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  1. :INTRO:
    The year is 2022, the world is in chaos and things.. From different dimensions.. and Different worlds have began to come to ours.. I guess you'd say.. Other Lands?.. It's not as if we made the choice to let these... things here on our world, They chose to come here chose to invade us in a manor of speaking. And now we are defenseless to they're strength and numbers, And power for that matter. They use things we've never seen and only heard of in story books, guess those story's my grandpa told me as a child.. Finally did happen like i wished for.. now i wish i hadn't. . . . ~BEGIN STORY~ the date is June 12th, 2022. The creatures have completely taken over the larger cities, my home town of Sunset Bay hasn't been breached yet. I lead the small group and towns folk that still live here, that didn't run when the word got to us. I hope by all that is good, That i can lead these people properly I have to go to the town meeting now to tell them the plan is still not ready.. Lets hope they take it alright.
  2. A strange being currently in the form of a large cloud of blackish, translucent mist-like substance with two greenish spheres of light floating in the center as "eyes" drifted around the outskirts of one of the smaller large cities. It headed towards an unknown town (Sunset Bay) away from the city as it despised the presence of the other beings that have called it home. This being once had a name, a body, and a place in it's own world, but the portal which had opened up it's it's own dimension quickly changed that. Normally when a being enters or is sucked through a portal, they retain every aspect of themselves they had in the dimension they're in now, but this one's portal closed off before it's body could fully make it through too; it was now probably drifting off in oblivion somewhere... This being still had the ability to take on the forms of other creatures it came into contact with, but most of it's memories were gone now, with the exception of a few beings it still remembered how to imitate the form of, and basic knowledge of a few languages of different beings along with it's own language. The being decided to take on the form of a deceased human female it had drifted across earlier, her personality from what it could gather from the last few words she spoke before she was killed was relatively compatible with it's own. The being had also once been a female, so gender compatibility was no problem either, once the "shape-shift" was complete, the being, now a rather reserved looking woman with flowing black hair began trekking towards the town she had been heading to earlier realizing it was still a good distance further than she had thought.

    (The human female it had taken the form of)
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  3. We are known as dragons to the humans but some of us can look close to them. I am one of these. I am a dragon but yet I look human. My name is Roshia but so I seem more human I usually tell them Rosa. I can hide my Dragon features with what my kinda calls glamor. There are those of us who chose to live in peace with the humans and those of us who don't. Because of this it can seem hard for a human to believe that not all of us are evil. Unlike my parents I believe we can be friends. And so this makes me and outcast.

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    [​IMG] Her eyes are red, and her hair is naturally purple. But when she uses glamor she has black hair and blue eyes.

    Full dragon Form:
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    Roshia heard rumor of a group of humans that got away from the other dragons and they were headed to some place safe called Sunset Bay. The dragons who had told her this said they weren't there and that it was only three who got away but they weren't sure if they made it to the place. She heard a few names that had set up the escape plan but she could remember them now. When she had gotten this information it was a week ago and she still hadn't found Sunset Bay quiet yet but she felt that she was getting closer. She had to blend in where she was which is why she figured that soon she would meet the humans that lived at Sunset Bay. 'Maybe I'll have to go down an alley and then I'll see a sign or something telling me I've found it.' She keep walking to see if she could find a sign or an alley to go down and try and find the place.
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  4. I Stepped up on my stand and spoke to the people around me slowly as i read the speech i had written. "Good people, Of sunset Bay.. There is bad news.. and good news, The good news is that none of those.. Things have found us yet. The bad news is.... We haven't made a plan yet.. our resources are low and people cant think very well on empty stomachs.. The plan will be figured out soon i can promise you! Please don't get angry, As you know I'm doing the best with being voted leader without a say so.." I stopped for a moment taking a breath and letting the people mumble amongst themselves.
  5. Roshia over heard the commotion and went over to where it was taking place. 'I do believe I've found them.' She listened carefully to the parts of the speech she walked in on. 'So there running low on supplies. Hmm... I wonder if there was anything I could possible do?' She decide to listen to more of the speech to see if she could think of what she would need to do.
  6. I got my breath as i have been having problems recently, as i spoke again. "Good people.. Dont worry i have an idea, we must create parties to go out into the inner cities and gather food and supplies.. It is the only plan i can think of, And the only one that sounds good enough to keep us fed and not dead with those.. Monsters." The people mumbled and nodded a bit thinking it over "Please take all the time you need, Meeting adjourned.." I held my stomach and walked off of the stand slowly and sat down by the edge of the building sighing.
  7. Roshia decided on what she would do. 'I'll be one of the people in the party that way at least someone can bring back some supplies. I'll just have to be careful to not revile my identity.' She walked over to the man who had done that speech which was sitting down. "Umm... Sir I would like to be one of the group that goes to get supplies."
  8. I look up slowly as her appearance caught my eye they widened as i stood up slowly and spoke. "And..." I thought for a moment as i looked into the small crowd of people then back to her. "Okay, Im Kanja, Kanja sionji. And who are you?" I asked politely, "I haven't seen your face here or at-least i didn't think i did. Perhapse i did once or twice, but i never caught your name."
  9. "My name is Rosa." She thought for a moment on how she would answer. "I was in the city near here in hiding and a few days ago I heard rumor of possible survives other than just myself. So I began to search for the survivors and well I was in luck to have heard your speech. And I'm glad I did because I had almost given up on every finding any others."
  10. I smiled a bit. "Im glad my small group can give you hope.." I glanced back loosing the smile. "At-least it gives someone hope.. tonight the party will be leaving, Till then we should all get to know each other better over the last food we have to offer." I patted her shoulder as i walked to the small group of people. "Get the fire going and bring out the last supply of food, We need to eat before we go out to find more.. and don't question what i say. You are the ones who voted me leader, Just do it." I turned away and sat down on a log we had set up around the Bonfire. "come have a seat with me Rosa." I looked over to her.
  11. She went over to the others of the group and sat next to Kanja.
  12. The girl arrived at the rather ragged looking group of humans after a few moments of trekking. She listened to the speech their supposed leader was making and the conversation that went on afterwards initiated by a strange looking girl. After the talking was mostly done, she herself decided to speak up "I'll help with supplies too, I've roamed around the inner cities a little, so have an idea of what they're like." Her voice was a little quieter than she had anticipated it would be, but it shouldn't be too hard to get used to... She felt almost at home again here with these humans; the closest resemblance she currently had to her own race.
  13. I stand up slowly and walk over to the new comer. "Well.. alright, Whats your name? Mines Kanja Sionji," I spoke softly seeing she felt comfortable with us.
  14. "I-" The girl stopped realizing her actual name was incompatible with a human name, it could barely be pronounced in their language... Thankfully she remembered the name of the girl she had taken the form of, she had uttered it along with her other last words before her death; Catherine. "I-I'm Catherine." She finished after that brief pause, she hoped Kanja wouldn't think that was too weird on her part, she wasn't entirely familiar with human behavior quite yet...
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  15. I took her hand and shook it. "Good to meet you Catherine, Go to the Bonfire and rest for a bit. Eat some food till tonight." He nodded as he walked off a bit.
  16. The girl, now known as Catherine give him a nod and walked towards a large, glowing source of heat she had heard humans called a fire... It was warm, but she preferred to stay a good distance from it, otherwise it became a little too warm for her liking. She glanced at the pile of metal containers, and items wrapped in plastic; the things that Kanja referred to as food. Despite not looking too much like the food she was used to, she decided it was worth a shot to try some, she took one of the items wrapped in plastic and bit down. It felt strange, as the food felt like part of it had been bitten off, but that part didn't seem to detach from the rest of it. Catherine pulled her mouth away from the food staring at it a little confused, the opaque plastic wrapping seemed un-phased except for a few stretch marks in the shape of her teeth.
  17. Roshia now known as Rosa to the humans. She noticed the new girl that had arrived and like herself she seemed a little different but to her all humans were different so she didn't think much of it. 'So she has come from the cities as well. Interesting I'll want to get to know her better.' Roshia decided to get some of the food in the metal containers. She thankfully knew how to open it from some of her past experiences and once she had it open she began to eat the continence inside.