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    To be Magical is the fictional biography of Italian witches and wizards in the world of Harry Potter, tweaked our way. You will incarnate a seven years old wizarding citizen of the Wizarding Kingdom of Italy and will go through their lives through events that will be available twice in each of their year of life for as long as we need to complete the objective that will be outlined each of these Chapter of Life. It will be 2025, the 30th of August, to be exact, and the first day in your character's first school.

    Each of these schools will be held in the house of the tutor, and only when your character will reach the age of eleven years old will they be allowed to choose to eitheir continue with their tutors or enter an international or European wizarding school such as Hogwarts, Beaubatons and Durmstrang. Schooling will not be the only thing in their lives, however, as Wizarding Italy will be a land of tradition and pride, where Duels are legal and all types of magic are openly practiced. Indeed, those schooling days will soon be behind you are you maneuver the ways of politics, arranged marriages and even blood feuds.

    Italy, however, wil be a land of Arts and Philosophy, and that, with magic, will soon become what your character will associate with him or herself and their peers most.


    These will be the cardinal rules of this roleplay, and you would do well to abide by them.

    1. Absolutely no Godmodding or Metagaming allowed. If you can't find a good reason why your character could manage to do or know something, they can't, and that point is moot !
    2. Be fair, and be polite to each others, there are no need to take IC things seriously, or to start a fight either in the OOC thread or through PMs.
    3. Please write at least one well written paragraph per post, and make some effort while writing what your character do !
    4. Keep things PG-13, if things get too graphic, merely fade to black.
    5. Most of all ; Have Fun !


    First of all, you should ge up to date with both the IC and the OOC, for they will both have crucial information that will help make a believable and, even more importantly, suitable character ! After you are all caught up, you should start thinking of your character as they were as seven years old all the way to the current age of the others, for this will be where you will be starting.

    Think of their name, gender, family history, likes, dislikes and everything you can think up to flesh out your character in your head. That may take some time and it's perfectly fine, we will all be happy to meet him or her when you are finished, whenever that will be.


    So you managed to think of a character ? Perfect ! Now is the time to put it all on paper with a Character Sheet :

    Name :
    Gender :
    Living Family :
    Friends :
    Enemies :

    Birthday : (Day and Month only)
    Likes :
    Dislikes :
    Lifelong Dream :
    Next Goal :

    Personality :
    Prior History :

    Familiar :
    Inventory :
    Allowance : (Per Week)

    And here we go, be aware that this will expend as we go along, so keep tuned if you want to join ! Post the sheet in the OOC and wait for my approval. Then, with my go ahead, try to think of a way to introduce your character to the others and I will make you a entry post accordingly.


    Nothing ! Here is the Premise :

    August 30th, 2025.
    Florence, Italy

    Today is a special day for wizarding children all over the Wizarding Kingdom of Italy, for the thirtieth of August always means the start of classes for all witches and wizards from seven through eighteen years of age, and even those older than that in many cases. This is a special day for you, for you are now old enough to start your magical schooling, and will today be fetched by your new local teacher and brought to their house to learn the basics of what it means to be a witch or a wizard.

    You will learn calligraphy, history, etiquette and languages along with more esoterics Runes, Arthmancy and Astronomy this year, and this introductory class will pave the way to whether you will become a fine witch or wizard or an untrained Squib. This stage of your development will be crucial to reach your dreams and earn your place, and so you would do well to be on your best behavior.

    This tale will encompass your life, from this day forth to your hopefully fulfilling death, with two main events per year where you will be able to explore both the world, art, magic and yourself as an hopeful Magical Maestro. This kingdom is the last stand of the Old Ways, and with it you shall grow with pride and the notion of Noblesse Oblige, for the hapless muggles are to be protected, not destroyed.

    Will you ascend to true nobility, young one ?


    Ask and you shall know !


    Milo de Casa, played by Mistress.
    Giustino Peregrine Bassi, played by Reveuse.
    Antonio Cestillo, played by LogicfromLogic.


    - None so far !
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  2. Name : Milo de Casa
    Gender : Male
    Living Family : Giovanni de Casa, father; Mina de Casa, mother; Giacomo de Casa, big brother; Christina de Casa, little sister; Bella de Casa, grandmother
    Friends : Philippa Rizio, neighbor; Philip Rizio, neighbor
    Enemies : Sophie Nova

    Birthday : May 25th
    Likes : Stars, Moon, Stories
    Dislikes : Sitting still, Spicy food, Sports
    Lifelong Dream : To capture the moon and the stars
    Next Goal : To take Wizarding School by storm

    Personality :
    Milo is a lively fellow who likes telling stories to everyone even if most of them are untrue. He is easily influenced by his equally lively mother who tells him all sorts of bedtime stories before kissing him good night. Everyday, he drags his best friends and neighbors Philip and Philippa to his make-believe adventures. Oftentimes, this causes quite a ruckus to the adults around him but young Milo could care less. He may love the people closest to him but he is too carefree to see if he's hurt them.​

    Prior History :
    Born in Siena, Tuscany, Milo is the first born of Giovanni and Mina de Casa as a married couple. His older brother Giacomo would say that their parents loved Milo more because of this, but in truth, he was entering the angsty period of his adoloscent life and thus has clouded, bitter judgement.

    Giovanni often traveled to buy items for the family antique shop which left Milo in the playful arms of his mother who taught him the fun of play and wonders of stories. Mina was a writer of children's books and loved to test-drive her new plots on her little boy. One day, Giacomo, out of spite, told the young boy that all their mother's tales were lies. Milo, who profusely believed all that his dear mother said, recovered from his devastation by understanding his mother's actions in his own way: it's alright to lie when you're having fun.

    Before Giacomo left the de Casa home to become an apprentice metal charmer in France, Milo found friends in the form of his neighbors, Philip and Philippa. Giacomo wasn't always around for Milo to annoy play with so it was a comfort to find companions-- and twins at that! On the other hand, Sophie Nova was a posh little brat at the end of the street who bullies the twins for being muggles.

    A couple of months before he received his letter, his little sister Christina whom he loved to bits. Giovanni doesn't like Milo to play with his sister much for fear that he might break her.​

    Familiar : ???
    Inventory : An antique compass, an enchanted music box that plays his mother's stories
    Allowance : (Per Week) 35 Sickles per week
  3. Excellent, Milo is accepted!

    Great job with it, too, I say.
  4. Thanks!
    I love Harry Potter AND Italy.
    You just put two of my favorite things together.
  5. That's a great coincidence, then!

    Here is my character:

    Name : Giustino Peregrine Bassi
    Gender : Male
    Living Family : Marcellino (Father), Tomoteo (Eldest Brother), Gerardo (Older Brother), Eustachio (Uncle).
    Friends : Aquilino Schira (Imaginary Friend), Fausto Bassi (Younger Cousin)
    Enemies : Caio Raucci (Maternal Cousin)

    Birthday : November 13th
    Likes : Drawing, lauguing, sports.
    Dislikes : Lectures, Sad Things, his mother's family.
    Lifelong Dream : To become the first Noble of his familly and show up these snobbish Raucci.
    Next Goal : To learn how to make a portrait of Aquilino.

    Personality : A near hyperactive boy, Giustino is a brash and often stupidly brave child from a predominantly male family with a love for action and arts, two things he try his best to merge. Naive and seeing only the good of others until proven otherwise, he is a kind and gallant boy with a precocious interest in the fairer gender.
    Prior History : Born from a muggle family from an ailing mother and a doting father, Giustino was the last gift of one Francesca Bassi nee Raussi before she quietly succombed to eternal sleep. As a result Giustino was both doted on by his father and much older brothers and despised by the grieving Raucci family, the young Caio in perticular who lost his favorite aunt.

    Born in Venice but brought up in Florence, the young life of the equally young Giustino was full of travel and wonders, where he soon created his own friend in the persone of one Aquilino Schira who, while thought of as an Imaginary Friend, is actually the ghost of a young boy who met his fate in a witch hunt with his mother.

    Familiar : None
    Inventory : A messenger back full of pretty trinkets, papers and colored crayons.
    Allowance : (Per Week) Approximatively 10 sickles (in Euro, of course)
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  6. Name

    Antonio Cestillo



    Living Family

    None biologically. But he was taken in by his godparents, the Goricks, who were British who moved to Italy just a couple years before his parents met. The four became great friends, and the Goricks were named young Antonio's godparents. He has a foster sister, Gretta Gorick.

    Antonio is a very...different kind of child. He doesn't really have any friends because he hasn't opened up long enough for people to know him very well. But he does have a pet ferret named Mona, who never leaves his side. They are best friends.


    He doesn't really have any; like friends, you have to open up to make enemies.


    December forth


    He adores the outdoors. He will lose himself studying the wilderness, climbing a tree, feeling the wind on his face. he loves the muggle sport of fencing, and plays 'Knight of the Realm' on his free time. he's a great learner; he loves the thought of going to school. Herbology is one of his favourite subjects, and magical creatures. He is a big animal lover.


    He doesn't like Defense against the Dark Arts; he's a gentle kind of kid, he doesn't like the idea of fighting all the time. He's not much a party kind of kid either, he's better off discovering the outdoor lands that discovering the art of friendship.
    Lifelong Dream: He really wants to work with animals. Any kind of job that works without harming them, he wants. He also wants to explore the world, after he's done exploring his. In his eyes, the possibilities are endless.

    Next Goal

    Own a sanctuary for injured animals and an arboretum


    Antonio is quite the strange boy. he shows no interest in making many friends, other than with the wildlife. But he is far from being shy; no he is hyper active, and giddy. He has a get up and go attitude, and a very strong will to learn. He sticks strongly to his morals, and prides himself on his loyalty. He is sensitive however; he doesn't like seeing creatures in trouble, be that animals, or a fellow witch or wizard.

    He's kind to almost everyone, until you step on a plant or hurt something. He has anger issues at times, and he can be quite the handful once he is riled up. He has enough energy, as some people put it, to secure the entire country of Italy.

    But he is loving and very charismatic, and he has a strong ambition to succeed. He is not one to give in, or give up. If he sees someone falling behind, he'll try his best to help them. Even though he doesn't want any friends, he'll be one to others.

    Prior History

    Like in muggle society, there is always going to be a crazy guy in the bunch. His parents met in Florence, fell in love, and got married. Before their marriage, they met Jack and Clara Gorick. the four became fast friends, going on date nights, dinners, and social gatherings on a daily basis. About four years after their marriage, Octavia (Antonio's mother), and Alphonso (Antonio's father), they had their son, Antonio Cestillo. They named their best friends the godparents of the young boy, and figured that he could be a great playmate for young Gretta Gorick, who had been born two years earlier.

    Their happiness was short lived however when one night, when everyone was sleeping, the Cestillo family home was invaded by a madman. Using the killing curse, his parents were slaughtered in their sleep. Antonio's godparents adopted him into their family with a heavy heart, but treated him as if he were their own.

    Ever since that day, Antonio lived a guarded life.


    (Not sure what this is)


    Enchanted magnifying glass, net, various other things


    Around five sickles, though has probably built up as he has no real interest in buying anything
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  7. Accepted!

    For both of your peace of mind, by Familliars I meant pet :).
  8. No worries.
    Milo's gonna lie about his non-existent pet anyway.
    And I wouldn't call it a coincidence.
    I'd say, fate.
  9. Meh, it seems no one else will bite, do you two still want to do this?
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