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  1. Ostium Scriptorium loosely translates to "The Door Portal". Each day there is a door, somewhere on this earth that leads to a fantastic magical world. This door may come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it can be anywhere at one time. It generates for a whole day from sunrise to sunset in a different part/place of earth. Each day is a different place, and it never generates in the same spot until the millennium cycle is up, than it restarts. There is no explanation why this door appears, or what it's purpose is for, until you enter the door. You are taken to a different world, a place where all your dreams can come true, or where your life ends right there. There is a small leather bound book with torn moth eaten pages in a small library in Turin, Italy. This book contains what little knowledge the writer has gathered from the few "survivors" that have returned from Ostium Scriptorium. This place has no name, but it has every habitat known to man inside its expansive universe, as well as unique creatures that are not known to earth, or even movies. There seems to be a leader, known as "Marcauis Aimone" He is a very interesting creature and can be as innocent as a flower petal, or as swift and as deadly as a white shark. He gives you a quest upon entering his domain.
    "You must find one ancient relic in each of the habitats that are found here. If you bring back all of these relics I will reward you as well as give you the choice of staying here with me in my world , with my creatures, as a noble, or you can go back from whence you came." That was all that was written in the book, and all that the survivors would tell the writer. But in a lost torn out page that was recently found, was a list of all the habitats in this land with no name.

    Tropical Forest
    Temperate Forest


    Okay guy's are you interested? Do you have questions? Do you have ideas to add to this? ASK/COMMENT HERE! :D
    I basically want species that aren't known to earth or movies, so like they can be loosely based off of the animals/monsters of our world, but they have to have their own unique characteristics! So I have a few already in mind such as:

    Cysgodol [Kye-s-god-ul]- These creatures are more animal like, although they have human like intelligence. They have a snout of a wolf, ears of a fox, body of a horse, and a tail of a feline. They are predatory animals and mostly live near the forest. They are creatures of Shadows.

    Leóailé [Lee-o-ale] : A creature that looks like a lion from earth, but what are those upon his back? Wings, any type of wings, it depends on what habitat this Leóailé is from. This creature is highly respected in the land with no name, and should be treated with respect by the visitors to this land.

    Erroia Suge [ Eh-Row-a-Soo-gay] The black omen of death is sometimes what these creatures are called. They are part serpent part raven. They were created by the gods and goddesses to tell the people of the land with no name that death was near. They are feared by all.

    Alright, any questions? Throw them at me! Let's do this!