Origins (Prequel to Legacy)

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    Within ourselves, we find great warriors and demons. In the darkest of nights we take on new selves and run through the streets screaming our names. There are some of us who do it just for the rush, others because they truly want to save or destroy this world. We haven't a name for what we are yet, some call us "super human", while others forbid their children from speaking our names. This was the beginning of our age, this was our Origins.
    In an alternate universe super humans have been added to the plethora of mysteries in our world. Recently, many humans have gained powers and are coming out with names for themselves. With the new rise in super human activities, TPASK (The Protection Against Super Kind), has been established to keep heroes and villains in check. For heroes it's a simple check in, while for villains it's imprisonment and a public shaming. Since TPASK has been established, the rise of super humans has slowly gone down. Many of the incognito super heroes have grouped together and hidden themselves from TPASK. Those who have agreed to stay under TPASK's order are now being sent out to find these incognito super humans, and bring them to be tested on and subjugated. Is there no way to stop this? Within our cities, in deeper than the sewers, is a resistance that is slowly rising to the top. These men and women have put their lives on the line for their right to live without being controlled. You are one of those who has chosen to fight for the greater cause and save the super human race!
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    Appearance(Picture or written):

    Biography(Including why you joined the resistance and how you obtained your power::

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    OOC Q/A​
    Q: Can I play a different character of different species?​
    A: You can, but you have to PM me about the circumstances​
    Q: How powerful can I be?​
    A: You can be how ever powerful you want, but any hero/villain has a weakness so keep that in mind.​
    Q: Can I play multiple characters?​
    A: You can play as many characters as you want.​
    Q: How frequently do I have to post?​
    A: Try to post at least once a week or I will take over your character.​
    Q: Can I play a spy from TPASK?​
    A: PM me and we will figure out what you can do.​
    (For those coming from Legacy you do not have to post an application)​
  2. Name: Johnathan Kingsley

    Alias/Nickname: Blitzkrieg

    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Hero

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 6' Caucasian. He has buzzed brown hair and grey eyes. He wears a worn military uniform, all patches to identify name, rank, or affiliation have been removed from it. He has an athletic build, though not bulky.

    The Blitzkrieg battle armor is eight feet high, there is a foot of metal on all sides of the pilot, giving the appearance of an enlarged human form (Think about the size of the Hulk). The armor has an overall streamlined appearance, the apparent shell being comprised of smooth interlocking armor plates, it has Human shaped hands. Where the eyes would be is a set of video cameras and other sensory equipment.

    Biography: Johnathan Kingsley had a rather uneventful childhood in Germany. He proved to be an athletic and intelligent individual throughout his schooling. It was after school that things became more interesting. He joined the German military, eventually working his way into a special forces division. He served there for six months, at the end of those six months he received an order he refused to follow. He was prepared to face the consequences. Before he was sentenced by court martial he was saved by a scientist working on a defense project for the government. Johnathan became a test pilot for Dr. Gabriel's Heavy Assault Infantry Armor, codename Blitzkrieg. The project was eventually scrapped, but a single functioning suit was made. Johnathan followed Dr. Gabriel after he left Germany. Dr. Gabriel was an idealist and when he heard about TPASK, asked Johnathan to join the meta-human resistance against it, giving him the Blitzkrieg armor to help him.

    Power (Detailed): While in the Blitzkrieg armor Johnathan can lift up to 10 tons. The armor is highly resistant to physical attacks, extreme temperatures, and other environmental hazards. The armor can be fitted with several shoulder mounted weapons, including a 50 caliber machine gun, a flame thrower, and a sonic cannon that causes intense vertigo. The armor can become environmentally sealed, allowing for combat underwater and in a vacuum. The armor has night vision, infrared, and ultraviolet view modes.

    Items/Weaponry: Blitzkrieg battle armor, mobile deployment platform.

    Skills: Weapons training, advanced martial arts training, tactical acuity.

    Weaknesses: While versatile, the Blitzkrieg battle armor requires heavy machinery to repair and alter its weaponry. When deployed in the field it often has to rely on the mobile deployment platform, a converted semi trailer, to remain functional through prolonged fights.