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  1. Our Story

    A lifetime ago...
    In a small village...
    It was believed that all humans were born impure...
    No matter how many good deeds one would do, they could never cleanse themselves...
    Instead of finding a true way to happiness, they produced a childish theory...
    That if they force all the evils of humanity unto one child, they cannot be impure, no matter what.
    And that child, the one they would call the Antichrist, was born.
    They cursed at her, spat on her path, mocked her for ever being born.
    Why was this happening, she wondered, why was she born into this role?
    After time, she slowly turned into the monster they saw her as.
    A creature incapable of love or anything besides malice.
    She sought to destroy humanity...
    The village was soon cleared of those who wronged her, in a futile attempt at finding relief.
    Nothing came.
    The child went from village to village, a genocide, a strike against humanity, the race that wronged her.
    For she was no longer a human...
    Rather, she became what history may look at her; the first demon.
    She slowly dipped deeper and deeper into madness, feeding selfishly onto power.
    Her malice became so great, she got stronger, and more powerful as she aged.
    She almost wiped the earth clean of them...
    Until one struck her down.
    The one deemed the first angel.
    He was born of a village who brought a different childish theory; if one held all the goodness of humanity, they could be their savior to lead them to salvation.
    He went into a great battle against the demon, malevolent vs benevolent.
    They both became weakened, the boy pleading to the girl to come back.
    But that child was gone.
    He hesitantly brought her down, dragging his own bloodied body back to his village.
    His family was horrified, but he gave one last wish.
    "I give to you all back your goodness and your fairness... Please... Care for yourselves, divide and grow... Let it be known that I return your half to you..."
    He then collapsed, dead on the spot, as if his sentence truly did return humanity's goodness to them, and that goodness was his own soul.

    The boy would be known as Michael, and the girl would be known as Lillith.



    Humans continued on since the death of their angel.
    They colonized, they upgraded, they evolved...
    But Lillith never went quiet.
    She was still around, for centuries.
    She birthed demons; both of her own creation, and of being born of humans.
    Her prison however, prevented her from unleashing her wrath on the world.
    Only her children could do her work...
    Disease, death, grief, war...
    It is believed she inflicted these, and many more onto the world.
    She is known as the mother of demons by modern humans.
    Her children wreaked havoc on humans...
    But soon after more and more of them died, because methods were created to stop them...
    They halted their activity, a group of them decided in a civil act to peacefully blend in with humans, for their own preservation.
    This angered Lillith, though she could not raise a hand to stop them.
    From then on, they lived along with humans, being exposed to new technologies, and contributing in society...
    They formed pacts, devouring souls as a result.
    It seemed fair, because humans were the ones to sell their soul to begin with.
    But, not all the demons follow their laws.
    Recently, a group has been aiming to break down Lillith's prison in secret...
    The problem is, they've succeeded in breaking it enough for Lillith to have some influence in the world.
    All kinds of problems started; murders became more frequent, more people have been assigned to psyche wards and asylums, both children and adults alike, and some places have been pushed back into war.
    They all hear the same voice, before going mad;
    "I am Lillith... Would you like to have fun?"


    The world is becoming restless...
    How can this be stopped?
    Or... Would you like to have fun and join the madness?

    About Us

    It's modern day Portland, Oregon.
    The US isn't as badly affected by the insanity attacks than overseas, but they are aware of it.
    The good-willed demons and other creatures of disarray are living mixed lives, knowing of their mother's stirring.
    Though unaffected, they are watching people of Africa go insane over the news.
    Some are worried, others are celebrating.
    "Our allies are facing horrible deaths... What could we do?"
    "They're finally getting what they deserve!"
    Demons are still facing civil rights issues...
    Some humans even blame them for what is happening.
    They are terrified, and they are happy...
    The humans are in just as much fear.
    Some have turned to hunting down and killing demons.
    Others are trying to provide more sanctuary to the belittled creatures.
    Though, most humans are trying to be extremely cautious of demons.
    Some carry around crosses...
    Others carry holy water...
    They are afraid of them.
    They fear they are causing the evils as punishment for their evils...
    Micheal's children; the Angelic, are on the scenes.
    They have been on a long search to find the demons responsible for breaking Lillith's seal.
    These beautiful looking creatures are distraught, trying quite hard to tell the difference between the traitorous demons and the peaceful ones...
    Not a single human suspects their presence...
    The cult is rising.
    After the huge success of cracking Lillith's prison, she awarded them grandly.
    They have the ability...
    The ability to invite others into madness.
    They were originally lost...
    Watching their own kind fall to the humans and the angels...
    But then Lillith came...
    She gave them the chance to redeem themselves...
    To have fun!
    Now humans are joining in...


    They are Lillith's children; essentially her creations. They were created from her malice and at first were mindless creatures incapable of thought or feeling, only existing to do Lillith's work in destroying humanity. As the years went by, they evolved, gaining sentience and learning from their mistakes. They are just about any "supernatural" creature humans of all cultures have thought of.

    These creatures have a high affinity in magic, and have many, many different species. They are able to maintain a human form, though they keep some features from their true form if they, for example, are a child or not powerful enough to properly retain a human form. Demons are able to reproduce with humans, but it ends with producing Halflings (a mixture between a human and a demon). Their abilities are further amplified if negative emotions are abound or they have just ingested a soul.

    They are descendants of Michael, materialized from his will. Created for the purpose of protecting the humans from Lilith's minions. Much like demons they had no knowledge of anything besides combatting evil and malice in the world, eventually with time their minds and forms evolved.

    Angels are all more or less the same, their true forms being not too different from their true forms, save for minor discrepancies. They are apt in influencing the emotions of humans around them positively, combatting the insanity that is spread by Lilith aligned demons, and can act as a buffer against malicious spirits when they are in the vicinity. Angels can also reproduce with humans, but the child is much more likely to end up as a human rather than an angel.

    They are the children of both human and angel/demon.
    If born of a demon parent, they can inherit their powers, and are twice as strong as their parents combined. Though there's a downside; the child is missing something, as if their demon blood selectively obstructed something from the child in exchange for their life. It is exceedingly rare for a child to be born with no defects.
    If the child is born of a human and angel, they are born completely human. It is thought that angel blood is too pure to take effect in a human's body, and if it does the child becomes a stillborn, unable to handle the purity.
    A rare instance; a child born of both an angel and a demon. They inherit both sides evenly, but they are such a chaotic child from birth, a constant clash of the opposing bloods within their body, that they die early or are put to sleep.

    At first, the cultists were demons, afraid of humans since they were slowly wiping out their kind. They constantly feared being killed themselves, even though blending in had become popularized. They were just too sensitive to humans to want to be around them.
    Then Lillith came in and "touched" them.
    She led them into thinking, if she was freed, they too could be free, of their sorrows, their worries, and humans and angels will finally pay for their wrongdoing. The cult, which remained unnamed, formed slowly as the demon's sanity deteriorated from being close to their mother. She gave them the gift to invite others into insanity, to let their inner animal out, for them to join the "fun".

    The cult has particular customs.
    The way to enter the cult, is to encounter some members. They will then bring the newcomer to Lillith, who tells them what family member to kill, and what body part to bring back.
    The method to kill the family member, is to nail them to an upside down cross, and mumble Lillith's name as you puncture every vital, except for the one she asked for. The person is to tear the organ out, normally the heart, stomach, or brain, and bring it to her.
    With their weakened mental state, the second phase begins. They are tied down to a chair, forced to look into Lillith's presence. She then assaults their mind, for an entire week, breaking them down, and building them up to think much like the cult.
    After that experience, they've utterly lost their free will. They will proceed to get new members, burn down hallowed ground, and spread the insanity.

    Our Ways
    Much like humans, demons have holidays, though they mostly are celebrated in secret, to avoid people knowing of their true identity.

    - Death -
    When a loved one dies, rather than be somber and cry over their grave, they throw a grand celebration to grant them good passage. This custom was started believing that even if demons may not go anywhere, it's better if they party it out. It may encourage their spirit to go on willingly.
    Candles and gifts are put on their grave, also being painted to match the demon's personality. It is celebrated similarly to the Day of the Dead.

    - Birth -
    Birth is no joke to demons. Though it's not a huge adrenaline-pumped party, any demons close to the mother join together and throw a little party. Every demon is to stay completely calm, or there may be a fear of awakening the evil within the child. Only gentle colors are used and spiceless food is served.

    - Rememberance Day -
    Every December 24th, demons take time to remember their ancestor's plight, and give the history to their children, so they may not repeat their mistakes.
    Sometimes the story is changed a little to make more sense to a child.

    - Marriage -
    Demons do not actually marry, for it is a holy ceremony and the holy kills them. As an improvision, they instead spend the whole day together, alone. They must stay together, from sunrise to sunset, to prove their love. They kiss at sunset, slipping the rings on each other's finger.

    - Punishing -
    If the law is broken, demons have the full authority to punish the wrongdoer. It's mostly not constructive punishment, it depends on the severity of the wrong that the severity of the wounds comes in.


    Demon Blood - A quite addictive liquid found in demons. Depending on the demon, it can have various effects. Vampire blood, for example, can make someone reach an unbearable high on the first time of drinking. General demon blood, however, just makes the person stronger, faster, and more quick witted for a couple minutes. Demon blood mostly affects humans, but certain species can affect other demons, too.

    Angel blood - A pure liquid found in angels. It is completely clear and seems to sparkle a bit. If consumed by a human, they are engulfed with a rush of power, but soon after, they will crash and burn, and in some cases die.

    Beeper - A tool demon hunters use. It tests the blood type of something by pressing the end against skin, then checks what kind of blood it is. If it's demon blood, it starts flashing lights and hums. Though, angel blood will short it out.

    Holy Water - Water that normally demon hunters use to point out demons. It is created by dropping a cross in water and reciting holy latin verses.

    Familiars - Demons or angels that are completely animal-like and did not evolve with the rest of them. They are considered property (not like they could argue back), and contracts are normally signed with them to be able to summon them. You must have a marking indicating your contract on your person, and apply blood to it to summon the familiar. The connection is severed when you clean the blood off. For angel familiars, it only requires tears.

    Blood Marker - An object that Lillith created in order for her followers to spread her insanity. Just being in the vicinity of this object can arouse insanity. Though unless people had accepted the insanity, it's a temporary affliction. It is put into use with a blood sacrifice, normally by pressing the end into their palm.

    General Rules

    A roleplay would never be set into action without it's members. If you sign up, you gotta be here and contribute. Keep up at least a post a day, I won't be too strict on that, but if you haven't posted in three days, i'm going to send you an alert. A week, I'll have to move the plot along so your character will be moved. A month, well, your character's dead mate.
    The only way to prevent anything bad happening to your character is to communicate.
    Communicating does wonders for you. It ensures your character's safety, it makes sure the plot continues running smoothly in your absence, and everybody is happy. Communication is key. If you tell me days in advance to your trip that you'll be gone, i'll add your character to the absent/frozen character list, so their safety is guarenteed. I'd never kill off a character of someone I was in contact with.

    The big R. The only thing barely keeping society together by the nail. Respect.
    We're all civilized human beings, why fight? Well, in the situation you do get lulled into bickering with a fellow member, remember this phrase:

    S - Slow down.
    Before you light up like a firecracker, stop. It may be pretty hard, but it can also be all the more easier.
    T - Take a breath.
    Calming down is the best thing to do in a tense situation
    O - Observe the situation.
    Ask yourself "Is this really worth fighting over?" If your answer is no...
    P - Peace out.
    Back your way out of there partner.

    Some people may not realize it, but human emotions can be easily stirred up. Something thats funny and all in good fun can be really hurtful to someone else, like for example, a Yo Mama joke. You may love them, but the other person may grow to dislike or even hate you if you constantly say them around them. You could be making fun of someone's mother who is dead and they are deeply affected by her death, or comatose.

    Take everyone's feelings into consideration, and follow STOP in an argument, please.

    *Have Fun*
    Fun is what rp is built for! I want everyone to have fun! I want everyone to be happy writing together, so I wish to keep the environment alive and happy!

    Character Creation Rules

    *OP Characters*

    Even though they're demons and angels which in media can survive like being cut in half or stuff, please, even if some op abilities are allowed, you have to put some serious drawbacks, like to kill someone with touching them, you can only do it once a year, or it brings you yourself closer to death, or something like that.

    Ok, you guys have a lot of diversity in this rp. Moreso with demons, you have a lot of species to do, but note this; you HAVE to choose an existing creature (Ghost, Vampire, Hell Hound, etc.) or your character will now be allowed. Mixed species are allowed.
    If your character has an angel parent, your character will NOT be born an angel, they will be born a normal human and the only thing different is that you'd just be more attractive in appearance.
    If your character is born of a human and demon, although through gaining dominant genes, make sure your character has a fatal mental or physical flaw (Having a mental disorder, missing/blind in one eye, etc.)

    *Character Features*
    Okay you guys, some of you may get upsetted by this for whatever reason, but ears/tails on a demon/halfling is possible.
    I don't get why people say things with animal features = furries. Y'all are weird, that doesn't count.

    Anyway, you have certain features to choose from per species.
    For humans, normal hair colors please (Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, and their variants)
    For angels, stick to lighter or more beautiful/soft to the eyes as far as variants.
    For demons, you can stray a bit with the colors, like a navy blue, but don't go too crazy.

    *Angel Characters*
    To make an angel character, you'll have to notify the GMs you wish to create one. For plot purposes, they are a VERY important key to slowing down Lillith's influence and their base ability has a little potential to be powerplayed, therefore making them a little stingy with how much the public can use them.
    We're just trying to keep the rp fair to everyone so we're controlling the flow.

    *Cult Members*
    For the sake of keeping the plot surprising to everyone, cult members are strictly NPCs. Hey if we said you could be a cult member we'd have to expose the entire plot to you!

    IC Rules

    *No Powerplaying, Metagaming, Godmod, or Mary/Gary sueing*

    We all should know exactly what these are, and why not to do them. If you really don't know, just ask.

    Posts must be a minimum of a paragraph (5-6 sentences), have adequate spelling, and make sense. No half-assed posts. Have variety in your pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, etc.

    Be detailed in your posts! Explain thoroughly what your character is doing, how they're feeling, their thoughts, their physical presence, you're encouraged to do everything in your power to make your post as long as you can! Paint a picture with your words!




    Identified Cult Members


    Welcome everyone to the OOC!

    Please remember the rules and enjoy your stay here.

    I promise, we are going to make the rp the best it can be!

    On this page, you can find the recent events and what the plot is currently focused on.



    Quickl alert:
    If you're playing a human, you are NOT the world's garbage can. You can play a demon hunter which can, with the expertise, slam a demon down.

    Current Events
    January 12th, 2016
    6:00 PM

    The city is going on with life, fully aware of the outside attacks. People are nervous and sometimes assaulting known demons on the street to make them stop. Tension is high and rationality is low...
    A perfect time to introduce them to having fun, no?
    Yes... They can finally be free.
    A mysterious man enters the city via car. Draped in black, he is, and his fist containing the tainted object.
    He will introduce the city to Lillith's way...
    To freedom.

    January 12, 2016
    8:30 PM

    The public decided that it would be best to throw a party to lighten the mood. Demons and humans alike are welcome to join. It will be held in the Oregon Convention Center at 8:30. Bringing food for everyone is highly advised. Dress nicely.

    Your GMs
    Asriel - Head GM
    SugaarCereal - GM​
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  3. Demons and angels born directly of human ideals... what a nice setting. I would be honoured if you allowed me to join it!

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  9. Is this RP still accepting?
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