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  1. About Me

    Hi! You can call me Agni (my old name was AgniSpirit but I changed it to match my silly friends). I am a college graduate who usually works Mon-Fri from 9am to 4pm CST. I have been roleplaying and writing since I was 13, giving me about a decade of experience under my belt. I can play BOTH genders flawlessly and my favorite genres are Modern-Fantasy and Post-Apocalyptic. I have experience playing Medieval Fantasy and Slice of Light but I’m a little wonky with Sci-Fi, Libertine/Smut and straight-up Horror. I will never do Historical. Sorry, it’s not my cup of tea. I also LOVE doing Fandoms (especially crossover fandoms and AUs) but I will be putting up my Fandom partner request in a separate thread so as not to be confused with this one. Oh, and I almost always do Romance with all these genres unless specified beforehand. I’m usually up for doing it but if you don’t want to, I can totally dig it. I’ve done mostly hetero pairings but am open to doing MxM or FxF (I have more experience with MxM pairings).

    Posting Times

    I can reply to OOC posts during my work times since I can do it from my phone. Rarely will I post from my phone and I probably won’t have the time to do it while I’m at work. So expect posts after 5pm. I also don’t post religiously unless I’m super into the roleplay. But even then, I can post several times a day or it’ll take me a few days to reply. If I don’t reply in like 3-5 days without saying anything, then you can give me a nudge and ask what’s up. I have a busy schedule with work and volunteering and other things so I might just forget. Or I have writer’s block. I’m really trying to work on writing at least once a day, so sorry in advance.

    The Kind of Partner I’m Looking For

    • Intermediate to Adept. I’m looking for, at a minimum, intermediate-level partners. I don’t expect a novella for each post but I would like at least a good, developed paragraph (even if it’s just one). And I completely understand that spelling and grammar is hard. I can overlook minor mistakes but if you have 10+ typos in a post, change from 3rd person to 1st person without warning or have one huge running sentence as your paragraph, then we are going to have words.
    • Creative. I’d like a partner who is willing to make a plot with me together. I don’t have many and just have characters I’ve been dying to use. So don’t be apprehensive to brainstorm with me!
    • Patient. As I said before, I have a hectic life so there will be times where I can’t post immediately. Please be patient with me and be willing to work with my schedule. Don’t freak out when I don’t post in a day’s time. I’ll let you know ahead of time if I won’t be able to post soon.
    • Super Fun! I enjoy talking to my roleplaying and developing a friendship with them so don’t be afraid to talk to me. I’m always open for discussions about the rp or other things, listening to you vent about your crappy day, or just aimlessly talking. Whatever floats your boat.
    Original Plots

    Here are the plots I have ready to play with. The characters in the pairings that are in bold are the characters I want to play. If neither is bolded, I don’t mind playing either character. There will also be a sign next to the pairing whether it can be het or a same-sex pairing. Sadly all my plots listed do require romance but if you do wanna do another pairing or plot you had in mind without romance, don't hesitate to ask! I also do one specific plot at a time (no doubling on the same plot) with the plots ordered from the one I really want to do as first while the least favorite one is at the bottom. If you’ve come this far, thanks for taking the time to read and have a look-see of what I have to offer~!

    Modern-Fantasy: MxM Only (open)
    Guardian Angel x Slacker Dude
    He has no job, no real friends, and no direction in his life. His guardian angel is furious with him and decides to take matters in his own hands by coming down to Earth and kicking his guardee’s butt into doing work. However, the angel doesn’t take into account of actually falling in love with the lazy bum.

    Modern-Fantasy: Het or FxF (open)
    Mute Girl x Mystical Being
    She lost everything when she lost her voice; her mother, her friends, and her popularity. But that was years ago and she has come to terms with her disability, living by herself in a shoddy apartment and working a meager job. Until one day, she comes across a mythical being with no idea how they arrived in her world. She wants nothing to do with them until they make a deal; she helps them return to their world and she can get her voice back.

    Crime Drama: Het or MxM (open)
    Mafia Boss x Undercover Agent
    An undercover agent has been sent to infiltrate a massive organized crime family and gather as much intel on them as possible. However, they catch the eye of the infamous mafia boss known for their sadistic, yet charismatic nature. It soon becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse as the agent tries to hide their true identity while fighting an internal battle to choose justice or the tempting, comfortable life of being the boss’s favorite.

    Modern: Het or FxF (open)
    Assassin x Assassin
    High schoolers by day, trained assassins by night; these two teenagers deal with working for a long-standing secret society that deals out justice when the law cannot. But with high school drama, homework, and rampaging hormones; will these two teens be able to complete even a single job?


    That’s all I have for now. Send me a message or post here if interested.

    One Last Note: I will ask for a writing sample but am also open to you asking. I’m sure you want to know what you’re getting into just as much as I want to.
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  2. I like the idea of the guardian angel!
  3. Thanks! Can you send me a writing sample different from the one on your resume?
  4. Hello! I'm totally digging your mute girl x mystic plot- could I catch your attention, by any chance?
  5. @HollowEastWord I'm happy you're interested but I forgot to mention I'm looking for 18+ partners. Its mentioned in those tiny little warnings but they're easy to miss. Sorry again!

    @upscalerat can you send me a writing sample?

    EDIT: Never mind @upscalerat I saw your resume. I'm glad you're interested! I'll send you a message later today discussing some technical stuff before we jump right in!
  6. I am defiantly interested in your plots! <3

    Your crime drama looks exciting
  7. Cool @Nassione I just need a writing sample from you first.
  8. Hello Agni. Sorry to bump in here like this, but I'm going to need to ask you to filter through your plot requests a little bit. While I fully understand that you won't do a liberteen roleplay with a teen member because you've already specified that, liberteen requests of any sort are still not allowed in the General Partner Requests forum. O_O I'm going to need to ask you to edit them out of this thread, and post those requests in the appropriate Liberteen forum. Or, if you would like, I can move this entire thread into the Liberteen Interest Checks. Your choice. :D

    Have a good day!
  9. Sorry! I'll edit my request and take down any libertine request/plots I have before moving them to the appropriate thread.
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  10. @Coca-Korra ^^ Just look at my resume for a sample
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