Orion Reads Vampires on Teh Titanic

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  1. AND LUSTED FOR THEM *hissss*
  2. You HAVE to keep going. Because I NEED to hear about Jonny's abs flexing sadistically.
  3. Jonny is French! I've established this clearly! >:[
  4. Kudos
    I mean, really, kudos

    Look at you


    Superb tone and I want to have sex with your vocal chords
  5. No, I don't want it! ;_;
  6. Read. Roxy.
  7. He will become French when I reach the post in which you clearly establish his French heritage.

    That was my plan from the start. :)
  8. I love you.
  9. I salute you, Orion. If you want to do a dramatic reading... Well then, you are in for a wild ride.
  10. If you guys want I can start combining them all into a single post if it gets to be too many parts.

    Extra long one today because having it end where it ends was too tempting to resist.

  11. Oh no! the "HE WAS FRENCH" part cut off! ;___; that was the best part!

    ....except for that girly scream that made ME jump back and scream because I had the volume too high...
  12. 10:32 pleases me.
  13. Thanks Orion, you made us laugh so hard we peed. Now we have to throw out this couch. >:(
  14. I think Youtube must have cut off the ending.
  15. I didn't know that you were a voice actor Orion. This is really impressive, way better than reading the story myself.
  16. Maybe you can recap the last paragraph when you do part 3?
  17. I think I'll do that.
  18. OH MY GOD. Orion, I have never heard you try to do a female voice like that. Dear god! It sounded so.... nineties-style female voice acting... like around the time of Sailor moon or a bit earlier maybe?


    This... this made my night.