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  1. Hey there. So I'm looking for more partners to write with to specifically work on my character development, story descriptions and balancing a well thought out story line that reads smoothly. I have a tendency to jump to the intense parts without putting much effort in to the build up.

    I'm looking for someone who is interested in the following:
    1. Collaborating story ideas (I hate god-moding but I love bouncing ideas back and forth with someone else to create a great story idea)
    2. Writing in depth for character descriptions, back stories, and plot build up - could be long term
    3. Playing multiple characters, even if we have one main character each. I tend to enjoy playing my main character as male but I am perfectly fine playing all kinds within the story.
    4. Writing that involves action/drama/intensity/things that make you feel something! I hate boring rp's but at the same time I'm learning to balance the story between the intense moments and the plot build up, which is just as important and makes the intense moments all that much more exciting..

    My Rules Are Simple alongside Iwaku rules:
    1. Intermediate to Advanced writing
    2. Paragraph posts
    3. 18+, just a personal preference as I'm more comfortable writing intense rps with adults
    4. OK with violence/gore/language and sexual themes (fade to black)- all of these elements should be used within the story to build the story and should not be used 'just because'. I am comfortable sharing my limits and you should be too.
    5. Able to play multiple characters in multiple genders - we all have our preferences but if we limit ourselves within the story how can we develop something dynamic?
    6. Real life pictures, not a fan of anime
    7. Real World limitations. Even if we do something super natural there must be limits, weaknesses, downfalls. I hate stories where there are only happy endings.
    8. Post every 1-4 days. I'd rather wait for a well written post and I will do the same. It also helps with a busy schedule.
    9. Stay in communication. Need a break? Don't like the story? Life crazy? Just let me know.

    My Vague Ideas - PM if Interested or if you have something else you think we could create:

    1. Detective is working on a case of a missing person. This person is thought to be the 5th victim of a serial killer that has a terrible MO. Time is running out for this victim as it did for all of the others. Determined to break this case the Detective puts everything in to finding this killer and the victim who is still alive. They are getting closer to finding this sick person and slowly but surely the case is breaking open. But after clues and breaks open in the case at a faster and faster rate it becomes clear that the killer is only playing a game with the Detective, who just might be the next victim.

    2. War in the world will never stop and each country is always looking for ways to make bigger armies, stronger soldiers, greater weapons to gain the advantage. In this day, technology has continued to expand exponentially but the potential is still just only being tapped. In a privately owned Lab run by one of the largest corporations in the country, a secret project is under way for the government. Super soldiers are being created by individuals that no one will miss and progress is being made, even at the cost of these poor souls. After years of confinement, some dying, some going insane, progress is starting to show in a few individuals. These few are kept together and are given more freedom for training and development, helping them harness their powers. But as their numbers grow, so does the chance for a rebellion. No one wants to live like a caged animal. The only problem if they escape? Will the outside world accept them? Will they be hunted down by the corporation or the government? Or will they join the cause and be good soldiers, waiting for the life promised at the end of it all?

    3. Two people are made to work together when they really would rather not. This is especially vague as it can apply to any situation, romantic or platonic, and the story would be about the dynamic of the characters and how/if they change. As they work together, because they have to, they realize things, secrets, and the end of the story will reveal two people that gain some new perspective. This can be regular or supernatural.

    4. A band of thieves are working in an operation to take on a grand heist. But as thieves go some are not who they seem they are. As they plan their moves, then begin their attack secrets are revealed, some are betrayed, and the truth of who is really running this operation is revealed. (could be Ocean's 11-esque)

    This is all I have at the top of my head. I LOVE stories with twists and as I said I love to collaborate.

    PM if interested.

    Thanks :)
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