Other Ways to Pass the Time



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Okay, so I was wondering how everyone passes time, if and when they have any. I know we RP, but I am talking about what ELSE you do with your spare time.

I'll start.
Other than reading and replying to all of these posts, I read a lot. I recently started the Wheel of Time series (better late than never) and I am loving it so far. I also picked up a new novel by a fresh face in the world of fiction. It's a book called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It's written by a travel writer, Ransom Riggs (Probably his pseudonym) and it's gripping me so far. I wasn't intrigued by the fact that it's a New York Times Best Seller. I was interested in it for three main reasons:
The cover art, the title, and the fact that it combines a novel with photography. If you like stories about WWII you may like it. If you like the X men you'll probably like it too, but I don't want to give away too much information.

Also, when I have free time I play EverQuest 2. I recently started it, so I'm a newbie to the game still. If you play and want to look me up my characters are Raeje (I had a character called Raege but she went AWOL) and Nynae. They are both on the Antonia Bayle RP server, so if you play and see me, say hi.

During my winter break, I am writing a novel. I have had terrible luck with my last novels. They have all got deleted, gotten lost, or got stuck on a computer that no longer works, so I am backing this one up in three different places, and hoping it eventually gets written. Considering I am a fantasy writer, this book is actually my most realistic attempt at a novel, but so far it is only 2 pages long. I have about a month to work on it before I head back to uni for 4 English classes and a psychology class...Where I will have a lot less free time.

Alright, I told you what I do with my free time, now it's your turn. GO!!!
For the past four years my free time has been taken up by World of Warcraft... I realize now that my time probably should have been invested in something more productive. But since I last quit in August, I've been rediscovering my past interests and passions. I've been painting, writing, drawing, cooking, doing embroidery and having a social life. However I don't seem to read so much anymore, which is a bit disappointing every time I think about it. I used to read 8 hours of the day when given the chance to, but now reading doesn't seem to hold my interest anymore. Who knows, maybe I'll get back into it.
TV and Movies. And Reading. Mostly TV and movies these days. >>

I also like COOKING! Trying new recipes and experimenting with food. :D
Reading, lots of that.
Some TV watching (I love South Park).
There are a few sites that I check besides Iwaku to read their content (Reasoning With Vampires, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Cracked, etc.).
I also like to write stories and things like that...
I cook and bake and I like to make new things as well, though I put most of my effort into baking.
Seems everyone likes to cook. I can't cook at all.
I do like South Park though, and I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds. I also watch Ghost Adventures a lot too. Other than that I don't really watch too much TV. I have rekindled my love for Kingdom Hospital, and I have been re-watching every episode on my laptop, one episode per night. I will be done in about 9 days, but I LOVED Kingdom Hospital when it first came out, and to date it is still my favorite Stephen King adaptation. To pass more time I would like to find out where the books are, if they are even called Kingdom Hospital, and read them.
Play guitar, read a little bit here and there, listen to shitloads of music, and now I get to play the bass too.
In my free time I letter manga (which is actually work but it's my 'free time'), listen to music, draw, play League of Legends, ds games and I read. I also watch stuff on netflix but that's about it for TV.