place, because mostly she just slacks off and doesn't take much responsibility, instead shoving it over onto the other club members. However, when she is particularly enraged or something desperately needs to be done, she will change into her "princess forme". In this form, she is much more polite, well mannered, and appears to be much older than she is in contrast to how she regularly appears to be much younger. She is also more sufficient, and gains an extraordinary sense of how to solve problems. Unfortunately, seeing Kagome in princess forme is quite rare, so the club members are stuck with her slightly annoying self most of the time.
    "Weapon": A sakura tree branch that Kagome claims has the power to summon the ancient army of the moon, yet noone has ever seen her use it and it looks like any other branch...
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  4. For the wand, how about it just being a random stick that she believes to have magic powers, buuut no one believes her, yet it does exactly as you said XD
  5. Haha that sounds good, thanks! ^w^
  6. Trying... so hard... to find... FAIRY TALE!
  7. Huh? You mean for your own character?

    (I realized I never watched this thread, so my reply is a bit late)
  8. I wanted to suggest something, but now I'm pulling a complete blank @___@
  9. I was thinking the golden children
  10. Are you guys still interested in doing this? >ยท< Cause I sorta want to tag along.
  11. Same here. :3
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