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  1. So with the superhero saga basically taking flight in media I have been wanting to spark an original superpower rp really bad. I've had two expansive and cohesive superhero rp's already, but now I want to focus on a more grounded, real-world relevant rp focused on individuals with supernormal abilities, but the fun and gripping part will be coping with these new abilities and figuring out your character's development with this idea in mind.

    I have a system to randomly assign superpowers to whoever would be interested in the rp. Each person will be generated a power and will have to learn to adapt and develop their characters as well as their powers in a setting with crime, danger, and real world events just as probable and imminent as It would be in everyday life. Of course people will have to decide if they'll do justice or chaos, and know that every action taken will have consequences.

    Overall this will be a epic and fun rp, but with undertones of a more grounded universe. Won't be any aliens or magical overlord wanting to control the realms so to speak. Only you would help shape the world to what it'd become.

    Sooooooo yeah....if anyone's interested, respond below!

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  2. I'm up for it!
  3. I am interested. :3
  4. Again, I'd be up for it.
  5. Well this is taking off well lol
  6. Oh, I like it.
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  7. Well then I guess I should start considering an OOC / CS thread lol
  8. I am new to the site and I have already found a plot I like.

    So far so good. ^^

    Definitely interested.
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  9. Welcome!!! And thanks for your interest! I hope you enjoy the experience here, the rpers on here are great :)
  10. @Sora1297 PM me if you're down for this, I'm going to start making the OOC / CS thread later.
  11. I'm interested as well. Actually, I'm well over interested! I'm really tired of picking our own powers; this way it seems to have a good amount of spontaneity and creativity.

    Is it still open for more?
  12. I'd like in on this if it's still open.
  13. Yepp!! and safe to say I'm officially making an OOC thread tonight everyone :)
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  14. Room for one more?
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  15. absolutely!
  16. I'll try to get my CS up today or tomorrow, but I'm currently visiting my grandparents, so it may be a while.
  17. Ok, well go to the OOC thread and reserve a post for your CS in case more ppl come
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